Sundry Expenses: Mon Nov 23, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Jayne Hollinson (7:30) and Jonathan Harvey (8:30), directed by Ian Bevitt

Sally’s distracted from complaining about Stape for a bit now that she can complain about the fact that she can’t believe she’s been working for a murderer.  Rosie figures that the scariest part of all this was how close she was to death in that hotel room with him.  Well, that’s always the risk you take when you try to seduce strange older men in hotel rooms.  Rosie wonders if the video of Carla kissing Liam that she showed Tony drove him to kill.  Actually, it’s EXACTLY what made him kill Liam.  Kevin says she can’t go thinking that.  Rosie and Sally wonder what will happen to the factory.  Sally asks for the books off Molly from Kevin before she leaves.

Molly arrives at the garage with the books.  Kevin tells her he wanted them back since Sally had been asking for them, and he was putting their motel costs through as expenses.  Molly called him an idiot, but Kev said that he put them down as “sundry expenses.”  Molly assumes that’s all she is, a sundry expense.  Kevin tells her that she’s worth ever penny of that sundry expense.  Ah, how romantic.

Sally comes by the garage and asks Tyrone for the books, only he can’t find them.  Sally roots through some rubbish and finds the books under some rags.  She is shocked at the state of the place and thinks she’ll have to take a hand to more than just the books.    Sally is in the office with the books mashing the calculator telling Tyrone that it just doesn’t add up.  Sally says that according to the books, their profits are down, but it should be rosier.  She also says there’s loads of expenses that have been entered wrong, and she couldn’t for the life of her figure out what they’re for.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Molly are racking up their sundry expenses in their motel room for the afternoon.  Kev’s phone rings while they’re canoodling on the bed.  It’s Sally, so he ignores it.  Then Molly’s phone rings, and it’s also Sally.  They wonder what she wants.  Sally leaves some messages asking Kevin to call her ASAP since he’s got some explaining to do.  Kevin figures that he has to go home and face the music.

Kevin comes home to Sally’s sour face and she demands to know why he didn’t answer his phone.  Kev comes up with some lame excuse.  Sally asks Kevin how could he.  How could he let his books get in such a state.  Kev seems shocked that this is all Sally’s ever after.  Sally goes off about how useless that Molly is at keeping books and wants to know what the hell “sundry” expenses are.  Oh, no you don’t want to know.  Sally wants Kevin to bin Molly for her poor performance.

Maria’s still putting on her “unfit mother” routine leaving Helen and Barry to care for baby Liam.  Michelle comes by and is shocked that Maria wants Barry and Helen to take care of Liam.  Helen figures that it’s her who drove Maria to this – with the things she’s said.  She’s probably right.  They try to figure out how they can all best support Maria, since she can’t cope on her own.  Barry has a solution to their problems.

The Connors tell Maria that her son needs his mother, and with a bit of help it can happen.  Barry and Helen tell Maria that their offer is still open, if she wants to come and live with them in Ireland.  Maria doesn’t know what to think.  Maria leaves to go for a walk and to get some fresh air.

Audrey finds Maria crying on a bench and brings her into the salon back for a cuppa.  Maria figures that it’s like Tony is dead and all, since he never really existed.  Well, not the person she thought he was at least.  Maria feels even worse realizing that no one in her life (‘cept for Kirk) really liked Tony and that she should have listened to Natasha.  Maria figures that her baby would be much better off without her.  Audrey tells her that she is trying to punish herself by telling herself that she doesn’t deserve that one thing in the world she most loves, but she does.  Maria tells Audrey about the Connor’s offer to move to Ireland with them.  She feels it’d be nice to have help, but also doesn’t want to be weak.

