Truths: Mon Dec 21, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Debbie Oates, directed by Tony Prescott

Molly gets angry that Kevin isn’t back yet come Monday morning.   Sally and Kevin return from Paris just in time for Sophie’s baptism.  Rosie ditches Sophie’s baptism for her new skanky job.  Sophie’s day doesn’t get any better when she finds out about Ben making a pass at Michelle and then subsequently dumps him.  Molly finally confronts Kevin about the Paris trip, but he has no time for her.  Molly is down in the dumps, but Auntie Pam reminds her that she’s got it all.

Sophie’s baptism takes place, and after a moving speech about her family and particularly her father’s love for her, it’s official – she’s a Christian.  Molly takes her chance at the baptism party to ream Kevin out about getting closer to Sally and further from her.  Things get even worse when Sally shows everyone the photos of her and Kevin’s trip to Paris (not Blackpool as he told Molly) when searching for the baptism photos on her digi-cam.

Tina figures that Jason loves Bills new truck more than her, and she’s also frustrated that the flat’s not finished sooner.  The issue of the possibility that Sarah might come to Gail’s wedding comes up, and Tina’s not happy to hear about it.  She’s especially not happy to hear that Sarah and he are not divorced.  But, David’s happy to see them fighting in the streets.   Tina decides to go into town after finding that Jason has done the same.

David’s girlfriend isn’t happy that he’s been rude to her all day, ever since finding out about Tina and Jason’s fight presumably.  Zoe’s very jealous about David’s attraction to Tina still.  Tina tells David to get lost, but David tries to stop her from drink-driving.

Nick Tilsley calls Audrey and tells her that he’s staying in a hotel in Manchester, and will see her tomorrow.  Of course, who should sidle up next to him at the bar but Tina McIntyre.  They get to talking after Nick pays for a drink Tina can’t afford.  When walking her out of the club, Nick snogs Tina on the street.  Tina regrets it and walks away denying Nick’s request for her number.  Don’t worry Nick, I have a feeling you’ll be seeing each other very soon.

Dierdre’s upset that there’ll only be three of them for the Barlow Christmas this year, and tries to donate their turkey.  Ken and Deirdre try to attempt another offer to Peter for the Barlow Christmas, but Peter says Simon is looking forward to George and Eve’s.  Peter will only conceed if Ken gets off his case once and for all.  Peter makes a deal that if the Barlows want to spend Christmas together, then it’s the whole family – including George and Eva and Janice, which Deirdre gratefully accepts but Ken’s still not satisfied.

Claire’s not happy that Ashley’s pulled out of the panto last minute due to work.  Claire’s looking for a new Prince Charming now that Ashley’s out.  Becky manages to strongarm Steve into playing Prince Charming.  Steve’s having a rough time getting into character, but he’ll pull it out in the end.  Becky gets more than a little jealous when Steve kisses Claire as Prince Charming however.  Is she regretting making him play the part now?


–          David’s new girlfriend being surprised that Audrey was Mayoress once, figuring that she thought they’d be more picky.  The girl tries to backtrack basically calling Audrey “common”, and Audrey mentions that at least she’s pretty.  Haha.  Does anyone else see similiarities between Zoe and Sarah Platt?

–          Claire and Becky not understanding what “scab” means.

–          John imitating Steve’s gurn!!!  Classic.

–          Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm does the new Nick Tilsley not make Corrie just a bit more beautiful ‘round time time of year?

–          Emily giving Sophie a moving speech at her baptism.  I just love Emily Bishop, and does she not look stylish tonight?

–          Claire: “Sean, where have you been?” Sean: “Ah, where haven’t I been?”  Haha.

–          Nick Tilsley telling Tina that he’s in Manchester for family stuff, his mum’s getting married to this bloke that’s a waste of space.  Haha, the irony.

–          Becky telling Steve that if he kisses Claire like that again, the turkey won’t be the only thing getting stuffed that Christmas.


–          Tina getting mad at David and telling him to get lost and drop dead.  He was only trying to stop her from drink-driving.  Other than her cute outfit, Tina really annoyed me this episode.

–          Ken still not satisfied that his Christmas will also include George and Eve, then Janice to boot.  It’s his way or the highway.

–          Claire getting mad at Ashley for ditching the panto in order for him to make a living, so that she can go on and do stupid things with her time like pantos.

–          Of course, Kevin.  Fraud of a family man, cad of a boyfriend, scumbag of a friend.

Dreeting: Fri Dec 18, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Jonathan Harvey, directed by Stuart Davids

Open to Carla sat in the half-dark with her makeup mirror.  Does it make sense to anyone else that she puts her makeup on in the shade?  Maybe that explains why she’s got so much on.

Hayley is in a mood, the slamming doors kind.  She doesn’t know if she can work for Carla anymore.  Hayley is still upset about Carla’s actions and how it implicated innocent Maria and Roy.  Hayley says it’s rather trying to work for someone you’ve lost all respect for.  Oh, I’ve been doing that for ages, it’s not as trying as it sounds.

Carla returns to work and is received by stunned silence.  Hayley is at work after all, but gives Carla the silent treatment.

Michelle’s on a rampage to the police over the phone about how they told her that Carla isn’t guilty of any crime.  Ryan is angry and figures that that can’t be right and kicks the sofa.  Michelle tells Ben that she wants to go ‘round there and smash Carla’s face in.  Ben offers that Carla might have had her reasons, but Michelle says they better be good ones, because otherwise she’s let Tony get away with murder.  Not really, he’s actually in jail right now serving a term for murder.  How soon we forget.

Michelle is sat on the sofa sobbing when Ben comes home.  He asks her if she’s alright, and she mops up the tears and says she’s fine.  Michelle tells him that she just had to tell Maria that Carla knew all along, and she felt like such a bitch.  She tells him how upset Maria was, as Ben tries to comfort her.  Ben rubs her back and tells her she’s amazing.  Michelle tells him he’s so sweet, and Ben leans in and gives her a kiss to which Michelle retracts from in shock.  Ben is also shocked and embarrassed and leaves like a bat out of hell.

