Confessions: Thu Nov 19, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Wadlow, directed by David Kester

We start where we left off last time, with Roy floundering around in the canal trying to keep his head above water, with Tony overlooking from the bridge.  Suddenly, Roy gives up his struggle and sinks to the bottom.

Meanwhile, at home, Hayley is worried about Roy since Tony is on the loose.  Maria is wittering on that “it’s Tow-neh” and Hayley just loses it on her asking her when she’s going to realize what’s staring her in the face.  I know Maria’s distressed, but it’s really annoying when Hayley’s panicking over Roy’s life here.  Hayley apologizes for shouting at her, but Maria tells her she’s right.  Maria decides to have Michelle come over to hers to console her, rather than to help Hayley find Roy.

Instead, Hayley doesn’t know where to go, so she heads to the Rovers to find Becky.  Becky, of course, has no idea what’s going on.  So Hayley catches her up quickly and they head to the canal.

Tony watches as the water that Roy’s under becomes very still, and almost walks away, but has a second thought (of guilt?) to go back, jump in and get Roy out.  He manages to find Roy and pull him out.  Tony performs mouth-to-mouth on Roy to revive him.   Roy’s breathing again, and is shocked to see who is standing over him.  Tony walks away from the whole scene, leaving Roy in shock and, seeing a group of bats fly around above his head.  Maybe it wasn’t an excuse after all?

Michelle arrives at Maria’s place and Maria tells her to sit down.  Maria tells Michelle the whole story to her shock and dismay.  Maria wonders if their relationship was all an act, so maybe he could kill her or her baby.  Maria instantly calls Audrey to see if Liam’s okay, then asks her to get in a taxi to her place, she’d explain when she gets there.

Hayley and Becky arrive at the canal and are shouting for Roy and find him wet, and sitting up against the wall.  Roy tells them how Tony Gordon tried to kill him, then changed his mind.  They ask where Tony is, but Roy says he didn’t let him know before he stalked off.  Haha.

We see Tony walk straight to the police station.  Oh, and he looks even better wet.  He goes to the front desk and tells the front desk clerk that he’s come to confess to murder.  The detective that had questioned Tony earilier gets wind of this, and goes to question him.

Hayley and Becky take Roy to the hospital to make sure he’s okay.  In the hospital, a police officer approaches them to tell them that Tony Gordon’s in a custody suite after handing himself in.

In the interrogation room, Tony Gordon admits to arranging the murder of Liam Connor.  He says he paid the driver of the car that killed him and then gives up Jimmy Dockerson.  He says he planned and executed the whole thing with great precision.  Tony tells them he came up with it when he found out that Carla was sleeping with Liam.  He said his motive was jealousy.  The detective says that loads of men get jealous.  Tony tells them that most men don’t have the means or the guts to knock people off.  Tony lets them know that the only reason he’s there is because he walked through that door – they had nothing on him.  The detective asks him why he’s confession now, and Tony says he can’t live with himself anymore.

Roy goes over the details of his horrific evening and is intriguied by the fact that Tony came back and saved him.  Roy doesn’t believe that Tony is a killer at heart, and he suspected that all along.  What?  You mean Tony’s not a psychopath?  No, but he’s still a killer, heart or not.  Bad intentions are bad intentions.  Roy is just being egotistical here thinking that his whole “conscience” lectures did something to Tony, let’s be real.  At home, Hayley insists that Roy go to bed, but he’d rather record what he saw that night in his bat journal.  He’s got bigger fish to fry now, apparently.

Audrey arrives at Maria’s, and as Maria’s explaining to Audrey the phone rings and it’s Hayley.  Hayley updates Maria on the situation.  Before she can explain, she leaves baby Liam with Audrey again, as her and Michelle head down the station so Maria can see Tony.

Tony tells the police that he lives for Maria Connor and baby Liam, and if he can’t have them – he may as well be locked up, key thrown away.  Maria arrives, but they can’t her any information.  The desk clerk then sees the detective on Tony’s case, and lets him know she’s there.  The detective requests to speak with her.  He brings her into an office and lets her and Michelle know that Tony has just confessed to killing Liam Connor.  Maria says she wants to see Tony, but they tell her that’s not possible but Maria begs so they let her in for 5 minutes.

Maria asks him why he did it.  Tony tells her he’d fallen in love with her, and if there was a way to hold onto it, he would have.  Maria says he’s sick for sleeping with his victim’s wife.  Tony tells her he thought he could have atoned for her sins.  Maria asks who would have been next to have an accident, her, Liam?  Tony insists he’d never lay a finger on that child.  Maria tells him that she loved him.  Tony says he regretted Liam’s death since the day it happened.  Tony says he confessed because he couldn’t live with himself any longer.  Maria says it’s a pity he had to live at all.  Maria says he deserves to be hanged, and she’d watch, then she’d cheer, then she’d dance on his grave.  These words bring tears to Tony’s eyes as he tells her he loves her.  Maria breaks down in tears the second she leaves the interrogation room.  Poor thing.  Wait until Mammy Connor hears about this!


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