Fairy Godmother: Thu Nov 26, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by David Lane, directed by Ian Bevitt

Sally wants to have a word with Molly over the books and calls her a dimwit.  She is a bit of a dimwit.  It would seem that Sally left the door open to Underworld the night before.  The factory girls are wondering what they’ll do without management when Carla shows up to everyone’s aghast stares.  You’d think it were the second coming!  Carla announces that she’s their fairy godmother.  That’s not what I’d call her, but sure.

Carla immediately demotes Sally and tells her to get back to her machine.  What a demeaning job!  The factory girls demand to know what’s going on from Carla since they feel they have a right to know what’s going on.  Carla makes it clear that she’s in charge now.

Tony gets his final charges read down at the station, to which he confesses guilty to.

Next stop: Underworld for our detective.  He tells Carla that Tony’s confessed to all.  The detective tells Carla that he cannot find Jimmy Dockerson, so he was wondering if there was any information around Tony’s office leading to his whereabouts.  Carla tells him that she’ll have a look, and that she wants to find Liam’s killer as much as he does. Too bad she thinks she already has killed him.

Carla asks Sally to help her look for some paperwork on Dockerson.  Sally doesn’t look too happy to go through all the Underworld paperwork to find anything on that customer.  Sally finds the paperwork, then mentions that she’s used to skipping on her lunch to keep the business running.  Sally tries her bestest to get her PA position back, but Carla’s not biting.  Carla takes the paperwork on Jimmy Dockerson and proceeds to shred it.

Carla goes to the cafe upstairs to see Roy, but he wants nothing to do with her. Carla tells Hayley that she needs her, that she needs help at the factory.  Hayley says she’ll never step foot back into Underworld again.  Especially since she can’t leave Roy right now.

Maria’s packing up her stuff, and giving the rest of her items to a charity shop for her move to Ireland.  It would appear that Kirk is going to watch after the house and Ozzy.  Yay, at least Ozzy is staying.  Maria bids Kirk and Ozzy goodbye as their taxi arrives.  The Connors see Carla across the street and give her the evils as they pack into the cab for the airport.

Molly is still being quite standoffish towards Tyrone.  Molly was tossing and turning all night.  Maybe from the anticipation of whether or not Sally has found out about their affair.  Tyrone makes a comment about Maria and Tony and how Tony is rich, older, and Maria should have stuck to her own kind.  Tyrone figures that Maria is “one of us” down to earth people, and tells Molly that he and her were made for each other.

Molly has been on edge all day, and Kevin finally comes into Dev’s to tell her that it was only a misunderstanding.  Molly freaks out that Kevin hadn’t told her earlier.  Then Kevin warns her that Sally wants to give her hell over the books.

Molly goes over to Sally’s place with Kevin, since Sally wanted to see her.  Sally tells her it’s her lucky day since she’s got bigger fish to fry at Underworld.  Sally nevertheless gets right into it with Molly over the books.  Kevin says that a lot of the discrepancies are most likely his fault.  Molly says that Sally’s right, and she does the books better than her.  Sally says she has had a lot of experience.  Now they’re just mocking her, how terrible.  I can’t wait to see the back of this affair.  Sally gets an emergency call from Carla needing her at the factory now for about an hour.  Kevin says he’ll go through the books with Molly and tell her where she went wrong, with a smirk.  Oh, that’s just so yucky.

More bad news for Sally when she shows up at Underworld to see that Hayley has agreed to come back and usurp her throne once more. Carla had invited Sally there to run Hayley up to speed on what’s been going on at the factory.  Sally looks very disappointed, Hayley guilty, and Carla just plain bitchy.  Kevin tempts Molly to go upstairs with him, at his house but Molly says it doesn’t seem right.  That’s because it isn’t.  Your entire relationship isn’t right.

Sally’s all upset over her usurping at Underworld and leaves in tears.  Meanwhile, Molly and Kevin come downstairs from he and Sally’s bedroom, post-coitus, with shit-eating-grins on their faces.  All the sudden, the door opens and Sally comes in in tears claiming how much she hates Carla.  They were almost caught!

Oh no, Claire’s back on the scene.  Claire comes into the butchers telling Ashley in a rage that she’s never taking Amy Barlow to school with the boys again.  Apparently Amy has a bit of a potty mouth on her.  Claire mentions that her boys now now the “d” word.  Ashley looks confused as to what the “d” word is.  Steve comes in and Claire tells Ashley that he’s going to have to tell Steve.  Claire tells Steve that Ashley wants a word and she’s going home for a calming herbal tea.  By “calming herbal tea” I hope she means “bottle of wine.”

Steve tells Ashley that he’s been taking golf lessons and doesn’t want Becky knowing about it.  Meanwhile, Becky’s been looking around the street to try and figure out where Steve is.  Kevin suggests to Becky that maybe Steve’s buying her a Christmas gift.  Becky’s hair looks gawd-awful, not sure what she’s doing there.

Steve finally shows up at the Rovers, and Becky questions where he’s been all day.  She asks him how suspicious he wants to look.  Becky tries to fish as to whether or not he was doing any Christmas shopping.  Steve pretends as though that was exactly what he was doing.  Only, we know it wasn’t.  Becky and Steve then begin to argue over which one of them swears more than the other.  Steve says that apparently Amy has been very foul-mouthed with the Peacock kids.

The Peacocks come into the Rovers and Becky asks her straight-out what they’re on about her Amy swearing.  Claire says she’s heard it herself.  Ashley has found out what the “d” word meant.  Ahem, a shortened name for Richard.  Haha.  Becky says that if Amy swore, it’s because her Josh started it.  Claire tells Becky that Joshua does not swear.  Claire also mentions that Becky isn’t exactly Stephen Fry.  Claire tells Becky that she has a restricted vocabulary and has to resort to gutter language.  Becky tells her that she’ll have a restricted wind-pipe if she doesn’t quit it.  I wonder who’d win this scap?  Most likely Becky, but Claire would go in with fistacuffs raised.  Claire leaves in a huff and drags Ashley with her, before he’d even taken a sip of his pint.

Rosie comes into the cafe, nose held high, and tries to order a skinny latte from John.  Hayley tells her that she knows they don’t serve those, and if she’s going to make trouble to just leave now.  Rosie settles for a coffee and John tries to accomodate by whisking the skim milk and adding cocoa.  If Rosie was as traumatized as she says she was by John, she would never step foot in a place he works.   Hayley warns John to watch himself against Rosie Webster.

Later, John asks Rosie if she’s thought about going back into education.  Seriously, just leave it buddy.  Rosie tells him that since she had such a terrible time with her last teacher, she just doesn’t want to see the inside of a classroom ever again.  What a little git!  Hayley gives John an “I told ya so” look.

Rosie sees Carla and runs up to her telling her that if she needs any help at the factory, that she’s available.  Carla spits at her that available could be her middle name then brushes past her with a shoulder shove.  Me-ow!  It’s always nice to see Rosie get insulted though.

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