Ben freaks out and tells Ryan that he’s going back to his mum’s place, he wants to be alone.  Michelle asks if that’s what he really wants, and Ben says it’s for the best.  Ryan asks Michelle what’s going on.  Michelle told Ryan and Ryan asks Ben what he did that for.  Ben says he knows it’s out of order, and he’s sorry.  Ryan says it’s his mum, and that’s way of the scale.  Ben tells him to beat him, so he can feel better, but Ryan says he’s not like that.  Ryan sees Carla walking by and says that he’ll hit her though.  He tells Carla that he wants a word with her, and asks how she could do that to them.  Ryan tells her that he’ll never, ever forgive her for that.  Carla says that one day he will, and he’ll understand what it’s like to be scared.  Ben gets on the bus and Sophie wants to know where he’s going, but he says he’ll tell her later leaving a stunned Sophie at the bus stop.

Carla shows up at the cafe when they’re closing up to talk to Hayley.  Hayley accuses her of harboring a criminal.  Hayley says she can’t make Carla feel better – it’s not her responsibility.  Hayley says she can’t hear what Carla has to say since it’s all just words.  Carla says when she found out, it turned her world upside down.  Roy is being very understanding, but Hayley is still firm.  Carla said she thought that Tony would try to kill her as well, so she had to get away.  She says that as soon as she found out that Tony was shacked up with Maria, she got on the first plane back here.  She then tells Hayley that Tony and Jimmy tried to kill her.  Both the Croppers are shocked at this revelation.  Roy figures that he might have done something similar by not going to the police after Tony confessed to him.  Roy says that Tony Gordon has caused so much pain, and begs Hayley not to continue letting him mess up their lives.

Hayley calls a meeting – or dreeting (drinks and meeting) – with the factory girls at the Rovers.  Hayley says that they have been unfair to Carla with the whole judgement over Liam’s death thing.  Hayley tells them all about how she’s prepared to give her a second chance.  Michelle overhears this dreeting and tells Hayley that she can’t seriously be falling for Carla’s sob story.  Everyone believes that Carla was in on it.  Julie reckons that if they keep giving her the cold shoulder she’ll sack the lot of them.  Oh Hayley, why bother?

Carla’s at work, drinking alone when the factory girls come in.  Janice says she told them that Carla was there.  They tell Carla that they’d been talking and they won’t be giving her the silent treatment, they’re going to give her the benefit of the doubt.  This finally puts a smile on Carla’s face.

Sally is at home pouting as Rosie drones on about one of the best nights of her life.  Rosie says there was a guy she met, some older guy named Alfie and he reckoned that she could be a promotions girl.  Rosie says she’s having a trial tonight to go to all the best bars in town to promote a new brand of vodka.  Rosie’s excited to go to some exclusive clubs so she can see footballers, people off the tele, glamour models and ex Big Brother contestants.  The creme de la creme, I see.  Sophie asks her what she’s going to be wearing.

Kev asks Sally if she’s called the travel agents yet to cancel Paris.  Sally ignores him and says she’s putting her face on.  My goodness, he’s miserable.  Sophie and Rosie tell Kevin that he’s really upset Sally, but he tells them to shaddup.  Sophie calls him a killjoy, so Kevin likens himself to God, since he doesn’t like people enjoying themselves either.  Sophie yells at him to grow up.  Yeah, it’s about time he did.  Sally tells Kevin that they’ll lose a deposit if they cancel now.  Kevin figures that he doesn’t want to lose that money, so they’re going on the holiday after all.  Smiles all around, as Sally calls him the love of her life.

Molly and Kevin share lingering glances at each other from across the road.  Molly goes over to see him as Kev is clearly sweating over what Molly’s reaction is going to be once she finds out that he’s gone on a romantic weekend in Paris with his wife.  Molly tells him she’s got the afternoon off, and there’s a motel bed with their name on it.  Kevin can’t get the nerve to tell her about Paris.

Kevin and Sally keep Paris a secret, because Sally has a pull a sickie on the Monday just to go and Kevin doesn’t want Molly knowing.  Well, he tells Sally that he doens’t want Tyrone knowing incase he thinks that Kev’s got money to burn.  Sally tells him it’ll be their little secret – like they’re having an affair!

Molly and Kevin are canoodling in their motel bed and Molly asks what Kevin is doing that weekend preparing to hear something mundane.  Kev says he’s going Christmas shopping with Sally for the girls.  Molly furiously reapplies her makeup in a mood telling Kev that she’s turning into a cliche and everything she’s despised – the other woman.  Kevin insists that he and Sally are a marriage of convenience.  Molly tells Kevi n that she’s ordered him a Xmas present eventhough she knows they weren’t supposed to do a gift swap.  Kevin says they should do wife swap and asks how Tyrone would cope with Sally.  Molly wants to meet him later, but he’s going to be on a flight, so that’ll be tight.

Tyrone’s chuffed when Kev tells him that he’s closing the shop for the weekend.  Tyrone figures he can spend more time with Molly and that should cheer her out of her mood.  Tyrone gets the biggest Xmas tree for their home since he never had one when he was a kid.  Tyrone says he loves that he feels at home with her, and there’s no surprises, like there was with his mum.  Que guilt.  Tyrone tells Molly that Christmas is really about kids and maybe they’ll have one next Christmas, or the one after.  Tyrone gets excited thinking about future children, but Molly looks terrified.  Molly says she needs to pop out for half an hour, pretending it’s for a Christmas surprise for Tyrone.

Molly goes to the garage to give Kev his pressie, but Kev texts her that he can’t get away.  From across the road, she sees Kev and Sally pile into a cab with suitcases.  She quickly puts two and two together and realizes that they’re going on holiday together.  She’s stood there with Kev’s gift sobbing.

As Sally and Kev are preparing to leave for Paris, Rosie comes down dressed in some kind of cheerleading outfit that says ‘pop my cherry’ on the back.  Kevin sees this and says he’s got to be joking.  Sally says she’s promoting Cherry Vodka.  Sally says live and let live and that Rosie’s figure is amazing.  Kevin says she’s going out in that over his dead body, to which she tells him that he’d better drop dead then, cause she’s going.