Maria returns home and asks after baby Liam, and apologizes to everyone.  Helen apologizes for all the things she’s said.  She just felt so angry having both of her sons taken from her, it didn’t seem fair.  She also says that a bit of her felt jealous that Maria still had her son when she lots both of hers.  Maria surprises the Connors by telling them that she’d like to move to Ireland with them.  She needs help and a fresh start.  Maria answers a knock at the door, thinking its Michelle, to reveal Carla Gordon.  Uh oh.  She asks what Carla is doing there.  Helen comes to the door and spits at Carla that she’s not welcome there.  Carla asks what she’d ever done to Helen?  Helen says that she loathed Carla, and her gut instinct was right.  Helen tells Carla if she hadn’t been having her sordid little affair with her son, he’d still be alive.  Carla says she came back because she’s heard Tony was arrested and wants to know what’s going on.  Carla pleads with Maria that she needs to know what’s going on.  Maria tells Carla to come in, against Helen’s protests.  Carla can’t believe that Tony is a killer.

Maria tells Carla that Tony has confessed to Liam’s murder – the he paid someone else to kill Liam.  Maria tells Carla that Tony paid someone named Jimmy Dockerson, a car mechanic, to do the job.  Carla starts to sweat at the mention of Jimmy’s name.  Helen accuses Carla of being in on the whole thing.  Carla says she loved Liam, and she’d never have wanted him dead.  Maria asks Helen and Barry if she can’t have some time on her own with Carla.

Maria asks Carla if she knows anything about Liam’s death at the hands of Tony.  Helen brings down baby Liam and asks Carla if she’d like to say hello since she hasn’t met him yet.  Helen insists she’s holding out the olive branch.  Carla looks at baby Liam, all upset, and says that he’s beautiful.  Carla says she swears to Maria that she didn’t know.  Carla says she left Tony because she told him that she loved Liam, and because her marriage couldn’t survive her grieving for Liam.  She said she left, because she realized that she didn’t love Tony anymore.  She asks Maria if she loved Tony and Maria nods her head yes.  Carla tells Maria she’s sorry and embraces her in a hug.

Carla sees Leanne and Leanne asks how she is.  Carla says that she’s got to go to see police, and she’s stopping in a hotel in town since she can’t go back to her flat.  Leanne asks if she knew anything, and Carla asks her how she could even think that.  Carla asks Leanne not to tell Janice since she doesnt want the factory witches to know she’s back.

Carla is at her police questioning, by police.  She must be nervous.  Carla asks if Tony will be charged for Liam’s murder, even if he didnt actually do it.  The detective tells her that since Tony orchestrated it, he’ll be charged.  They tell her that Tony will also be charged with the attempted murder of Roy Cropper.  Carla is shocked, clearly Maria didn’t tell her everything.  Carla figures that none of this makes any sense.  The detective seems slightly suspicious of Carla.  Carla leaves the police station with tears in her eyes.

Becky stops by the Croppers to see how Roy and Hayley are doing.  Becky asks Roy if she remembers the Darling Buds of May where they never said “perfect”, but always “perfec.”  Hayley wishes life were more “perfec.”  Becky agrees and looks somewhat sad.  Maybe there is trouble in paradise for her and Steve.  Becky tells Roy that he’s got to face the world sometime, so encourages him to go back to work.  Hayley seconds that notion.  Roy says he’ll leave when he’s good and ready.

Audrey arrives on the street and sees the For Sale sign on Gail’s front lawn and wants to know what’s going on.  Gail tells her mother than her and Joe are moving because they decided to downsize.  David figures it’s an attempt to get rid of him.  No David, that’s merely a fringe benefit.  Gail reminds David that the world doesnt revolve around him.  Audrey assumes Gail is doing this for the money beacuse of Joe and his unemployment.  Gail tells Audrey it’s none of her business.  Is she new here?  This is Corrie.  Everything is everybodys business.  Audrey also learns of Joe and Gail’s engagement.  Audrey knows that Gail didn’t tell her because she knew how she’d react.  Gail claims she was right to, since Audrey’s all “purse lips and grimaces.”  Haha.  Audrey accuses Joe of being a leech, and not to come to her when she needs bailing out.  Audrey leaves in a huff, and David follows with a nod.

