A Good Man: Mon Nov 16, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Simon Crowther (7:30) and Joe Turner (8:30), directed by David Kester

Maria is concerned that Tony’s working too hard, and that the stress is too much for her heart.  However, she leaves baby Liam with him for the day while she goes to a health spa.

Tony goes to the cafe and asks Anna if she knows then the Croppers will be returning.  They’ll be back sometime that afternoon, John informs them.  Anna gets mad at him for not taking messages.  Already sucking at his new job, he can’t do anything right.

Tony returns to his office, but is in for a surprise visit from a local Weatherfield DS team.  They introduce themselves and let Tony know that they’d like him to answer a few questions for them down at the station.  Tony plays ignorant and tells them he assumes this is regarding the erstwhile Luke Strong.  They tell him it’s not about Mr. Strong, and he needs to come with them.  The whole factory overlooks this interaction with concern.  Outside, the DS tells Tony that he’s being arrested for making death threats to Roy and Hayley Cropper, and on the suspicion of the murder of Liam Connor.  Tony tells them that this is a mix up, but he’ll do whatever they request.

In the interrogation room, Tony tries to explain his side of the story to the detectives.  You know, that Roy is a crazy, and he’s just trying to live his life.  The detective tells Tony that they’ll be interviewing Maria, and asks if the thought of it makes him nervous.  Tony tells them, not at all.  This detective’s a real hard knock, but is he hard enough to crack this egg?  The detective eventually lets Tony leave, but warns him to stay away from the Croppers.

The Croppers are back, and they’re walking on egg shells.  Fiz comes in to gossip about Tony being taken away by the police, and he never came back.  Fiz asks if the Croppers know anything about it seeing their reserved faces, and Roy tells her yes, they do.

At the Rovers, the factory girls gossip over what happened to Tony.  They’re coming up with all sorts of things such as Carla having been in a high-speed chase in America, or her having been in a crime of passion.

Tony arrives home finally and Maria tells him the good news about her day.  Too bad he can’t do the same.  She leaves to pick up Liam from Audrey’s and bumps into Fiz.  Fiz asks her what the police wanted from Tony. This is clearly the first Maria has heard of it.  Fiz also tells her that she’s just spoken to Roy and Hayley and thinks it has something to do with them.

Later, Maria asks Tony what the police wanted.  Tony tells her that they wanted some information on Luke Strong’s finances.  Maria looks disbelieving since Fiz told her that it wasn’t about Luke Strong.  She asks Tony why he didn’t tell her, and that it wasn’t about Luke, it was about Roy and Hayley.  Uh oh, someone’s got some ‘splaining to do!  Tony tells her that Roy and Hayley went to the police to complain about him, saying that he threatened to kill them.  He tells her about how he told Roy he was responsible for Liam’s death on his presumed death bed, and how Roy took it to be literal.  Maria can’t understand why Roy didn’t understand that.  Maria thinks it’s quite a thing for someone to make up.  Tony tells her that Roy is vindictive and completely insane.  As Tony tells her more, and walks closer, Maria slowly walks backwards, afraid and confused.  Could she be thinking back to her own original accusations against him regarding Liam’s death?  Maria sneaks off through the kitchen and out the back door, which leaves Tony with tears welling up in his eyes.  Tony opens a drawer and takes the set of Roy Cropper’s keys out, then walks over to the cafe with a very angry look on his face.  What is he going to do now?

The Croppers are tidying up at the end of the day and reflecting on how good a job that John is doing.  Hayley notes that it’s good to have people you can rely on.  Oh, yes, ex-cons are some of the most reliable folk.  Unlike future cons, such as Tony Gordon.  They bid John goodnight outside, as Tony stares meacingly from across the street in the builder’s yard.  Hayley is worried for Maria, if Tony is being questioned by the police she wonders if Maria knows, and how she feels.  Yes, let’s not forget about the real victim in all of this.  Someone calls for Roy from the Bat Conservation Society.  This is rather a funny scene where Roy forcibly laughs out loud at something the other person has to say.  My, he really is awkward.  Roy tells Hayley that there’s been a sighting of a bat colony near the canal.  Eventhough it’s late in the year for that, Roy seems interested.  Hayley encourages him to go.  Gee, I wonder who called in that little tip.

Maria returns home from her walk-of-terror and can’t find Tony anywhere.  Maria calls Audrey and asks if she can keep Liam longer.

Meanwhile, when the lights are turned at at Roy’s Rolls, Tony walks over, and uses his keys to let himself in.  All the sudden Tony can hear the Croppers coming down the stairs so he hides behind the counter.  Roy tells Hayley he feels bad about leaving her alone, but she insists she’ll be fine.  Roy leaves, then Hayley deadbolts the door and goes upstairs leaving a thwarted Tony Gordon in the dark.  Hayley goes upstairs and settles down with a sandwich in front of the tele when she hears some banging downstairs.  Couldn’t be a knife-weilding Tony Gordon down in the cafe could it?  Knife in hand, it seems that Tony had accidentally knocked over a chair when he heads for the door.  Just as he does, he hears Maria knocking on the door looking for Roy.  Tony hides behind the counter again as Hayley comes down to open the door for her.  Maria busts in the door claiming that she needs to see Roy, and asks what he’s said to the police.  Maria asks Hayley if Tony had confessed to killing Liam.  Hayley tells her yes, but not only that, when they confronted him he’d threatened to do the same to him.  Maria bursts out in tears of confusion and horror.  Meanwhile, Tony is behind the counter gripping the knife and sobbing.  Hayley suggests that Maria go upstairs with her, and Roy will be back soon and she can talk to him.  Blood oozes from Tony’s firm grip on the knife as he holds back his sobs with tears running down his face.  So much for his plans of knifing Hayley to death.