Gail’s got her place all done up for the holidays, and all cleaned up for prospective buyers.  She starts a breadmaker, and tells Audrey that when people smell fresh bread they will want to buy.  When I sold my last home someone once told me to stripe a layer of paint on the wall, since new buyers like the smell of fresh paint.  Should have baked the bread!  Audrey asks Gail for fashion advice for what she’s to wear at the Weatherfield Christmas Council.  Gail for fashion advice, really?  Well, I can’t think of much better parties to ask actually.

Gail is showing a prospective buyer around her home, and offers a slice or bread or fresh coffee.  She then cuddles Joe and tells the prospective buyer about how much Joe loves reading.  The prospective buyer rolls her eyes and hopes that Joe doesn’t come WITH the house I’m sure.  The prospective buyer says she likes the house, but it’s way overpriced.  Gail is asking for 120, but the prospective buyer offers 105.  Gail firmly tells her that she won’t be lowering the price, then the buyer tells her that her house ain’t all that.

Norris and Freda are posing with their one thousand pound cheque they received from winning that competition for the camera.  Freda reckons she could never be a model.  Norris agrees, but then tells her it’s not cause he hasn’t been asked before.  Puh-lease .

Norris sees Audrey and asks her if he’s not going to be overdressed in a tux, but Audrey reminds him that the invite said Black Tie.  Norris asks about what she’ll be wearing, but she also reminds him that she’s been to more of these do’s that he’s had hot dinners so she’s sure she’ll be suitably attired.  Well, la dee dah.

Audrey is dressed to the nines at the Rovers waiting for Norris.  She chokes down a glass of scotch and Steve asks if she’s looking for some dutch courage.  Audrey says she’s got a date with Norris, so yes.   Norris arrives in a white tux looking quite dapper.  Norris asks if he should kiss her on the wrist, but Audrey answers “not at all.”  Gail tells Audrey about the ridiculously low offer they received.

Audrey sees Gail in the loo and tells her that something just doesn’t feel right about Joe.  Audrey tells Gail that she’d feel better if Joe was prepared to sign a pre-nup.  Gail laughs at this and asks Audrey who she thinks she is – Katherine Zeta Jones?  Gail tells Audrey she’s fed up with feeling lonely, and Audrey of all people should understand.

Claire comes to their table and tries to recruit stage hands and help for the panto, but gets none from Audrey, Joe or Gail.  Norris says their taxi will be there soon, and Audrey just wants to get it over and done with.  Someone’s a scrooge.  Audrey figures that tonight will be one whopping disaster.

Audrey is picking over Norris’s behaviour, but Norris leaves her for “schmoozing time.”   Audrey meets up with a rival hairstylist and asks how business is doing and how she must meet Lewis, her date.  Audrey is charmed, clearly, by Lewis.  Lewis has turned Audrey’s frown upside down.  Audrey tells her friend that she’s there with a business acquaintance, Norris.  Oh, so that’s what Norris is to her, eh?  Her friend tells her that her Lewis and will take care of her since they’re at the same table.  Lewis takes both ladies in both arms and stides ahead.

At the table, Lewis asks if she’s happy she’s there, since she seems tense.  She tells him she is and how she was hoping to bump into an old acquaintance.  Audrey tells them about Will, but her friend tells her that Will got remarried last March and has been relocated to Abu Dhabi.  Lewis tells her that she’s a striking woman and will have men lining up around the block.  Audrey tells him he’s making her blush.  Audrey asks where he and Claudia met, but Lewis says it’s all about her.

Back on the street, Gail arrives home and gets a message on her phone.  It’s from the registry office and there’s been a cancellation for January 8, 2010.  Joe figures maybe they should wait a bit, in light of what her mum said, since he doesn’t want to railroad her into it.  Gail says that that’d just prove Audrey is right, and she’s not.  Gail tries to convince Joe that a wedding on a shoestring is the best way, and they should accept the date.  Joe tells her that she’s twisted his arm.

At the party, Audrey tells Claudia that Lewis is devine.  She asks again where they met and Claudia says she’s not her boyfriend, he’s her escort.  Audrey is shocked, but Claudia says there’s no sex or anything, but he’s good for bringing out at do’s like this, then gives Audrey Lewis’s card.  Claudia tells her to give Lewis a call.

Audrey arrives home early and tells Gail that the evening was prime, but she left Norris there.  Gail tells her that they’ve set a date for the wedding.  Gail says she’s going to place her faith in Joe, and not get him to sign a prenup.  Audrey walks along the street to cross paths with a rollerskating tarted up Rosie and rolls her eyes ceremoniously.  She then pulls out a card, and calls Nick, her grandson.  Oh boy.

Foliage: Thu Dec 17, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Burt, directed by Stuart Davids

Kevin makes out a birthday card for Tyrone and splashes out for some quality booze.  Sally’s shocked that he’s gotten a card, plus that he’s spent so much since they’re supposed to be tightening their belts.  Kevin also fixes Tyrone his cuppa later.  Guilt much, Kev?  Tyrone’s not excited over Molly’s birthday gift to him, Jim-jams, saying he doesn’t even wear ‘em.  *shudder*  Poor Tyrone finds out that Molly’s doing the evening shift on his birthday and can’t take him out for dinner.  Kevin looks upset for his buddy, all of a sudden!

Kevin comes home to Sally giving him a shoulder massage and a surprise – a trip to Paris for the weekend.  I’m as shocked as he is.  Kevin gets uptight but Sally tells him they deserve it, just this once, she wants to show caution to the wind.  Kevin tells her that the answer is No, end of.  Poor Sally.

Michelle’s still stewing over the Carla-Tony-Liam issue.  She runs into Kev and tells him that she’s in a mood since they caught the guy who ran Liam down.  She tells him that the guy’s name was Jimmy Dockerson and Kevin says that’s the same guy who tried to shut his business down.  Kev says that Tony had Jimmy come ‘round to put the squeeze on him and it was long before Liam died.  Kev says Michelle should ask Carla about Jimmy since he thinks she must know him.

