Paint Job: Thu Nov 12, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

November 12 2009

Written by Mark Burt and directed by John Anderson.

OKAY….sorry for the tardiness of this review, but I had no idea that there was an Episode for the 11th.  Are they often going to just give random Wednesday episodes?  I wish they’d make up their mind with scheduling!  Moving on, I’ve decided that recapping Wed’s missed episode would be redundant at this point, but since I have watched it, comments can be made regarding said episode here, in the review for the Thursday episode.  Thanks and sorry!

John’s home, with his feet securely under the table, and he requests a full-English from Fiz for breakfast.  I’ll have one too…while you’re at it.  John reminds her that she promised she’d spoil him.  Since they both came down in robes and good moods, Fiz reminds him that he’s been spoiled plenty.  Wink, wink.  John says that the best part about falling asleep was knowing he’d wake up beside her.  Fiz pulls back the curtains to see a dark presence blocking her view, and soon, her mood.  Fiz and John go outside to find that someone has blacked out the windows with paint to their home.  Gee, no prizes for guessing who did that.  Honestly!  How immature can she get?  The man did his time.

Kevin notices Fiz’s new “paint job” and immediately confronts Sally about it.  The Webster girls are shocked to realize that it was their mother who commited the vandalism.  Kevin figures that Sally will be given up as soon as she brags about what she’s done.  Sophie’s upset and tells Sally she expected more from her.  I didn’t.  Sally figures it’s an “eye for an eye.”  Yeah, too bad this is Weatherfield, not ancient Babylon, and I’m no expert, but I’m certain that the code of Hammurabi doens’t exactly translate in the Weatherfield court system.

Fiz can’t understand why they can’t just be left alone.  Chesney assures Fiz that Sally will get tired of it after all.  Chesney thinks she should ignore it, since Sally wants a reaction.  Fiz can’t let it go, and sees Kevin, then confronts him about her windows.  Fiz threatens to call the police on Sally, and Kevin tells her to do what she likes.

Tony has become quite a shut-in, sitting alone at home in the dark with his thoughts to match.  Have Roy’s harassing lectures had some effect?  Maria’s not happy about his reclusiveness and let’s him know that his heart isn’t the only one that needs looking after.

Tony gets himself out of the house, and runs into John Stape, who had come back from the DIY shop with supplies to get the black paint off the windows.  He tells Tony that he woke up this morning, an ex-criminal with no job, no prospects and felt like his whole life finally made sense.  He learned to forgive himself, he supposed.  John says he knows he did a terrible thing, but he’s not the same man anymore.  John says the worse prison of all, was being frightened all the time.  Tony seems to take these pearls of wisdom to heart.

Roy notices John and Fiz removing the paint, and brings them over some goodies from the cafe.  Roy tells John and Fiz that Hayley and he welcome them as friends and neighbours.  Roy walks away, and looks back, feeling Tony’s eyes on the back of his head.  He looks up at Tony’s window cautiously, but sees no one.  What?  Would he be creeped out if Tony were looking down on him?  Imagine that!

Sally traipses over, seeing her painting job had been removed, and makes some snarky comments.  After some spitting back and forth, Sally lets it out that she did the “artwork.”  Kevin drags her away, while Fiz suggests that if John bothers her so much, maybe she should considering moving an option.  Fiz wants to call the police, but John convinces her not to – it’d just make the situation worse.

Tony gets his suit on, and tells Maria that he’s going to take care of some business, then take her out!  That “business” is Roy Cropper.  Tony comes into Roy’s after closing and asks for a word, but Roy asks for him to leave.  Tony tells him to stop making these wild demands.  Tony tells Roy to forget what he thinks he knows, and maybe they can avoid another tragic accident.  That sounds like a threat to me, and Roy agrees.  Tony leaves, then looks at his heart rate monitor/watch that Maria gave him and realizes it’s off the charts.

Gary Windass is back on the scene, having coming out of hiding from playing video games with Chesney all day and night.  Ah, the life of a young male.  He apologizes to Ted about his rude attitude towards Ted’s veteranship and then asks what it was like to fight.  Ted lets him know that it was nothing like his video games.  He finds Ted in the Rovers later and asks Ted to tell him about being in the army.  Ted says there wasn’t much action, he spent most of his time guarding the commander’s vintage wine collection – Malaysia wasn’t that kind of war.  Ted tells Gary he went into the service to learn some discipline and to get some guidance and the army gave him that.  Ted says he left a few demons in those far off lands.  Gary looks thoughtful.  Oh, please give us Gary in a uniform.  Maybe Tony just needs a trip to Malaysia, then?

Sally follows Kevin to the pub later, and can’t understand why she’s the villain in all this.  Kevin says she should have just dropped it.  Sally wants justice and can’t just stick her head in the sand.  Kevin says they need to get a solicitor and do everything above-board.  Sally doesn’t want to have to pay to get rid of him.  Kev threatens that if she pulls another stunt, he’ll call the police himself.  For the first time, I think I saw Sally look older than her years.

Hayley goes home, and Roy tells her that Tony Gordon came to see him and threatened him.  Roy tells her that he doesn’t think Tony’s just going to hurt him, but could even murder him.  Da, da, daaaaa.

Jesse and Julie are preparing for another General Custard show, and Jesse tells Julie that he thinks Eileen is onto them, since she’d be acting very strangely.  Julie dismisses his worries and tells him that everything will be fine, they’ll just take extra precautions.  Jesse gets out on stage and blows his horn, but some of the air went weak when he set his eyes on Simon Barlow sitting in the audience.

