Poor Girl: Fri Nov 20, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Lucy Gannon (7:30) and Stephen Russell (8:30), directed by David Kester

The next morning at Maria’s, Maria feels full of unanswered questions, and Audrey agrees.  Michelle has spent the night, and Ryan shows up for some toast.  Michelle tells him to sit down and tells him about what’s happened.  Ryan is sobbing “no” in the next room.  He’s not a very good actor, who plays him.  Maria feels responsible for Ryan’s upset.  Audrey tries to tell her that it’s not her fault what has happened.

Ryan is angry that Maria let Tony live there, but Michelle insists it’s not her fault.  Ryan is angry, but wants to go to school anyway.  Does anyone care?   Ryan returns home later and Michelle consoles him.  Ryan wants to kill Tony.  Michelle says they all feel like that, but they won’t do it.  No, because then they’d BE Tony.   Ryan starts packing his bag and says he’s going.  He figures that ever since they came to that place, everything’s been bad.  He is right, maybe they should go after all.  Bye Michelle!  Ryan wants to go to Ireland to live with Mammy Connor.  Michelle insists that he call his grandparents first.

Maria is inside the house and throwing random things that remind her of Tony into a trash bag when Kirk and Fiz arrive.  Audrey updates them on the Tony-killing-Liam story and they’re in obvious shock.  Maria wants to get rid of everything that Tony has touched.  Maria figures that Tony is everywhere and she’ll never be able to get rid of him.  Kirk tells Maria that she should have called him, he’s never far away.  Michelle says that her mother called, but she couldn’t tell her of what happened, so she had her put her dad on and told him.  The Connors aren’t come right away, since Michelle held them off.  Michelle tears up to Audrey that it feels like she’s got to look after everyone.

Everyone tries to get Maria up and out of the house for some fresh air.  Fiz tries to assure Maria shes going to be fine, but she says she can’t go out and face everyone.  She’s too ashamed over what has happened and refuses to leave her house.

Audrey finally leaves Maria and Liam alone, telling Maria shes very proud of her and how shes been handling this.  Maria says she’s happy for the time alone.

Looks like Ryan’s not going after all.  Oh well, win some, lose some.  Ryan tells Michelle that her parents are at the airport, here in Manchester.

Well, just when I thought I’d wiped my hands of her, she’s back: Mammy Connor.  Helen can’t figure out why Tony would do this to Liam.  Michelle tells her that Liam was having an affair with Carla, Tonys wife.  The Connor’s can’t believe it.

Maria’s at home crying along with baby Liam, when she hears Mammy Connor knocking at the door asking to be let in.  Maria meets them at the door and says she’s so sorry.  Helen gives her a hug and consoles her.  Helen asks why Maria didn’t tell them about Liam and Carla.  Wait, didn’t she?  I’m sure she told them that Liam was unfaithful to her, at least.  Maria said she didn’t want them to know that about Liam.  Helen can’t help herself and asks Maria was she was thinking, and if she was shacking up with Tony since Liam cheated on her with Carla.  Maria tells Helen what we’re all thinking that she’s got a tiny mean mind, and says she’s going out.

When she’s gone, Barry tells Helen that she should think before she speaks.  Helen just figures that Barry lets people walk all over him.  Barry wants to keep his grandson in his life, and realizes that Maria could take him out of their lives at any time she wants.  Helen says that Maria wouldn’t do that, but Barry argues that he would if he were her.  Barry puts his foot down and tells Helen that she’s to apologize to Maria when she returns and that she’s never to accuse Maria.

In the Rovers, everyone talks about how shocked they are that Tony was a murderer, but some thought he always had something strange about him.  Barry comes into the Rovers and asks if Michelle’s seen Maria since she went out and hasn’t come back yet and is not answering her phone.  Kirk offers to go with Barry to look for Maria.  Where could she be?