Sally asks for a minute with Carla, since she has to leave early.  Carla snaps at her to ask Hayley.  Hayley tells Sally it’s no problem, she can just make up the hours.  Hayley tells Carla that they’ve arrested the man that drove the car that killed Liam.  Carla feigns shock.

Michelle storms in on a meeting at Underworld and tells Carla that they need to have a little chat – about Jimmy Dockerson.  Michelle tells Carla that Kev knows Jimmy Dockerson.  Carla lies and tells Michelle that she didn’t know that Jimmy had been arrested, but she did go and see Jimmy since what he was doing affected the factory. Carla brushes Michelle off saying that she has a meeting, and they can talk later.

Michelle haunts Carla down and says she never really saw how ‘business’ Carla was until today.  Michelle grills into Carla, but Carla puts her coat on and shoves Michelle on her way out the door.  Michelle accuses Carla of being involved and running away again.  Carla tells Michelle that whatever she thinks she loved Liam with all of her heart.  Michelle tells Carla that Liam died because of her, and one way or another, she’s to blame.  Carla tells her through tears that being scared is not a crime.  Carla tells Michelle she didn’t have a choice.  Michelle looks stunned, along with the factory girls sat frozen and gaping mouthed at their machines.  Michelle runs after her, grabs Carla’s hair and calls her a bitch!  Wow, Michelle sure gets in her share of fights.  Michelle accuses her of protection Tony, but Carla says it wasn’t her fault.  The factory girls have to pull Michelle off Carla.  Carla admits to a restrained Michelle that Carla told her and she panicked, not knowing she she was going to do.  She said that nothing made sense and she had to run away to grieve.  Michelle says it was a shame about Maria, but Carla says she came home as soon as she found out.  Michelle gets her good and says that the first face her nephew saw was his father’s murderer.  Oh, he’ll hardly remember!  But, the symbolism is there, and it cuts deep.  Everyone walks away and leaves Carla alone, especially Hayley.  Carla asks Hayley for her support and friendship, but Hayley tells her that in that case, she should go visit her husband.  Ouch!  Carla is left alone, sobbing in the street.

Sally tells the other factory girls on the floor that Jimmy Dockerson rings a bell.  Sean figures there’s something very wrong, yet very exciting about the whole situation.

Norris asks Audrey for a haircut for the Weatherfield Council dinner.  Only, Norris is forgetting about his new window washing route.  Graeme gives Norris lessons on how to climb a ladder for his route.

Audrey tells Deirdre that she’s got her eye on a prospect that she’ll be seeing at the Weatherfield Council Christmas party.  His name’s Wilf, recently widowed (the best kind), and he’s got his own wholesale business.

Dev’s got a hand ful of expensive flowers (clearly not from his shop) and is on his way to see Sunita again.  Steve thinks he should dress down, because Sunita needs to see a pathetic man, not Mr. Lover man, and to lose the foliage.

Dev takes the advice and shows up casual and plume-free.  Sunita tells Dev that this isn’t a social call, and he acted disgusting the night before.  Sunita tells Dev she’s tired of giving him second chances and she feels ashamed that he’s her children’s father.  Dev tells Sunita that he just wants to get it right for once.  Dev realizes that this is his last chance.  Sunita tells him that they do his parenting her way, or no way at all and if he steps out of line, even once, that’s it.  He thanks her and she tells him not to make her regret it.

Code of Silence: Mon Dec 14, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Damon Rochefort, directed by Stuart Davids

The gas man rings and Carla freaks out and drops her glass at the sound of the buzzer.  Someone’s clearly still on edge since her attack.

Blanche is off on holiday to Portugal with someone from the 1 O’Clock Club.  Norris shows Deirdre an article in the Gazette: Bar Wars!  Father and Son draw battle lines!  There is a picture of Ken and a very outdated picture of Peter (with a Caveman t-shirt on?) on the front page.  Oh, this is when the sh*t hits the fan.  Front page news, plus pages four and five.  Norris says they’ve gone for the dysfunctional family angle, so they’re not short on material.  Deirdre is clearly upset about having her family’s dirty laundry splattered all over the front page.

Deirdre goes to chew Ken out over the article.  Ken just says he’s trying to protect Peter since he’s an alcoholic but Deirdre tells him she might be n’ all by the end of the week.  Ken figures it’ll blow over, but Deirdre needs a cigarette.

Deirdre’s over at Peters, and they talk about how the article has back-fired on Ken making Peter out to be a courageous single father battling against the booze.  Peter wonders where on earth Ken found that photo of him for the article.  Deirdre says she misses Simon, and he tells her she can come and see him any time she likes.

Deirdre is still upset about the article, and it’s not because of the stuff that’s in there – since people around there know their business – it’s the gall that Ken had to get that article written.  Deirdre thinks that Ken just needs another battle to take the moral highground to sneer down at them all.

Deirdre returns back with Eileen and Ken says he’s going to take the dog for a walk.  Deirdre accuses him of running out.  Eileen tells them to both sit down, and tells them that it’ll blow over and that they’re lucky to have each other, and her mother living there, Peter, Simon.  She says she has nowt to look forward to this Christmas, except a boyfriend that dresses like a cowboy, a parrott that hates her and time-and-a-half in the cab office.  Eileen wishes she had a lovely marriage like theirs.  Eileen ends up leaving their place in tears.  The second she leaves, Ken and Deirdre caress each other and Eileen takes down the tissues and proclaims “damn, I’m good!”

Ken and Deirdre goes to Peter and tell him that whatever happens between them he doesn’t want it to affect what happens to Simon.  Peter’s not forgiving, and Deirdre tells Ken to try harder.

Graeme’s back on the street in a cast from the hospital.  Graeme complains to Norris that he’s lost his employment because of Norris.  Norris figures that Graeme broke the window to begin with.  Graeme loses it and yells at Norris saying he never broke his flaming window.  Norris is such a callous bastard.

Emily comes in and asks Norris to cancel her subscription to the Gazette, since if she wanted to read gossip, she’d get a tabloid.  Kirk comes in to say that it wasn’t Graeme that had cracked their window, but some “lads he didn’t know.”  Clearly, it was him and Ches.  Emily points out that it wasn’t Graeme, after all then.