After the show, Jesse sees Simon and asks him if he enjoyed the show.  Simon says it wasn’t that bad, but he liked Hiyalowa.  Jesse asks Simon if he can tell people (such as Grandma and Eileen) that Julie wasn’t there, just General Custard was.  Simon tells Jesse that that sounds like a lie.  Simon says he might not mind if he won loads of presents.  Haha, he’s spending far too much time with our Blanche!  Jesse says he’ll have to see what he can do.

Jesse later tells Julie that they have to leave quickly, since Deirdre is coming to pick up Simon soon.  Julie panics, but Jesse says he has it under control.  Simon won’t talk, since he rigged the games, so Simon would get more prizes.  Julie tells him he’s going to burn in hell.  Oh, hardly!  Jesse would rather burn in hell than having his wootsits roasted by Eileen!  Haha.  It’s seems that Simon isn’t a very good secret-keeper (what child is?) and Peter tells Jesse and Julie that their secret’s safe with them.  Peter asks what the score is, and Jesse says it’s purely professional.  Peter doesn’t quite believe it, but doesn’t really care either.

Back Off: Mon Nov 9, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

November 9 2009

Written by Debbie Oates and Mark Wadlow, directed by John Anderson

Gail is still suffering from some hydrophobia when Joe suggests they take the boat out, with her in it.  Joe tries to lure her in by prematurely coining her “Gail McIntyre.”  It does have a nice ring to it.  David finds out that Gail is engaged and David’s new girlfriend, Zoe, congratulates her.  David tells Zoe not to congratulate her, since it’s an annual event.  Poor Gail!

Joe goes into the Kabin to tell Tina about his engagement and Tina has the opposite reaction to David’s – she’s delighted.  Until she realizes that David is going to be her brother.  Wa, wa, waaaa.

Happiness doesn’t last for long, as a man approaches Joe while he’s on his boat, and lets him know that he’s taken over Joe’s debt.  The man says they need to work on a payment structure, and walks into Gail’s house without invitation.  Joe asks how much he owes, and the man tells him he owns just shy of 9 grand.  Joe reckons that the debt should be 2 grand max, but the collector says “plus interest.”  The loan shark asks if Joe has the cash, or if he has to strip the place.  The shark threatens that the next time he comes will be when the whole family’s here, and he won’t be alone.  Joe starts to brick it at the thought, and tells the shark that he’ll get him his money.  Oh, from the money tree out back?

The loan shark seems to be interested in Joe’s van, and wants to give him 5 grand for it.  Joe says that if he takes his van, that’s it – not to come near his house again.  The loan shark drives away with Joe’s van.  How’s he going to explain this to Gail?

Joe meets Gail, Tina and Ted in the pub for a congratulatory toast when Tyrone walks in and tells Joe that he’s just seen someone drive off in his van.   Joe tells him it’s a new owner, he got a good price for it since he doesn’t need it anymore.  Well, it’s not far from the truth.  I can’t bear to look at Tina’s orange-face anymore.  Joe makes out that he sold his van to buy Gail a rock.

Norris drags Emily over to the Kabin to look at “bird doings.”  They’re really finding ways to keep Graeme’s window washing business going.  Does anyone else find it ironic that people are constantly washing their outside windows in a place that rains all the time?  It’s kind of like those folk that live in Tornado regions, and just keep re-building.  Norris tries to prove that Graeme is a rubbish window cleaner and tells Emily that she’s not to pay him.  I think Norris still has a crook in his side with Graeme ever since the crack-hoe incident.

Freda comes into the Kabin and jokes with Tina about the bird poop incident.  She wonders if you can get poo carbon dated.  Tina gets the squirt bottle off, and tells Norris that it’s coming off the window now.  Norris wants Graeme to see it first.  Norris finds an article in the paper about some thief who stole a state-of-the-art prosthetic leg from a disabled person and tells Freda to keep a hand on her earpiece.  This stolen-leg story is still going?  Ach!  Freda later shows Graeme the article, and Graeme assures her that she won’t be found out.  Freda is certain she’ll go to prison, and begs Graeme to help her.  They meet later in the cafe, where Freda hands the leg over to Graeme covered in plastic bags.  Freda thinks he should just drop it off in front of a charity shop.  No CCTV there.

Hayley’s dressed to profesh for her first day as “relief manager” at Underworld.  Roy’s still got a chip on his shoulder over Tony Gordon hiring Hayley.  Hayley assures him she wouldn’t work for someone who she thought to be dangerous or evil.

Roy sure is in a ripe mood, as he gives Anna flack over the degree of cooking she gave to a sausage buttie.  He takes her undercooked sausage and throws it in the bin, prompting Anna to take off her apron and throw it at him.  Roy visits her at home later, and apologizes sincerely, telling her that he wasn’t himself.  Anna says she can’t work where she’s not respected.  Roy tells her that for today, her pay will be double time.  Sold! To the lady in the pink apron.

Roy goes over to see Tony at Maria’s, and is persistent while Tony tries to shoo him away.  Tony pretends to go upstairs to fix Liam’s crib while Roy waits downstairs.  Tony is really sitting on Maria’s bed thinking very, very hard.  Roy lectures Tony on the powers of denial.  Surely, Tony has had just about enough of these lectures from Roy, the telltale heart.  Roy tells Tony that confession is the way, not him calling the police.

Well, this is awkward.  Hayley goes to ask Tony if he wants her to open up and, Julie (current Supervisor), asks Hayley where she’s going since she’s all dressed up.  Hayley comes into work, and the factory girls are all a buzz about it.  Tony announces that Hayley will be the new relief manager, and will be taking care of the factory in Tony’s absences.

