No Bullying By Parents: Fri Nov 27, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Janice is happy that Hayley is going to be back working at Underworld.  Hayley asks Janice is she thinks there will be any resentment towards her from the factory girls.  Janice sarcastically tells her that no, there won’t be.  Janice says she’ll get no bother from her, at least no more bother than anyone else that would have been in that role.  Haha.  Janice can’t help but rub Sally’s nose in the fact that Hayley is new management, and not her.  At Underworld, Carla makes it know that she wants to be referred to as ‘Mrs. Connor’, no more ‘Mrs. Gordon.’

Carla’s busy sweettalking all of Tony’s clients over the phone, when Hayley comes in asking about what her job description entails.  Carla says that she works in the office, kissing client ass, and Hayley takes care of everything on the floor.  Carla tells Hayley she has to nip out for a couple of ours, to somewhere not nice at all.

Michelle sure wears a lot of black, has anyone else noticed that?  Is she constantly mourning her youth or something?  Ryan says he’s going with her, to let Tony know that he’s going to kill him when he comes out of prison.  Michelle tells him he’s staying home since she can’t deal with him getting in trouble on top of everything else.

It’s Tony’s hearing, and Michelle and Ryan are sat there, when Carla walks in.  Michelle is holding back the tears as Tony is charged with his crimes.  Tony looks over and sees Carla sat in the back.  When Tony leaves, he gives Carla a half smile.  Only, Michelle doesn’t know that Carla’s sat behind them and goes berserk when she thinks Tony’s smiling at Ryan.  She yells at Tony not to smile at her son, then spits on the glass separating them, telling him she spits on him.  Carla watches close to tears as Michelle breaks down in the court room.

Michelle waits for Carla outside the court room and asks her if she knew her husband was a murderer.  Carla asks her if she’d believe her if she told her she didn’t know.  Michelle says she probably wouldn’t believe her.  Carla tells her that she didn’t know, and doesn’t want to be shouted at.

Carla returns to Underworld and pours herself a large glass of booze and tells Hayley to tell the staff that Tony’s been charged, and if they want more they can show up to court themselves.  Hayley tells Carla she must be devastated by all this.

Michelle later tells Ryan not to let the stuff that happened in court let him down.  Wow, stuff just rolls of her back.  One minute she’s spitting at glass, the next she’s laughing at Christmas displays.

Tyrone’s digging into his breakfast in his vest looking as attractive as he possibly can while Auntie Pam overlooks in disgust.  Pam offers to bring Tyrone his lunch so Molly won’t be late for work.  Pam tries to suggest to Tyrone that Molly needs a night out, maybe to the pictures.  Tyrone insists that it’s cheaper to eat in and they don’t have to dress up.  Tyrone’s not biting though.  I suppose Pam’s no longer wondering how Molly fell into Kevin’s greasy arms.

Pam goes into Dev’s to tell Molly that she’s got to get Tyrone trained now, since she’ll have to spend the rest of her life with him.  Molly’s more interested in just cheating on him actually.  Much easier to take advantage of someone else’s already-trained man.  Pam is honest with Molly and tells her that she’s worried that Molly hasn’t finished with Kevin.  Molly denies it and says she has.  Pam tells Molly that she deserves a husband who worships her.  Doesn’t she have one?  Molly gets on the phone to Kev the second Pam leaves the store.

Kevin and Molly meet at his place, and we know where this is going.  Kevin tells her that this is his house, and he wants her in HIS bed.  His, and SALLY’s bed, their marriage bed to be exact.  Uh oh, it seems as though Sophie’s arrived hom with Sian in KEVIN’s house early.  Kevin and Molly are snogging in bed, and they hear the girls downstairs and freak out.  Kevin gets up and tells Molly to wait.  He puts on his dressing gown, and asks Sophie if her mum’s home.  Sophie wonders what he’s doing in his dressing gown and he says he’s getting changed.  Another close call for Molvin!  Molly tells Kev she was almost hoping it was Sally who would catch them, so they could just get it out in the open.

Molly and Kevin meet later at night, and talk about their relationship.  Molly thinks it’s time they come clean to their families.  Kevin agrees, saying his girls are nearly grown up now and all.  Wow, is he really going through with this?  Kevin figures he knows his family will be knocked sideways, but he can’t please everyone, can he?  Kevin asks Molly if she’ll leave Tyrone and start a new life with him.  Molly agrees, of course.

Well, Theresa’s moving on up in the world.  She’s having her hair done in the salon by Audrey “snobby” Roberts.  I suppose Theresa’s a kept woman now.  Theresa and Betty are gossiping over Maria’s life with Tony when Audrey tells them that there’ll be no gossip about Maria in that salon.  So, the ladies start to gossip about Gail instead.  Audrey tries defending Gail and Joe, saying that Joe only had a small addiction to pain killers and has sorted his life out of money issues.  Betty tells her that for a good hair dresser, she’s a terrible liar.