Norris makes his way ‘round to Ashley’s to apologize to Graeme, but that doesn’t save Graeme’s job at the butcher’s.  Norris asks Graeme what he wants and Graeme tells him to surprise him.  Norris later complains about “young people” to Tina, but Tina reminds her that it’s not young people that are the problem.  Tina tells Norris that Graeme is one of the kindest, soundest guys she’s ever met and now he has no money.  Tina figures that Norris should offer to do his window cleaning round.  Tina also points out that this way Norris could put a nose into folk’s bedroom windows.  Now our little voyeur is intrigued.

Norris goes over to No.13 to tell Graeme that he’s going to take over his window cleaning route as compensation for his actions.  Norris says he accepts that he was wrong and wants to make reparations.  Graeme begins to wonder just how many pain-killers he’s taken.  Graeme easily accepts and tells Norris that he knows about the code of silence in this business.  He tells Norris to be quit about what he sees in people’s bedrooms through their windows.

Carla tries to put on a better face at work and tells everyone that since they’ve met a deadline, the custard cakes are on her.  Hoo-rah.  Carla tells everyone to be on their best behaviour when a new customer comes in.  Carla later apologizes to Hayley for what Tony did and for being rude.  Hayley tells Carla they’ve had their fair share of knocks, and they always bounce back.  Well, she is a man in a dress.

The customer comes by, and seems pleased with the work, but almost more pleased with Carla it would seem.    Carla tries to seal the deal with the client when the police detective shows up.  Nothing throws cold water on a sale like the police showing up.  The detective asks her to pop to the station, in his car.  Carla puts on a brave face, as though she goes down there every day, and tells the client that Hayley can help him with anything else he needs.  Well, that’s awkward.

At the station, the police question Carla about her marriage and why she left to Los Angeles.  They ask her again whether or not she knew about Tony’s involvement in Liam’s murder.  She ones again, lies that she didn’t.  Carla is sat waiting for some time, and has completely chewed apart a styro-foam cup.  She clearly wants to leave, but stops herself from doing so.

The police detective finally comes back in, and asks her whether or not she had contact with her husband, before she came back.  Carla says there may have been some contact, but she doesn’t know.  They’ve taken Jimmy Dockerson into custody, and tell her that Jimmy knows a lot about Carla.  Carla tells the detective that it’s not that simple.  Carla admits that Tony told her that Jimmy killed Liam.  The police detective tells her that she’s basically admitting to concealing a crime but Carla protests that she couldn’t be sure any crime had been committed.  The detective asks her if there’s anything else she’d like to tell them.  Carla says she was a coward and ran away.  The detective lets her go – for the time being.

The factory girls are nosy about what on earth Carla was doing for a whole afternoon in the cop shop.  Michelle overhears them talking about Carla and asks them what she was doing at the station.  Michelle leaves work to see how Carla’s doing.  She goes over to Carla’s for a chat about her police station visit.  Carla tells her the station visit was about details again.  Carla tries to change the subject to Michelle’s life.

Later, Michelle and Ryan get some doners and Michelle gets a call from Maria saying that they found the guy who hit Liam with the car.  She’s wondering why Carla didn’t mention that.

Hayley arrives home, and gets a knock on the door to see Michelle stood there asking for a quick word.  Michelle’s digging and asks Hayley if she thinks it’s a coincidence that they picked up Carla the same day they picked up this Jimmy guy.  Michelle is starting to wonder whether Carla knew a lot more about the murder than she let on.  Hayley doesn’t think that Carla knew because she doesn’t think that Carla would leave everyone else in danger like that, she just wouldn’t.  Michelle wonders if she wouldn’t.  Hayley doesn’t look too sure all of a sudden.

Oh, lord not Dev on a tangent about Matt again.  Steve reminds Dev he’s had enough birds, even a mother-daughter combo.  Dev wants to go for full custody, but Steve reminds him that Sunita’s done nothing wrong and he won’t get them.

Bernie meets Dev in a fancy restaurant, and he’s glad she came after the way he treated her the other day.  Dev asks Bernie to move in with him.  He’s trying to be in a committed relationship so he can have a chance for full custody of his children.  Poor Bernie for having to cross pathes with this sleazy jerk.  Bernie can easily see right through Dev’s guise and tells Dev that he’s weird and self-serving then leaves, but not before telling him to get professional help.

Dev later drowns his sorrows at the Rovers, and says he doesn’t understand women.  Steve says he could put that on a shirt.  Yeah, then the two of them could get 365 each, one for every day of the year.  Dev realizes all he does is push women away: Sunita, Tara, Amber, Uncle Umed…

Tyrone wants to get Molly something special for Christmas, and Kevin tells him that he overheard her talking about a perfume she wanted in the shop.  Oh, yeah, you’re really helping the guy out Kevin, thanks.

In the Rovers later, Sally, Kevin, Molly and Tyrone talk about Christmas gifts.  Sally is nostalgic again about the funny gifts that her and Kev have gotten each other over the years.

Hallelujah: Fri Dec 11, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Martin Allen (7:30) and Jayne Hollinson (8:30), directed by Pip Short

Deirdre thinks that Ken should apologize to Peter about what went down so they could have a good Christmas.  Blanche figures he still thinks he works for the paper, on his high horse.  Ken figures that’s a good idea, and he should write an article for the paper against the bar.  He thanks Blanche for once in her life saying something useful.

Peter tells Leanne that Blanche has got it in for Ken, but is wearing a diplomatic hat.  Blanche was snooping around for the Barlow family Christmas.  Peter says he didn’t give into Blanche though, but he agreed not to inflame things between now and Christmas.  Leanne says that’s round 1 finished then, because she’s not going to stop there.

Deirdre isn’t happy about Ken writing that article for the gazette.  Blanche tells Ken about the breakthrough, the truce about not arguing before the New Year.  Blanche says he didn’t promise about Christmas, but it’s a step in the right direction.  Ken figures that’s just an angle for Peter, so he can get closer to the planning deadline without any upset.  Peter has invited Deirdre and Blanche for Christmas Day, so Ken would be on his own.  Deirdre asks what is more important: the flaming Gazette article or her.  Ken hestitates before he shuts his laptop and Blanche exclaims, “Hallelujah.”