Maria is sobbing and tells Hayley about how much of an angel Tony has been for her.  She just can’t figure it all out.  Hayley doesn’t know what to say to comfort her.  Maria says that Tony’s a good man, it can’t be true.  Maria says she would know if she was living with a murderer, or if a murderer was feeding her baby.  Would you?  Hayley reminds her that it wasn’t that long ago that Maria was accusing Tony of murder and shouting it from the roofs.  Maria says she was grieving, and pregnant, and having a break-down.  Maria is trying to reason for why Tony said he killed Liam.  She says she needs to see Tony, but Hayley thinks he’s at the police station and Maria informs her that he isn’t, because they’ve let him go on no evidence.  All the sudden a terrified look crosses Hayley’s face as her heart drops into her stomach.

Roy is under a bridge in the canal with his thermos looking for bats, presumably.  Tony is on his way over and walking with fervor.  He sees Roy sat there and pulls a knife from his jacket.  Tony’s enchroaching on Roy and all the sudden his cell phone rings, with Maria calling, and Roy hears it and looks up to see Tony standing there.  Roy asks him what he’s doing there.  Tony says he’s come to see the wild life, and asks if Roy’s seen any bats.  He then tells Roy he hasn’t been sleeping well lately, bad dreams, beacuse of him.  He says his conscience was bothering him and he thought it was time to do something about it.

Back at the cafe, Maria says she doesn’t care what Roy and Hayley say, this has to be a mistake.  She leaves to go find Tony against Hayley’s concerns.  Hayley reminds her that her and Roy are not stupid and Tony gave them enough of a threat to go to the police.  Hayley tells Maria that she knows the truth.  Maria says that she knows Tony Gordon would give his life for her and her baby.

Tony tells Roy he can’t run away, and that the police let him leave.  Roy tells him that Hayley knows where he is, and that if he’d not back by a certain time she’ll call the police.  Tony says he was there when he left, since he has keys and he’s been watching him.  Tony says it’s his turn to haunt him now and that everytime he sees a shadow, it’s him.  Tony tells him this is all his fault.  He was making amends and Roy took it all away.  Roy asks if he’s done anything to Hayley.  Tony says he’s never killed a man in cold blood – until tonight!  He pulls out the knife and Roy immediately grapples him to the wall causing Tony to drop the knife.  A struggle ensues and they’re on the edge of the canal, where Roy tells Tony he can’t swim.  Tony says “good” and pushes him to his watery death, presumably. Roy flounders and screams for help as Tony watches from above on the bridge with his signature sinister stare.

Gary Windass has been looking through Army Life periodicals.  Oh, Gary Windass in fatigues, Christmas is coming early this year.  Gary goes into the Rovers with his army brochures and asks why everyone’s so down on the army.  His mother points out that it makes no sense.  Anna suggests he get a job in a call centre, be a plumber or pull pints.  Such high aspirations she has for her son, that Anna.

Julie marches over to Eileen and rips into her about getting her fired from her Hiyalowa job.  Julie insists, again, that they were only professional partners, not lovers!  Julie tells Eileen to grow up, that she’s too old to be that paranoid.  They start grabbing each other’s ears and fighting like little sisters, when Julie insists that she doesn’t fancy Jesse.  Eileen’s not believing it, but Julie tells her if she’s so paranoid and if her boyfriend’s reduced to lying, then maybe she needs to re-evaluate her relationship.

Julie sees Jesse’s van roll up and chews him out.  Jesse freaks out at the sight of her and tells her that if Eileen sees them conversing – she’ll go ballistic, then runs out of sight.

Eileen complains about Jesse and tells Lloyd that she feels betrayed by him by not telling her that it’s his 40th birthday on Friday.  Lloyd doesn’t think it’s the worst lie ever, but Eileen still stands that a lie is a lie.  Eileen thinks Jesse in a two-faced swindler.  Lloyd thinks that if she feels that way, she should tell him to his face.  She says she just might.

Later, Eileen has told Sean about Jesse’s birthday and his lie about it.  Sean figured him to be well past 40 already, as did I.  Eileen tells Jesse that they’re going to go to the Rovers on November 20th.  She asks if there’s anything significant about that date, but he says there isn’t.

In the Rover’s Steve tries to figure out reasons why Jesse’s birthday might not be his birthday including him lying when he got his driver’s licence.  Steve also suggests that he might have a secret identity.  Eileen remarks that he’s already General Custard, how could he have another secret identity?  Haha.  Lloyd suggests that Eileen plan a big surprise and force Jesse to celebrate his birthday whether he likes it or not.  Eileen likes this idea.

Becky’s back from Greece and it seems like she’d rather still be on holiday.  Wouldn’t we all?

Gail is going to ask Ted to walk her down the aisle at her wedding.  Gail asks Ted at dinner and he tells her that he’s extremely honored.  They toast to the future.  Oh, the future.  *shudder* David picks up Zoe from the bus stop and they chatter on about who’s grandfather is hotter.  Is it just me or is David Platt a completely different person now?  Zoe says she doesn’t know why David doesn’t like Joe.  David says it’s because Joe’s an ex-druggie who tried to ruin his mother’s life and because David’s a psycho that doesn’t like much anyone new in his life.  David reckons the only man good enough to marry his mother was Martin, his father.  Until Martin left, of course.

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