Hayley gets angry at Roy later, after having found him at Maria’s talking to Tony about the “murder” again.  Roy can’t leave well alone, and sees Tony sat on a bench and goes over to lecture him further more.  Goodness, Roy Cropper is annoying the crap out of me at this point!  Tony asks Roy what gives him the right to play judge and jury and to harass him.  Tony then tells him to leave him alone.

Roy watches Maria leave her house, then goes over and knocks on the door.  He’s NOT going to bother Tony again, is he?  Tony is sat on the couch listening to the door knocking in silence, pretending not to be in.  Maria comes home and Tony asks her if he’s seen Roy again, since he’s been around again.  Maria can’t believe it.  Tony tells her that it’s like Roy is stalking him, and has developed some kind of obsession.  Maria notices Tony shaking over it.  Maria wants to get him to the hospital, and says she’s had enough and is going to go around and see Roy.

Roy is mopping up in the cafe after closing, when Maria knocks loudly on the door and asks him what he’s playing at.  Roy immediately apologizes, and Maria insists that Tony is a sick man.  Maria tells Roy that following Tony about is starting to bug him.  Maria says it’s starting to bug her too.  Maria says that Tony was on the mend, but he’s deteriorating again now.  Maria tells him to back off.  Maria tells Tony about what happened later, and he is thankful for what she’s done.

Later, Tony is in bed with rain pouring down and he cannot sleep.  He gets up and goes to the window to see Roy standing outside in the rain looking up at Tony in the window.  Oh, my.  I’m starting to wonder if Tony’s ever come across someone so insane!  This is the stuff horror films are made of!  I’m going to have nightmares!  Someone really needs to tell Roy that if you play with fire, you’ll get burned.

John’s being released tomorrow, hoo-ray.  Fiz is steadfastily cleaning her place since she’s afraid John will think it’s a mess.  Julie reminds her that John’s been languishing in prison and that he’ll just be happy to open doors at will – oh, and to see Fiz.  Fiz decides she hate the way that her house looks it it’s entirety – it’s not a real house.  Is there going to be a home makeover?  That place needs one!  Kirk grabs Chesney, and the two of them solicit David and Zoe (well, David, forced by Zoe) to help reno No.5.

Oh, my, word.  The reno is complete, and No.5 looks like the Easter Bunny’s home, complete with every bright pastel imaginable.  Fiz is utterly delighted!  Kirk, David and Zoe bust out from the cabinets for the reveal.

Molly meets Tyrone in the cafe, where he tells her that Jack wants to stop with them tonight, since he needs some space.  More night-creeping from Connie, I see?  Tyrone tells Molly that Jack’s even thinking about moving out of Connie’s permanently.  Molly tells him that Jack can move in for as long as he wants – the more the merrier.  Tyrone doesn’t  seem to keen on having LESS privacy with his new wife.

Tyrone and Molly spot Connie persistently knocking on their door from their respective workplaces.  Obviously looking for Jack.  Molly thinks she’s lonely, but Tyrone thinks she’s a sex fiend.  He reckons it’s always the quiet ones.  Pfft, look in your own backyard, buddy.  Connie can see Jack inside, and tells him that if there’s something she’s done, he could at least tell it to her face.  Jack finally comes out of his coop and Connie makes him aware that she’s upset, and she’ll not leave this.

Molly and Tyrone find Connie in the pub waiting for Jack, but she’s not very happy and won’t drag him back to her place – he can do as he pleases.  Joe finally gets in, and sits down with Connie.  Jack tells Connie that she’s a wonderful woman and a dear friend, but he can’t give her what she wants.  Jack says he doesn’t have “that kind” (read: sexual) feelings for her, nor for anyone else.  Connie says she doens’t have them for him, what would make him think that?  Jack tells her that he’s heard her outside his bedroom door in the middle of the night.  Connie denies it at first, but then remembers that she has had a history of sleepwalking.  All is well again, as they both enjoy a laugh over it.  Jack is going back, and Tyrone has his space back with Molly, not that it’ll help much.

Molly’s stomach turns a little when her and Tyrone gossip about Sally and Kev.  Sally and Kev were having a heated argument in the pub over John Stape’s return to the street.  Tyrone reckons Sally and Kev are meant for each other, since they’ve both had affairs, but always gone back to one another.  She asks how many affairs Kevin had, and Tyrone lists them.  Noting that there was one girl, a nurse, named Molly that he dropped like a bad habit.  Oh boy.

Gail Force: Fri Nov 6, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

november 6 2009

Written by Jonathan Harvey and Damon Rochefort, directed by Tim Dowd

Roy is a very conflicted man, but Hayley tries to solidify the fact that Tony Gordon did not kill Liam Connor.  Hayley insists that Tony was investigated by the police.  Roy asks if he really was, and states that it’s amazing how little they really know.

Roy heads out to the police station, as he has to report the crime.  Hayley thinks the police will just laugh at him.  Roy says he’s used to being laughed at, and he’ll take it in stride.  Hayley asks Roy how he’d feel if the police go and talk to Tony and it makes him stressed, and his condition worse.  Roy answers that there are few things worse than being a murderer.  Hayley tells Roy to get his apron on and get behind the counter, because they are full of customers and she doesn’t see why their business has to go down the tube because of something Mr. Gordon said when he wasn’t thinking straight.  This is true.  Hayley makes him promise that they’ll sit down later and talk it out before they do anything rash.  Roy agrees, but adds that he takes no pleasure in this.