Peter goes into the Rovers and asks for a virgin bloody Mary.  Liz isn’t happy with him still for opening the bar since it’ll mean that she’ll be losing business.  Rosie comes into the Rovers in the most lowcut shirt I’ve ever seen anyone wear (including her) during the day time.  She asks Peter if he’ll be needing any staff for his new bar.  He says most definitely, and Rosie says she’s always available.  Liz pipes up that they’re always looking for bar help if Rosie’s looking, but Rosie turns her nose up at Liz saying she’s looking for something a little more up-market.  Oh, what a snot.

Ken sees Peter and Bill working out some plans and accuses Peter of having Ken back-peddle while he charges ahead.  Ken can be so hard-headed.  Deirdre tells Ken he’s over-reacting, but Ken says he can’t take this lying down and wants to write the letter.  Deirdre warns him he can’t break his promise to her.

Ken is really digging deep and talks to a reporter friend of his that works at the Gazette to try to write the article instead to get the bar halted.  The reporter starts asking questions about Peter’s fire and how Simon had to be rescued since Peter fell asleep drunk.  Oh, this is going to end terribly.

Peter arrives at home to find a reporter stood there asking him to comment about the bar he’s about to open.  The reporter says he believes this has split the family apart, and asks if he’s an alcoholic.  Oh, poor Peter.  Peter goes straight over to Ken’s and asks why he’s been accosted by a journalist.  Deirdre gets angry with Ken after he promised.  Ken is just dispicable this episode.  Peter tells Ken that this is out and out war, and he better dig himself a big trench.

Graeme continues to tease Norris about stealing or not stealing a ladder from Weatherfield Council.  Graeme is washing windows on his ladder, and Norris sees some police officers walking by and tells them he’d like to report a theft: Graeme’s supposedly stolen ladder.  The police ask Graeme why his ladder says Weatherfield Council on the side.  Graeme explains that he bought it when they had a clear out.  Sure enough, Graeme produces a receipt to prove he’s paid for the ladder.  The police say that’s all the need to see, and tell Norris that there are punishments for falsly accusing someone of a crime.  Oh, Graeme is quite the bee in Norris’ bonnet.

Graeme tells Emily that Norris tried to get him arrested, by telling the police he stole his ladder.  Emily says she’ll have a word with him later, but Graeme tells her it’s no bother.  Oh, bitch please, you totally wanted Emily to bother.  Emily gives Graeme even more compensation for his troubles with Norris.

Norris later “inspects” Graeme’s work on Emily’s upstairs window, and shatters it with Emily below.  He blames the window for shattering on Graeme’s work.  Graeme thinks Norris cracked the window himself.  Graeme says as a favour to Emily he’ll board it up, but he’s not going to pay for the window.

Graeme comes over to board up Emily’s window and as Norris is holding the ladder for him, Freda comes out to tell him they’ve won a competition and one thousand pounds.  Norris jumps for joy and as Graeme tries to get back on the ladder, he falls off of it onto the cobbles flat on his face.  Oh dear!

Carla arrives early at work and isn’t in a good mood.  Michelle asks Carla if she’s settling back in, and apologizes for what she said at the court.  Michelle acknowledges that she shouldn’t have taken it out on Carla.  Michelle asks if she’s heard from Tony, and Carla lies and tells her no.

The factory girls wonder what’s going on with Carla.  They think there’s more to the situation than meets the eye.  There always is, ladies.  Carla goes to the prison and meets with Tony who’s sat at a visitor’s table.  Tony looks good in baby blue, by the way.  Carla says she’s only there out of curiosity and asks Tony what he wants.  Tony says he wants to try and put things right.  Carla tells Tony that Maria’s gone, and he wrecked her life twice over, and hers n’ all.  Carla tells Tony that because of him she killed a man and has to deal with it every day of her life.  Tony tells her that she’d didn’t – Jimmy’s alive.  Carla has a look on her face like she’d been through hell and back.  Tony sheds tears as Carla calls him a bastard and tells him what he’s put her through.  Carla tells Tony he’ll go to hell alone, then.  Carla also finds out that Tony was the one who sent Jimmy after her.  Carla figures she’s swapped one nightmare for another.  Tony asks Carla if Maria will ever forgive him, but Carla tells him not a chance.

Carla is in the office, when Michelle walks in.  Michelle asks Carla if she wants to go for a drink, to talk and get things off her chest.  Carla says she just prefers to keep busy.  Carla arrives home and reaches for her customary glass of alcohol and padlocks her door.  The poor thing.

Becky and Claire are putting up posters for audtions for Cinderella and grill John about where their script is.  John gives the girls his script, but says it’s a bit out-dated, he does need to bring it up to date.  So, John thought he’d put in some local references too.  Oh, I’m excited now!  Fiz reckons it’s nice that people ‘round there wanted John’s help, since it wouldn’t have happened a couple of weeks ago.

Janice asks Betty if she’s going out for an audition.  Betty says she doesn’t audition – either they want her for the part, or they don’t.  Betty figures if it’s good enough for Dame Judy, it’s good enough for her!  Rosie offers to do Cinderella, but Becky figures she’ll be doing that part anyway.  Claire wonders why this is.  Michelle asks them why they didn’t think she wanted the part.  Rosie wonders if she’s a little old for the part, which gets Michelle calling her a little slapper.  Betty says she’ll decide who plays Cinderella.

Sean tries out his enounciation and Liz reckons she might make a good fairy godmother with some fishnets and a sparkly skirt.  Sean tells her it’s Cinderella, not puss ‘n boots.  LOL.  Oh my words, can’t describe.

It’s time for the Cinderella audition, and it’s down to Becky and Claire.  Becky does one hell of a scary Cinderella, since Becky thinks Cinderella is a wimp.  Betty tells her it was a very enthusastic audition.  Claire ends up winning the part of Cinderella, but John offers Becky the part of the prince’s servant.  Becky asks if she can have a sword, and John says sure, and now Becky is happy.  John tells Graeme that he’ll play Buttons.  Betty tells everyone she’s cast herself as Fairy Godmother.  They also recruit Jesse as on of the ugly sisters next to Sean.