Kirk brings the Connors to the cemetary and they find Maria at Liam’s grave with baby Liam.  Helen apologizes to Maria saying she only did her best and didn’t deserve to get manipulated by a murderer.  Maria tells Helen she doesn’t feel capable and that she’s not fit to be Liam’s mother.  Helen tells her of course she’s fit, she’s got to be.  Maria tells Helen to take baby Liam, and she runs off leaving Liam there with the Connors and Kirk.  Que baby Liam’s crying.

Roy seems to be having trouble sleeping and has been prescribed sleeping pills as a result, eventhough he insists he doesnt require them.  Roy says that sitting around remembering everything doesnt help.

Becky and Steve pop into the cafe with some train magazines for Roy.  Becky’s not happy that Steve’s golfing over spending time with her.  Is Becky turning into a golf widow already?  The factory girls come into the cafe and bombard Hayley with questions regarding Tony Gordon and the police.  Becky can see that Hayley is overwhelmed, so she helps her out behind the counter until John arrives.  The factory girls keep harassing Hayley for details and she’s had enough, and tells them to “shut up, just shut up.”  Hayley tells them that Tony Gordon has killed Liam Connor.  Janice replies, “The baby?”  To which Hayley corrects her and asks her how stupid is she?  That’s rhetorical.

Dev and Steve head off for their golf game.  They argue about whose car they should drive, since the winner will be celebrating and drunk.  Therefore they agree to get a cab.  Lloyd tells Steve that they’re all booked up.  Steve points out the irony that he owns a cab firm but can’t get a cab.

Dev and Steve are at the golf club, and there seems to be a problem with Dev’s guest membership.  His guest status has elapsed.  Dev slaps his wallet and asks them how he extends it.  The gentleman tells him that he doesn’t – he’d have to apply for full membership.  The man tells him that to apply, there is a waiting list that is about five years on average.  Steve pipes up that he’s a guest member and they get a spot in the afternoon.  Steve gets Dev to buy him lunch before the game – oh wait, he can’t because he’s not a member.  Steve huffs away and Dev follows but not before tripping over his golf bag.  Haha.

Only, Steve’s pride is only short lived, as it is revealed that he was a guest member of Paul Connor, who has passed away quite some time ago.  Now, they will have to pay an extra 50 pounds each time they want to play there.  Where is this going?  The golf manager tells them that one of their members has passed over, so there’s a vacancy.  Erm, shouldn’t that go to whomever is on the 5-year waiting list next?  Dev and Steve argue over who’s going to be the member, and who’s going to be the guest.  The decide that whoever wins a game of golf will receive the prize of “member.”  Dev grabs a golf lessons brochure from the desk before leaving.

Becky comes by Gail and Joe to congratulate them and lets Gail know that the same dress she wore at her wedding is still for sale, if Gail’s interested in being her bridal twin.  I’ll say that’s a no.  Gail talks with Becky about her dress as Joe gets phone call that spreads a look of confusion over his face.  Joe tells Gail the call was about a possible job.

Joe’s debt-collector shows his face again and is tooling around with Joe’s boat, wondering if his kids are old enough for one.  The loan shark tells Joe that his debt has doubled as of today – that’s what happens when he misses his payments.  How is that?  The loan shark threatens him that he better not miss next week’s payment, or worse will happen to him.  Joe looks like he’s about to have a heart attack.

Gail comes home later with all her shopping and Joe is busy fretting and wringing his hands in the kitchen.  Gail notices Joe’s mood and asks him what’s wrong.  Joe admits to Gail that he’s in terrible debt.  David walks in right then.  He’s got a knack for walking in at the right time, doesn’t he?  Gail tells him to leave, this is private.  Once alone, Joe tells Gail that he owes thousands, and thousands, and thousands of pounds.  He’s completely broke and he doens’t know what else to do.