Theresa brings some desserts to Lloyd in the cabbies and he complains that he’s going to be fat.  Theresa tells him she’s looking after him, doesn’t he like that?  Watchout Lloyd, last man she looked after she was poisoning.  Lloyd asks Theresa to just be nice to Liz to make his life easier.  Theresa says she’ll try for his sake.

Theresa sets out to fulfill Lloyd’s desires and is phony-nice to Liz and Liz isn’t having it.  Liz tells Theresa to go back to her usual miserable self, because “nice” isn’t suiting her.  Theresa agrees and tells Liz she looks like mutton dressed as lamb, except a lamb would have more dressings.  That does it, and Liz kicks her out and bars her and Lloyd.  Poor Liz!

Audrey visits Gail and asks for a word in private.  Gail assumes Audrey is there to chew Gail out again.  Gail tells Audrey that her picking Gail’s life apart has become very boring and very predictable.  Gail asks if Audrey remembers the day she married Alf.  Gail asked her why she was going through with it, since Alf wasn’t her type.  Audrey said, at the time, because Alf was safe.  Audrey says she doesn’t recall that.  Gail says that Audrey was sick of excitment and wanted to settle for someone that would put her on a pedastal and never hurt you.  Audrey says that she loved Alf, and Gail retorted that she loved Joe.  Gail acknowledges that there’s been problems, and there could be more along the way, but she’s willing ot take a risk on loving someone who loves her.

Gail tells her that she’s going into her marriage with her eyes open.  Audrey wonders if she should just sit and watch Gail make a mistake.  Audrey, that’s what being a parent’s all about.  You’d think she’d have gotten that by now.  Gail tells her that she could enjoy her life with her, because life’s hard enough without having to fight.  Gail tells Audrey that she doesn’t see the man that Gail sees.  Gail tells Audrey that she’s not like her – she’s not good on her own.  Audrey tells her that she doesn’t want Gail to be alone, just with someone better.  Gail asks Audrey to accept Joe for her.  Audrey tells Gail to not expect her to buy a new outfit.

Audrey sees Joe outside, and tells him that she’s going along with Gail’s wishes, but if he steps one foot out of line, she’s coming down on him like a tonne of bricks.  Joe asks what he’s really done wrong.  Joe claims to be just a man, an average Joe perhaps?  Joe says he wants to spend the rest of his life with Gail, and to give him a break.  Audrey just stalks off.

Liz goes into the cabby office looking for a cab.  Lloyd says the he can drive her, but she declines and requests another driver.  Lloyd follows Liz out and tells her that they’ll have to face another sometime, but Liz says she just doesn’t want him in her personal space.  Theresa shows up around the corner and assumes the wrong then, then tells Liz that Lloyd has moved on.  Theresa can’t leave well enough alone and defends Lloyd and accuses her of acting like she’s 5.  Liz tells her how she acts has nothing to do with her or Lloyd.  Liz tells Theresa if she wants to keep coming to her pub, she’ll keep her opinions to herself.  She then adds the Theresa got Lloyd on the rebound.  Zing!

At the butcher’s, Graeme is entertaining Claire and Ashley will all of the bad names he was called throughout his childhood, heck, life.  Ashley’s afraid that Becky’s going to tell all the other mums that Amy’s picking up swearing from Joshua.  Claire just wants Amy to stop swearing.  Claire complains about how she’s always been the outsider with the other mums.  Graeme figures it was because she got locked up, and that can put people off.  Ashley suggests that Claire get herself involved in this, to make some friends.  I thought she was involved in tons of extra-curriculars already, no?  She’s just not very amiable.  Graeme thinks that Claire needs to find a place with like-minded people.  Such as Wives-Who-Henpeck weekly?

Uh oh, Claire’s new “hobby” is acting.  Graeme and Ashley are stunned as she does her rendition of the Charlston in the butcher shop.  I’m acutally enjoying Claire like this. She’s almost a little half-in-the-bag seeming.  Maybe she traded that cuppa for a glassa wine.  Graeme, of course joins into her chorus line.

Becky shows up to Bessie Primary to get Amy and lights up a ciggie.  The clique of mothers all look at her and let her know there is a new no-smoking sign.  It’s clear that Becky’s not in the “mum’s club” either.  Claire watches this, and says out loud that she should put up a sign, “no bullying by parents.”

Claire stops by the Rovers later, and tells Becky that she thinks the two of them are quite similar people, much to the disbelieving looks of Liz and Becky.  Claire says that she doesn’t think either of them make friends easily.  Claire tells Becky that she’s joining a theatre group to make some new friends.  Becky reckons she must be desperate.  Claire invites Becky along, but doesn’t get a response back as she chokes down her cider.

Eddie Windass is spreading the xmas spirit, by being “that house” that has all the lights on it.  Anna asks her not to spread himself on the pavement.  Gary says it’s embarassing, then Anna and Eddie break out into a carol, much to his further embarrassment.

Rosie just can’t stay away.  She goes into the cafe to tell John she’s signing up for Weatherfield College, then orders a custard slice and some orange juice.  Rosie tells John that it’s down to him why she’s going back to college.  She has a sneaky look on her face.  Up to no good, as usual.


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