Dev calls Sunita up for no apparent reason but to call her.  Sunita figures she has nothing else to say and hangs up on Dev.  Dev is in a foul mood on his date with Bernie even.  What does Sunita do to this man?  Dev asks if it’s Sunita that’s got him in this mood, and that he’s going to have to let it go.  Bernie asks if he still has feelings for her.  He says he doesn’t, then gets up and walks away.

Dev later shows up at Sunita’s door with flowers and all.  No rest for the wicked, I tell you.  Dev accuses Sunita of going behind his back and having her new husband live in HIS house.  Sunita says if it’s going to be a sticky point, they’ll move somewhere else since Matt’s got money of his own.  Sunita wonders why she can’t have a good relationship, but Dev can have all the floozies he likes.  Sunita puts Dev in his place.  Matthew comes to Dev’s shop to have a word.  He tells him that he loves Sunita and her kids as if they were his own.  Dev tells Matthew that if he’s so desperate to have kids he should make some of his own.  Matthew tells Dev that they plan to.  Wow-za, good answer.  Dev tells Matthew that he doesn’t want his kids to grow up and be reasonable, he wants them to have fire in their bellies and to get angry.  Well, it’s clear why he’s not looking after any of his children.  Matthew threatens Dev to not come around since he won’t have Sunita or the kids upset.

Dev is all riled up about Matthew’s confrontation and tells Bernie that he wants her to cancel Matthew’s golfing lessons.  Bernie tells him she’s not getting caught up in his crossfire, and that he’s being unreasonable.  Steve gives Dev some sage advice regarding his current situation: grit your teeth and keep smiling, even if you want to smash his face in.

Dev is at Sunita’s door again, and tells Matthew that he’s come to apologize since he’s overreacted.  Dev asks if he could wait for Sunita to come back, and Matthew reluctantly accepts.  Matthew, Dev and the children are having a great time playing with toys, but Matthew figures they need to get to bed.  Dev thinks they could have a few more minutes, but Matthew says he’s going to put them to bed, since they’ve got a bedtime routine.  Dev makes fun of Matthew for his routines.  Dev says he can see himself out.  Dev then says he’s not going anywhere near his kids as Sunita walks in.  Dev basically accuses Matthew of being some kind of paedophile.  Dev says that Matt will be their stepfather over his dead body.  Sunita kicks Dev out on his arse.

Save Our Local: Thu Dec 10, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Peter Whalley, directed by Pip Short

Simon tells Leanne and Peter about his granddad’s rowing over him in the department store.  Leanne tries to tell Simon that they were just joking, but he’s not taking that.

Ken tells Deirdre about the Santa confrontation, and Deirdre thinks things are getting way out of hand.  I concur, Deirdre.  Deirdre thinks that Ken should apologize to Peter and see if Simon’s okay.

Ken goes to the Rovers, where Claire and Becky are making plans for their pantomime.  He asks to have a quiet word with Liz about the bar that Peter and Leanne are planning on opening.  Ken might have found the right ally in Liz, since she’s one of the only people that does not like the fact that a bar is opening up across the street too.  Ken thinks they should cause a fuss until people listen.

Ken is spreading word about the bar, and a meeting they’re having against it.  He finds another ally in Norris Cole, who is pretty much against any sort of change whatsoever.  Norris is still using a magifying glass to look over the exactitude of Graeme’s work on their windows.

Ken tries to make Ashley an ally, but Ashley tells him that it’s an awkward situation, since he and Peter are friends.  Ken listens nowt to this, and hands him a flyer and a guilt trip anyway.

Ken summons up some courage before he enters the bookies.  Ken tells Peter that George caused him to lose his job.  Ken asks if Peter is still determined to go ahead with the bar plans and Peter confirms that he is.

Ken shows Deirdre his flyers later, and that Peter doesn’t know about it.  Ken actually thinks he’s trying to halt any arguments here.  Wait till Peter finds out about this, and the sh*t will hit the fan!

Liz is preparing for their “save our local” meeting, and Steve figures it can go on as long as it wants, as long as they’re pulling pints.  The factory girls call Liz and Steve spoilsport for being against the bar.  Janice figures that prices will determine where she drinks, and nowt else.

Claire comes in and tells Becky that she’s against the new bar, and so is Ashley.

Ken’s meeting begins and Leanne calls Janice to ask if she can babysit so Peter and her can go out.  Janice informs Leanne that she’s at Ken’s meeting, and it’s about the bar.  Ken is taking his stance that the bar will attract unwanted traffic and take business away from the Rovers.  Ken suggest writing a letter to the local councillor, and demand a public meeting.  Peter busts in and tells him he’s already having a meeting.  Peter tells everyone not to listen to Ken, because he’s only doing this so he can get his own way.  Peter tells Ken to forget Christmas because he and his grandson will be elsewhere.  Ken is immediately full of regret upon hearing this.

Kevin is complaining that he and Sally shouldn’t have two anniversaries, just because they’ve been married twice – they should only have the one.  Sally figures they’ve been married twice, so they should have two.  Really, it should be the LAST time they got married, technically.  The prior contract was null and void.  Rosie’s tired of being shouted at all the time at home.

The Websters go through their Christmas boxes, and Sally gets nostalgic over a paper angel that Rosie made when she was a little girl.

The factory girls are asking Hayley to figure out whether or not Carla is going to give them a Christmas party.  They notice that Sally is quiet today, but figure that the more quiet she is the better.  Carla’s not happy since she’s losing customers due to late deliveries and shoddy product.  I guess this isn’t the right time to ask for a party.

Hayley tells the group that they need to “pull together” but what they really mean is that they need is to work harder.  Janice figures that they want a Christmas do, but Carla asks them if they’d rather have jobs or a party.