Gail is overwhelmed looking over all of Joe’s debt paper work.  She asks how it happened, and he said he just kept getting in over his head trying to make investments to pay of debts, and only getting into more debt.  Gail tells Joe she needs to get some air, and leaves.  Gail returns and tells Joe that she thinks she should sell the house, becuase then they can pay off his debts and the mortgage, and there’d be enough left for a flat for them.  Joe hugs Gail in relief over hearing this.  I wonder what Audrey will have to say?

Joe asks if Gail is sure she wants to sell her house.  Gail tells him that it’s only money – they can be them anywhere.  Joe says, again, that he really doesn’t deserve her.  Gail and Joe are frantically cleaning the place in preparation for the estate agent’s visit.  David comes downstairs but Gail quickly tells Joe NOT to tell David that the house is on the market.  The phone rings and David picks it up for it to be estate agent, of course.  Gail tells David that she was going to tell him.  Gail and Joe tell David that neither of them care what he thinks.  I hope that Gail and Joe get a flat for TWO.  Gail says that it’s time David grew up and that he doesn’t need to know anything more about their business.

It’s the 20th, Jesse’s birthday, and Eileen asks him if he’s got a booking today, but he says he hasn’t.  She remarks that maybe they should make the most of it and do something later.  Jesse’s hesitant but agrees to meet her for a pint at 5:30.

Eileen can tell that Jesse is avoiding her, so she finally confronts him about it being his birthday.  He asks how she found that out, and she says she searched through his wallet.  She also tells him she’s ordered a limo for a big night out surprise.  Jesse tells her that he always does the same thing for his birthday, and didn’t think she wanted to join in: his mother does him a birthday tea.  Eileen says she’ll go, they booked the limo, may as well use it.  Jesse doesn’t look too thrilled that she’s coming.

Later, Eileen and Jesse enter the Rovers and it doesn’t sound like Eileen was very happy about spending the evening with Jesse’s family.  Why are they together?  Eileen reckons that she knows where she stands in the pecking order: below every person in his family and somewhere short of a parrot.  Eileen walks out in a huff, but Jesse purposely doesn’t follow her and orders a pint instead.

Blanche finds out from Peter that George is coming over for dinner and volunteers for her and Deirdre to do the dinner at theirs since Peter’s busy as it is.  That Blanche just wants to see more of George, clearly.  Peter tries to halt her, but there’s no stopping our Blanche.

George comes over to the Barlows for supper and brings Eva along with him this time.  Haha, Blanche shows up at the door of the living room with, as Simon would call it, a “funny face on” a whole lot of rouge on her cheeks.

Blanche of course, manages to manipulate the dinner situation by drinking too much wine and fawing over George.  Blanche shares with all of us her thoughts on current society: “Kids on every corner, lurking and spitting, pavements knee deep in dog-do, murderers running factories.  Oh, it’s not like it was ‘round here.  Was a time when stupid people with nowt to steal could leave the doors open!”  Haha.  George tries to neutralize the situation by telling her that there’s good and bad everywhere.

Blanche opines that there’s good and bad in this very room.  Blanche does what she does best, and pulls out the Barlow’s dirty laundry in front of guests.  Haha, Blanche is completely inebriated and trying to slap her own hand.

Well, Blanche’s little routine didnt go over well with George.  He didnt like the fact that Simon’s father was a drunk and that his girlfrind Leanne was a prossie.

Back at the Bookies, George walks in and apologizes for the way he reacted early on.  George tells them that his mother was a drunk, but she never had the courage to face up to it.  George figures whatever they’ve done it means nothing to him.  George tells them that he’s done things far worse than either of them could do.  George tells him that he abandoned his child.  Peter tells him that Lucy didn’t hate him, but George says that she should have done.  George thanks them for welcoming him into their family and Simon reminds him that he is family.  George comes back with a huge bouquet of flowers for Leanne (not from Dev’s), and an iPod for Peter as a sorry gift.  Peter says it’s too much but George says it isn’t since they’ve been generous to him with their hearts, and this is tiny by comparison.

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