David tries to put a damper on Gail’s day by telling her that it will be months before she can shift her house in this market.  That may be true, but not if the price is right.  The door rings, and David answers the door to the loan shark.  The loan shark asks to come in, and Gail lets him in unknowingly.  Gail gets rid of David and ushers in the loan shark.  Gail shows loan shark around, when Joe comes home and gets white as a sheet when he recognizes loan shark.  The loan shark asks if they’re planning to move far, and Gail informs him that they don’t know yet.  Joe follows loan shark out and Joe tells him that they’re selling the place to raise enough money to pay him back.  Oh, just thought of something.  If they get a flat where is Joe going to dock Gail Force?

In the salon, Audrey asks David how many times Gail is going to hook up with some dodgy man that is no good for her.  Audrey thinks that they got engaged while she was away because deep down she was embarrassed.  She figures that subconciously Gail knows she’s making a very dangerous move.  Audrey gets an invitation to the Weatherfield Council Christmas Party and is delighted.  It’s Audrey and a plus one.

Audrey boasts about her invite to the Weatherfield Council Christmas party to Freda and Norris at the Rovers.  It is the event of the season, after all.  Norris says he’d rather stay home sticking pins in his eyes.  Norris asks who shes going to take since he doesn’t see a dazzling queue of gentile homme making a path to her house.  Haha.  Audrey asks Norris if he’d do her the great honour of accompanying her to the Christmas bash at the town hall.

Gail complains about her mother in the Rovers later to Joe.  She says that her mother is so eager to point out the bad in people, unlike Gail who always tries to see the best in them.  Yes, she does see the good in everyone, almost to a fault.  Joe suggests that she make up with her mother for pity’s sake.  Gail says that her mother can’t stand Joe, so she can’t stand her mother.  Joe nails it on the head when he calls her childist, but Gail insists that her mother makes her feel childish.  Speak of the devil, Audrey walks in and Joe and Gail leave.

Looks like Dev has arrived for his golf lessons, and an attractive young woman comes up to him and introduces herself as his golf coach.  Dev, of course is shocked, thinking the coach would be some older chap.  Dev of course puts is foot in his mouth not knowing she’s his golf coach.  He’s bloody terrible at golf, by the by.

Dev’s coach tells him he might need a few more lessons before he can compete in the open.  Dev thinks that’s great as it means he gets to spend some more time in her company.  Dev tries to ask her out, and she tells him that she prefers a beer.  Dev knows just the place, but asks her if she can keep mum about being a golf instructor since he doesn’t want Steve to know about his training.  So, THIS is where the whole golf side-bit was going.

Dev goes into the pub with Bernie, his “solicitor” as he’s calling her.  Steve and Michelle gossip about whether or not Dev is seeing her, since he is a social climber.  Steve doesn’t believe for a second that Bernie’s a solicitor, since Dev’s always had dodgy taste in birds.  Could it be, that Steve knows that Bernie is a golf pro?

Later Michelle catches Steve watching Dev and Bernie, and figures Steve is ogling Bernie.  Steve asks Dev if he’s in trouble with the law, since he’s with his solicitor.  I knew it!  Steve sidles up next to Bernie while Dev is in the loo and asks her how long Dev’s been having lessons for.  Bernie tells Steve that Dev’s just started so he’s got a bit of catching up to do with Steve.  Steve asks Bernie to stay mum since if Becky finds out how much he’s been spending on lessons, she’ll kill him.  Oh, so maybe Becky thinks Steve’s been playing away, when he’s really been coaching away all this time?  Bernie tells him her lips are sealed.

Ryan, Ben, Sophie and Sian are walking home from school and they see Michelle walk by.  Ben remarks that he thinks Michelle is dead brave and noble.  Oh, the beginnings of a school boy crush.

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