Tony’s looking as right-as-rain as the doctor on-call says he’s good to leave the hospital, but still must take it easy.  Tony tells her he’s very happy to see his fiance and baby.

Meanwhile, his fiance comes into the Cafe bearing flowers for Roy to say thank you.  Roy reminds her that Tony’s already bought him alcohol and theatre tickets.  Maria says she knows, but she thought he might accept these more.  Roy sternly tells her that he’d rather she keep them.  So, Maria passes them on to Hayley.  Hayley quickly tries to get rid of Roy to diffuse a possibly terrible situation.  Hayley tells Maria that Roy just doesn’t like the fuss.  Maria tells Hayley that Tony would like her to pop ‘round for a word later.  Maria asks if she’d like to come with her now.  Hayley hestitantly accepts and, Roy overhearing, looks horrified.

Hayley is over at Maria’s with Tony and baby Liam sat on the couch.  Baby Liam is absolutely adorable by the way.  Tony tells her that he’s been worrying about the factory and how there’s no one to look after it in his absence.  Tony tells her that he needs her as a relief manager to go in and take over.

Hayley returns to the cafe to find Roy waiting and asking what Tony wanted.  Hayley tells him that he’s offered her a job, and it’s a lot more money than she’s used to.  Roy asks how much is it – for her soooul.  OMG!  Roy figures that Tony’s trying to buy them off.  Hayley thinks he offered her the job because of her skills, then huffs off telling him she wants to hear no more about his conspiracy theories.

Roy can’t help himself and goes over to Maria’s to speak with Tony about what he said the other day.  May I just say, that Tony looks great in that polo shirt.  Tony prepares for the worst, and asks Maria if she fancies taking the baby for a walk, so he can talk with Roy in private.  Haha, Ozzy comes out and starts to jump on Roy, and Roy flails around trying to get him to stop.  That was freakin’ hilarious!  Ozzy’s totally the best pet on Corrie right now.  Maria reckons that Ozzy likes him.  Oh my, the GLARE that Tony gives him from the kitchen behind Maria’s back.  Yikes!  Before Maria leaves, she asks Tony if everything’s okay, and he assures her it is.

Now that they’re alone, Roy tells Tony that he believes that he really did kill Liam Connor.  Roy also believes that the stress of the guilt is what caused his heart attack.  Tony just stares at him, then tells him that whether Roy is right or wrong, is immaterial.  Tony picks up the phone and tells him to call the police, and tell them what he thinks that Tony did.  Tony taunts Roy to make the call, but Roy puts the phone back on the receiver.  Roy then picks up a photo of Maria and Liam on their wedding day and wonders how the guilt must be eating away at Tony.  Roy figures it must be unbearable.  Tony tells Roy to shut his mouth, because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Roy compares Tony to the killer in Poe’s “The Telltale Heart.”  Tony yells at Roy to make the call, if he wants, then cowers down in pain, and asks Roy if he wants him to have another heart attack.  Roy replies “of course not,” then leaves.

Maria sees Roy sat a a bench and rolls over with baby Liam.  Maria senses that something’s not right with Roy, and asks again if he’s okay.  Roy remarks that Maria looks very happy, then leaves to go off to the cafe.  At tea later, Hayley is angry with Roy for having gone over there and accusing Tony of murder, and reminds him that if he was as sure as he says he is, he’d have phoned the police when Tony told him to.  Roy says he’s not 100% sure, and agrees to drop it for Hayley’s sake.  I’m not convinced we’ve seen the end of this.

Over at No.6, Joe’s “walkin’ on sunshine” in a good mood, and Gail is smiling, as he drags Ted in by the hand.  Joe then grabs David and swings him around in a dance like a rag doll.  Haha.  Ted asks if he’s won the lottery or something, and he says he did, the day he met Gail.  Awwwww….  David tells Ted that Joe’s happy, since Gail told him he could keep the boat.  Ted comments that it “all slips horribly into place.”  I say, is that foreshadowing?

Ted and Joe have breakfast in the cafe, and Joe tells Ted (the father of his girlfriend) that he’s going to romance the pants off of her tonight.  He realized it came out wrong.

David asks Ted if he’d like a free haircut, but Ted being near bald, wonders why he thinks he needs a haircut.  David says he feels bad, after hearing that it’s the anniversary of the death of Ted’s former lover, he’d like to treat him.  David looks outside to see what Joe’s up to with the boat, and tells Ted that he still doesn’t trust him.  Ted reminds him that everyone deserves a second-chance.  David should know that better than anyone!

Joe meets Gail outside the medical centre after her shift, and tells her that tonight is her lucky night.  He tells Gail to go home and wait, and he’ll text her when he’s ready.  Later, Gail walks outside to find Joe welcoming her with a decorted boat he’s named “Gail Force” with a romantic meal on-board.  This is very romantic, actually.  Joe pulls out a fancy bottle of champagne, and dreams about a caribbean sea with Gail.  Joe has been trying to say this all night, and tells her that finding her has meant a lot to him.  Joe gets down on one knee, and says “would you do the honor…” and Gail interrupts with “I thought you’d never ask, of course I’ll marry you!”  They hug in glee as fireworks go off from the rooftop of Underworld, courtesy of Tyrone and Kirk.

Ken comes by the bookies, and offers to pick up Simon from school today and give him his tea.  Peter tells Ken that Simon’s other Granddad coming ‘round tonight.  Ken looks in shock at the thought of the “other granddad.”  Leanne tells him about Lucy’s dad coming back in the picture, but Ken doesn’t look happy about it, and walks out of the bookies looking rejected.

Ken returns later, and asks if George gets on with Simon.  Leanne says she thinks so, but he’d have to ask Simon.  Ken wants the deets on George, but Leanne tells him to ask Peter.  Ken suggests that they bring George and his wife over to No.1 for some drinks and nibbles so he can meet the whole family.  Peter agrees that it’d be good for everyone to meet him, so it’s a yes, and he does appreciate it.

At No.1, the Barlows are preparing for Granddad George’s arrival, when George walks in.  George shakes Ken’s had and guesses he’s Ken, then looks at Blanche, and shakes her hand thinking she must be Deirdre, Ken’s wife. HAHAHA.  Blanche shakes his hand back and says “pleased to meet you.”  Haha, our Blanche!  Blanche tells George that Deirdre is “Edna, the house-keeper, who’s a bit slow.”  Deirdre apologizes and tells George that she’s Deirdre, and that’s her mother Blanche, and to ignore anything she says.  George looks very embarassed, but Blanche says it’s an easy mistake to make.  George comes bearing gifts, Chablis and balsamic vinegar for the adults, and a hand-held “wicked” video game for Simon.  Peter notes that those game players cost a small fortune.  Kind over shadows the yo-yo, doens’t it, Ken?

Oh, I just love how Blanche can take over a dinner party.  George admits to being an absentee father, so Blanche reckons that he and Ken have something in common.  George reckons that Blanche keeps everyone on their toes. Blanche says the place would fall apart without her.  George offers to take Simon to the zoo, and Simon asks if there’ll be any monkeys.  George says there will be, and they’ll all be nearly as cheeky as him.  Everyone laughs, and Ken feels a little usurped.  After George leaves, Blanche reflects that he’s “good looking, good company, loaded, I think I’m in love.”  Haha, those are all my requirements too!

Tyrone and Molly are in the Rover’s enjoying less than scintillating conversation as Jack and Connie meet them.  As Connie orders the drinks, there’s rather strange conflicting conversation on lemonade-in-lagers with Liz, that seems to rub Liz the wrong way.  What could that be about?

After the leave the pub, Molly invites the two of them over for some chicken Kievs, but Connie says she needs to get back because her sister is lending her the newest Maeve Binchy.  Jack asks Connie if she minds that he hang back with Tyrone and Molly.  She says she doesn’t, but it looks like she does.  Could there be trouble in paradise?  Jack and Tyrone go right back into the Rovers for another one, when Molly, confused, goes home to her chicken Kievs.  That was odd.

Jack asks Tyrone why Kirk’s moved in, since he thought that Molly and he wanted the place to themselves.  Tyrone explains how Kirk fell out with Fiz and needed a place to stay, and he couldn’t say no.  Is Jack worried about his old roost?  Tyrone asks about what’s going on with Connie.  Jack tells him that late at night, when he’s in bed, he can hear Connie outside on the landing, footsteps lurking about.  Tyrone thinks Connie might be angling for more than a bit of companionship.  Jack figures it’s probably nothing, but Tyrone thinks that Connie’s after him – dirty mare.  Lol.

Back at Connie’s, Jack’s in bed with his book and can hear Connie pacing the landing again, then sees her stop short in front of his door, then the doorknob turns.  Jack turns off the light and pretends to snore.  The doorhandle eases up, and Connie walks away from the door.  Jack looks utterly terrified!  Why doesn’t he just talk to her about it?

Norris is sat in the Kabin waiting for Horace when he finally walks in.  Two peas in a pod, them, they even both agree to hold agnosticism in very high regard.  Horace lets Norris know that he’s “one of a kind.”  Haha, oh, not so sure about that!  Norris asks Horace if he knows any gardening tricks to get rid of the weeds between the cracks in his patio.  Graeme walks in, overhearing, and recommends he go to the DIY shop, and ask for a “crack hoe” to get the weeds out of the cracks.  Norris later finds him and tells him he’s had a very embarrasing him at the DIY shop, where he found out that a crack-ho has nothing to do with gardening!

Ken and Simon go into the Kabin, since Ken wanted to buy Simon a special present.  A “best Granddad” present, perhaps?  Simon tells Horace that he looks different.  Horace is confused.  Then, Norris comes out from the back with their teas, and Simon, seeing them side by side, exclaims “there’s two of them!” Haha.  Horace says that they look nothing a like, and Simon is a rude little boy.  Ken demands an apology for Simon, and so Norris gives him a yo-yo.  Norris tells Horace he thinks it’s time, they had a little chat.  Uh oh, that can’t be good.

november 6 2009 2

Local Hero: Thu Nov 5, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

november 5 2009

Written by David Lane, directed by Tim Dowd.

Peter tells Leanne that he’s going to ring George, and have him meet Simon after school.  Peter’s not sure about it, but doesn’t know what else to do at this point – he is his granddad.

Granddad George and his wife, Nana Eve, are at the flat, and Simon arrives home from school ready to meet them.  Simon asks Granddad George why he’s never seen him before.  Yeah, George, why not?  George tells Simon the truth, but I’m not sure he’s getting it.  George thanks Peter for making them feel so welcome.  Simon asks if George is going to go away, like he did with his mummy.  George insists that they would like to see more of Simon.  Peter invites them over to tea tomorrow night, and it’s accepted.  George tells Simon that if he and his daddy wants him around, then he’ll be there.  They shake on it.  Before George leaves, Peter tells him that he hopes he’s going to be around, since Simon’s been through enough.  They also shake on it.

Janice and Kelly aren’t happy about about Sally’s new rule over at Underworld.  Fiz asks Janice and Kelly how much they’ve been missing Tony.  Kelly faux-feigns that it’s like all her heels of gone away and she’s been walking around in clogs.  Fiz then reveals a collection “get well” envelope for Tony.  Does he really need their chump change?  Acting-Boss Webster comes by and tells the girls that they need to give up their tea breaks, since they’re down a senior machinist (her).  Sally tries to be diplomatic about it, but it doesn’t go over well.

Later, in the cafe, Janice and Kelly are wittering on again.  Kelly reckons that her figure was as good as it was when she was 20, possibly better.  Janice asks if she can borrow her mirror sometime.  Can I borrow it next?  Kelly is worried that Tony will figure that Underworld isn’t worth the stress, and sell up.  Fix reckons that that means they could possibly get someone nice as a boss.  Pffft, like that’ll happen.

Roy gets a rather expensive looking bottle of champagne delivered to him at the cafe and looks conflicted over it.  Who could it be from?  Gail asks if it’s from a secret admirer.  Oh, there’s a secret involved, but not an admirer.

In hospital, Tony asks Maria if she’s run into Roy.  Maria says she’s hardly had time to go to the cafe, and asks why.  Tony says that it was a traumatic night for Roy as well, and he doesn’t know how Roy reacted, or interpreted things.  Maria asks what “things” he’s talking about.  Tony says he was very confused between his heart shutting down, and all the drugs being spilled through him that he felt his mind was playing tricks on him.  Maria still wonders how that would affect Roy.  Tony tries to get up and go see Roy and tend to the factory.  Maria forces him to lie down a recover properly.

Later Hayley comes into the cafe to find out that Tony Gordon has been sending gifts to them all day: Champagne, tickets to Oliver, in London.  Roy leaves Hayley in charge, as he needs to sort this now.  Oh, theres only one way this’ll be sorted.  And it won’t be simple, or pleasant.

Roy visits Tony and tells him that the gifts aren’t necessary.  Tony says he hadn’ t meant to offend him.  Roy says that the other night – things were said.  Tony tells him that he can’t remember anything beyond the factory.  Roy figures that perhaps if they had a chat, things will come back.  Roy tells Tony that there was a confessional nature to what he was saying.  Roy tells Tony that he told him, that last night, “I killed Liam.”  Tony tries to manipulate the situation, and tells Roy that Liam was killed at his stag night, and had he not had one, Liam wouldn’t have been there – thus alive still, and that’s what he meant by “I killed Liam.”  Tony says he’ll always blame himself for Liam’s death.  Roy leaves looking somewhat unconvinced, and possibly more conflicted.  What was he expecting Tony to say?

Roy tells Hayley about his little hospital visit, and Hayley says that Tony’s story makes sense.  Besides, he wasn’t the killer, because he wasn’t in the car.  Roy says that he had considered that, but what if the driver was doing Tony’s bidding?  Wow, move over Sherlock Holmes, there’s a new detective in town.  Roy reminds Hayley that Maria thought the same thing not too long ago, and what if she was right?  Roy also thinks it was strange how Tony wasn’t shocked at what Roy told him he’d said.  It’s like he had his story ready, the whole time.  Roy is very certain that Tony killed Liam.  Hayley tells him not to tell anyone else since no one’ll believe him.  Roy says he can’t help cover up a murder.

Gail ,David and Joe go into Roy’s and ask how the “local hero” is doing.  They reckon he saved Tony’s life.  Roy, once again, says he’d only done what anyone would do in the situation.  Gail says she can think of a few people who wouldn’t have bothered.  Me too.  Joe wants to take the boat out for a test run this weekend, but Gail’s hesistant and says she might be working.  Gail lets Joe know that she’s hesitant about water.  Oh, right, the whole my-crazy-husband-tried-to-drown-me-and-me-kids-in-a-canal thingy.  Joe realized that he’d never thought of that.

Later, Joe walks into the medical centre to see Gail, and she asks what he’s doing there.  Yeah, shouldn’t he be banned?  Joe tells her that the shop he’s been working part-time at has closed down, gone out of business.  Gail says that’s too bad, but it wasn’t the job he was supposed to do anyway.  Gail says that her wage will keep them until something turns up.

Tina comes by when all are outside the boat and is in shock that the boat is actually finished.  Joe tells them he’s going fishing for their tea!  Oh, really?  Gail tells him that David used to fish with Martin all the time, and suggests that they go together.  Both Joe and David are hesitant, but Tina says she’d go if she wasn’t working.  So, David signs up for the fishing trip after all.  Joe reluctantly lets him come.

Later, the boys come home, and Gail asks them if it’s fish for tea.  Joe says there is, and pulls out some take-away packages from the catch bag, and David adds that there’s some mushy peas too.  Haha.  After tea, Joe tells Gail he’s going to sell the boat since it doesn’t make sense him having it, while Gail is supporting him.  Well, that’s logical!  Gail says she’d rather him out on his boat catching fish, instead of inside brooding.  Oh, Gail, you’re too good to him.  Joe tells Gail that David was actually good company that afternoon – almost human.

Norris tells Emily that he’s possibly found a new assistant that could be “the one.”  His name’s Horace Steel – Norris and Horace, how gay.  Graeme offers to do the windows at No.2 when he sees Emily about to get up on the ladder, but Norris says he doesn’t trust Graeme, so no thanks.    Emily is more than happy to take Graeme’s assistance.

Knock, knock.  Who’s there?  Freda, that’s who, at Emily’s door step.  Freda tells her she’s been sacked and asks if she can stay with Emily for a few days.  Freda tells Emily about how she couldn’t put up with her old employer, but she got her revenge – and reveals a prosthetic leg.  Graeme walks in that second and is somewhat shocked and confused to see the leg and Freda holding it.  Graeme asks if she stole the leg, and Freda answers yes.  He then asks if they were wearing it at the time, to which she answers no.  Emily is shocked that Freda stole the woman’s leg.  Graeme tries to think of potential uses for the leg, but is coming up dry.  Freda says she’ll give the leg back, but Emily reminds her she could be arrested.  Graeme said the police won’t look twice at that.  Emily asks why, and Graeme answers “because she hasn’t got a leg to stand on.”  Haha, he so hilarious.

The Odd Couple: Mon Nov 2, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

novemner 2 2009

Written by Lucy Gannon, directed by Tim Dowd.

Roy is full of tension from what he’d heard from Tony the night before.  He’s also concerned if Tony has made it through the night or not, he’s not sure he has.  Hayley can sense that Roy’s tension, and tries to assure him that he’s done everything he could in that situation.  Roy tells her that it’s deathbed confessions that’s getting to him.  Roy tells Hayley that Tony confessed to him that he killed Liam Connor.  Hayley looks at him in shock and disbelief that he must have heard something wrong.  Roy understands that it’s confusing, but he’s sure that it’s definitely what Tony said to him.  Hayley thinks it’s just nonsense, becuase he was probably on morphine.  Roy is trying to believe her words, but doesn’t.

Roy insists that he must go to the hospital to meet Maria, let her know what happened in Tony’s final hours – if it has come to that.  Roy emerges from his taxi in front of the hospital to see Maria coming out of hers with her suitcase and baby Liam in tow, meeting up with Michelle.  Poor Maria!  Michelle takes the baby home, so Maria can stay with Tony.  Roy meets up with Maria, and Maria thanks him profusely for doing what he did to help save Tony’s life that night.  Maria gives Roy a hug and says she loves him.  Roy is truly divided now.  Roy tells Maria that now that everything’s okay with Tony, he’ll get back to the cafe.  Maria insists that he stay, because Tony wanted to see him.

Roy goes back in to see Tony, who’s in much better spirits.  So that means he’s probably on more morphine.  Tony tells Roy that he owes him more than he ever could pay him, and if it hadn’t have been for him, he’d be a gonner.  Maria says she was scared she could have lost Tony, just like she’d lost Liam.  Instant, Tony and Roy exchange knowing glances.  Well, Tony had a glance of menace, and Roy a glance of pure terror.  Poor Roy!  Tony assures Maria that he’s fine, and he’ll take really good care of himself in future.  Roy tries to leave, but Tony insists that he stay, and Roy does.  Tony reckons that he and Roy are like the odd-couple.  Odd’s not the word I’d use, but sure.  He then tries to pull the wool over Roy’s eyes, but telling him that when he was in a state like he was last night, he’s not sure what he’s living, dreaming, or if anything was real.  What’s real, what isn’t?  Tony then tells Roy that he’d like to make a donation to one of Roy’s charities, for his heroism.  Roy tells Tony to keep his money.  He only did what anyone would have done.  Maria and Tony force Roy into naming a charity that they can donate to.  Tony proposes a “gentleman’s agreement” and that they shake hands on it.  Roy hesitantly shakes Tony’s hand and walks out of that hospital room like a bat out of hell, leaving Tony looking worried.

Oh, looks like Jake stayed the night.  Hook, line, sinker.  Michelle tries to get rid of him before Ryan sees, but she’s not fast enough.  Michelle tries to make an excuse that Jake was there so he didn’t have to drive home and risk being over the limit.  Ryan tells her that she’s over the limit, well over.  Ryan can’t figure how his mum can call the police on a guy for harassment one day, then have the same guy in her bed the other night.  Me neither!  Ben tries to get him to back-off, but Ryan’s well angry over it.

Fiz lets the factory girls know about Tony being in hospital for a heart attack.  Fiz tells them how she’s trying to get a hold of Maria to tell her.  Sally quickly assumes her authoritative role as PA, now that Tony’s not there.  Sally really does have the stuff for middle-management.  Fiz tells the girls that Roy says it wasn’t looking good.  They’re wondering what Roy has to do with it.

The factory girls are all sitting on the edges of their seats waiting for news on Tony’s prognosis.  Sally continues to call the hospital, but they won’t tell her anything.  Janice suggests trying to mortuary instead to cancel out on possible scenario.  Julie chastises her for being insensitive.  Roy stops into the factory to ask Fiz whether or not she’s managed to call Maria.  Fiz tells her that Maria’s going straight to the hospital.

Sally is driving Julie crazy, bossing her around and having her run all sorts of errant errands.  Jesse sees her and they talk about their next children’s show.  I suppose their still working together behind Eileen’s back!  Eileen peeks from behind the curtains and sees them chatting and does NOT, I repeat, does NOT look happy!  When Julie’s gone, Eileen comes out and asks Jesse what Julie wanted.  Jesse said she was just saying hello.  Eileen remarks that it was a long hello.  Jesse said he’s seen the sequel to that – the long goodbye.  Haha.

Julie and Jesse meet up for their children’s party, and Julie comes running into Jesse’s van, hiding below the seat, since Jason and Tina were rounding the corner.  They better watch out that Aunty Pam doesn’t see them together!  Later, they return back to the street after having a good day at work.  Jesse tells Julie that they make a great team, she agrees.  Julie asks him to get out when she gets changed.

Jake goes by Dev’s shop to give him the bill for his builder services.  Dev tells Jake that he’s not paying this bill, because they had an agreed-upon price.  Jake blames the extra labour hours on the fact that Dev’s tenant had the police called on him.  Dev tells Jake that there’s no way that he’s paying for his stupidity.  The nerve of that Jake!  Charging Dev for the time he spent in prison?  He got himself there!  Dev rips Jake’s bill in half, and tells him to divide his final charge by two.  Jake tells Dev that the bottom line is what he owes him, and to call him in a few hours when he’s got some cash, and threatens him not to leave it too long.

Bill walks up to Dev’s and starts to laugh, then walks in and asks Dev if he’s got problems with his roof.  Dev reminds him that it’s Michelle’s roof, and that it’s all be taken care of.  Bill tells Dev that he’s going to be in trouble tonight if it rains.  Dev asks why that is.  Bill tells him becuase of his tiles, his lack of tiles.  Bill tells him he’s got half his roof missing, did he not know?  He runs outside, and sure enough, half of his roof is missing.  Dev keels over in pain from the sight of it moaning like a sick cat.  Bill says that’s what happens when you hire a cowboy.  Dev wonders how Jake could do this to him.  Bill walks away laughing.  Someone’s gotten his commupance.

Michelle goes into the pub to tell Liz she’s can’t work her shift, since she’s got baby Liam, then hears Dev ask if Smily Jake has been in there.  Dev tells Michelle about the fact that Jake, the slimy charmer, knicked half his roof tiles, so he’ll probably never come back to Weatherfield.  Michelle doesn’t look happy at hearing this information.  Later at home, she gets a rap on her window, and it’s Jake, to Michelle’s delight.  Michelle laughs with Jake over him taking Dev’s roofing tiles.  Jake tells her he’s doing a job in Glasgow, and asks Michelle to come with him.  Michelle thinks he’s nuts if she thinks she’ll just leave her life, and tells him no, and to go, but not without a kiss goodbye.  Jake tells her that he’ll be back.

Leanne’s still stewing over getting turned down for loan after loan for the wine bar.  Peter reckons that it’s the wrong time to be asking for credit, especially to open a bar.  Does he ever stop and think to ponder WHY that is?  Peter thinks he’s got an investor from the turf business and thinks he’s almost a sure-thing to give them a loan.  Oh, that doesn’t sound shady at all.

Well, Peter comes back from that meeting to let Leanne know that there’s not enough equity in the bookies to even fund a hot-dog van, nevermind a bar.  Oh, how long is this back and forth going to go on?  Are they opening this bar, or what?  Does anyone else think Leanne is too thin?  I’m always noticing that her clothes fit her oddly, and then I realize it’s because she’s so frail.

Leanne goes over to No.1 with Simon to get his Nemo DVD and Ken tells her that he just can’t see how the two of them opening a bar is a good idea.  Neither can the lenders-be!  Leanne tells Ken that she trusts Peter, unlike him.

Meanwhile, a mysterious older gentleman is on the street asking for directions to the bookies.  What could he possibly want?  Our mystery man spies Peter and Leanne playing with Simon and his ball in the middle of the street and walks over.  He comes over and asks Peter if he’s “Peter Barlow.”  Peter confirms he is, then the mystery man starts talking to Simon, making Peter get defensive.  The mystery man tells Simon that he’s his granddad.  W-o-w.

Peter questions the “granddad” later, and asks how he can be sure that he’s Lucy’s father.  Granddad has all of his proper documentation to state that he’s Lucy’s father, therefore, Simon’s granddad.  Granddad admits he was a lousy father and abandoned her when she needed him, but his life is sorted now, so he’d like to put something back into his life.  Granddad says he’ll be in the pub on the corner, if he’d join him.

Later, Peter comes upstairs and explains to Simon that that man was his granddad.  But not a proper granddad, like Granddad Ken, who takes him to the park, to school and cares about him and so on.  Simon is still curious about the new granddad, but Peter says that he only has one granddad – end of.   Leanne tells Peter that he ought to talk to Lucy’s father.

Peter decides to take Leanne’s suggestion, and goes down to the Rovers to meet with un-proper Granddad.  Granddad figures he’s doing it all wrong, because he’s so desperate to do it right.  Peter decides to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, and they start over.  Peter warns Granddad George that he doesn’t want Simon thinking he’s got a new granddad if George’s going to do another disappearing act.  George says that leaving Lucy haunted him for years.  Peter tells George he’s going to talk to his family, and IF he feels that George can see Simon again, then he’ll need to have him ready for him.  George gives Peter his card, and says that if the wife answers, to leave a message, since his wife knows all about Simon.

Joe’s still hard at work on the boat, and Gail’s still grinning like a school-girl watching him work.  At least she’s happy, it’s quite nice.  Haha, how adorable – Gail has come out dressed in dungarees with a sander to help Joe out.  The couple that plays together – stays together.  So they say.

David arrives with his new girlfriend Zoe and sees Gail in her getup, and can’t help but put in a jab.  David introduces Gail to Zoe, and vice-versa.  Zoe follows Gail in for a cuppa, and Joe points out that she’s a nice girl to David, and asks if she ever stops talking.  David says he’ll help Joe with the side of the boat.  Joe gives him a rag and a look of surprise.

Gail and Joe finally get finished painting and fixing up the boat.  It does look nice!  Joe tells Gail he couldn’t have done it without her, and to go and have a long soak, and he’ll tell her when tea’s ready.