Carla returns home after a long day of work and checks her mail.  She finds a letter addressed to her, then realizes it’s from prison, then throws it in the trash immediately.  Clearly, it’s from Tony unless she’s got other ex’s in prison which I wouldn’t put past her.  Carla does what she does best in a hard situation: take huge swigs of merlot.  Curiosity gets the better of her and she goes back into the trash and reads the letter.

Dev and Bernie are almost a proper couple already: Dev cooing over her, and her trying to get out the door.  As if we’re supposed to believe those flowers are still in good shape after sitting in wrapping all night long.

Dev drops Bernie off at the golf club, and notices her old customer Matthew driving up.  Oh, and then notices that HIS CHILDREN are in the back of Matthew’s car.  WHAT?  Wow, they grew up fast.  Dev wants to know why his children are in Matthew’s car.  Oh Dev, put two and two together will ya?  Dev’s found out that Matthew’s taken them to a Christmas party, but doesn’t know why.  Matthew tells Dev that Sunita’s the woman he’s engaged to.  Matthew says he hopes that Dev can wish them well.  Dev takes Matthews hand and says he does, now that he knows.  Oh, Dev is NOT okay with this.

Yay, so nice to see Sunita again!  Dev goes to her place and tells her that he would have liked to hear the news about her and Matthew from her.  Dev says that he would have told her if he was in a serious relationship.  Dev asks her if she’s sure she wants to marry this guy.  He also finds out that he’s moved in, and Dev figures that he’s entitled to ask questions since this man his living with his children.  Dev tells her (through gritted teeth) that he hopes she’s very happy.

Father Christmas: Mon Dec 7, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by David Lane, directed by Pip Short

It seems as though Simon had a good night over at Granddad George’s place.  George lets Peter and Leanne know that Turner’s accepted the application, and it looks like the bar is going to happen.  Leanne and George are worried about Ken’s reactions, but Peter says the best thing to do about Ken is to ignore him.

At No.1 Deirdre asks Ken what he’s actually riled up about: George, the bar, or Peter?  Ken says it’s all about George and his money, and the consequences.  Deirdre doesn’t think that Ken picking fights is going to solve anything.  Deirdre says for a clever man he can be incredibly stupid sometimes.  Blanche reckons that he got a degree fifty years ago, and sits around sucking his pen while he half-does the Guardian crossword, there’s nowt clever about that.  Deirdre reminds Ken that Peter knows how he feels about the bar, and he doesn’t have to keep saying it.  Ken agrees to back off.

Peter figures that the council should be happy about them opening up the bar, since before it was a derelect building, and now it’ll be a good business.  Ken comes by and tries to extend an olive branch, but that’s short-lived as he now goes for the angle of opening a bar just being bad business in the current economic situation.  Peter basically tells Ken where to shove it.  George tells Ken that he’s investing because, unlike him, he has every bit of faith in Peter and Leanne.  Deirdre comes by and tells Ken that arguing in the street isn’t going to solve anything and takes him away.

Ken reminds Deirdre that she knows everyone at the planning office.  He wants to do anything to put a stop to this bar from opening.  Deirdre tells him there’s no chance she’s going to talk to anyone at the planning office.  Ken thinks it’s worth the risk, if they can save Peter.  Deirdre is more interested in getting a new job at the planning office.

Leanne, Peter and George worry about the fact that Deirdre has connections, but George doesn’t think it’ll be an issue.  George already has an architect in and Leanne is excited about it.

Deirdre gets a call from the planning committee, and she thinks it’s over her job application, only to find out that it’s not.  Uh oh, what has Ken been up to now?  Ken’s been to the council offices and they got back to Deirdre.  Deirdre’s not happy about getting a job back.  Ken is about five years old.  Deirdre lets him know that he’s shot himself in the foot, since he’s been cutting corners.  Deirdre says she hopes it does go ahead, and she’ll celebrate with them, because she’s sick of him thinking he’s right and everyone else is wrong and stupid.

Ken catches up with Janice and asks her if she knows about the bar.  Ken figures Janice might talk some sense into Leanne.  Janice tells it like it is: they’re grown-ups, and they can make up their own minds.  Janice doesn’t think she can help him, and doens’t know if she would, if she could.

Leanne and Peter are with the architects, and George reminds them that it’s time to pick up Simon from school, so he offers to get Simon and take him for tea.  This George has some ulterior motives.

Janice goes into the bookies to let Leanne and Peter know about Ken.  Janice tells them she’s sure they know what they’re doing, but she wants to make sure.  Janice warns them of the pressures of starting a business, plus the family rows.  Leanne puts Janice in her spot, and lets her know that it’s HER bar, and Peter won’t even be a part of it for the most.

George takes Simon to the shopping centre and they walk by Santa Ken’s setup, where Ken sees them, and makes eye contact with an unknowing Simon.  Simon asks George to go see Santa.  Granddad says they’ll have tea first, then they’ll see about seeing Santa.  Simon asks George if Father Christmas was young when he was a boy.  Haha, George has to explain the magic behind Christmas.  Simon’s up next, and Ken is shocked to see him and George stood right there.  Simon tells “Santa” what he’d like, and Santa tells him that Christmas isn’t about fancy gifts.  Wow, I cannot believe these two granddads have Simon in the middle like this.  The granddads continue to argue and Ken loses his beard causing Simon to freak out about why Granddad is pretending to be Father Christmas.  Ken asked George why the hell he had to bring Simon there, since he knew that’s where he was.  George says he didn’t, and Simon didn’t even know until Ken went off on one.  There goes Ken’s holiday job.

Kevin comes into Dev’s to see Molly and if she’s okay with what they agreed.  Molly says they hardly agreed to anything.  Tyrone pops in and asks Molly if they could invite Jack and Connie over for Christmas.  Molly says she’s got nothing else planned.  Tyrone also extends the offer to Kevin.

Tyrone sees Connie and Molly talking, and they’ve agreed to come for Christmas.  Tyrone tells Connie to give them some time in the morning on Christmas though, so Molly and he can unwrap their presents.  *wink* *wink*  Molly coos over Tyrone as Connie reminisces that it must be nice to be young, and Kevin glares on jealously.

Tyrone asks Sophie about her baptism thing, and Sophie offers that he can come along, but Tyrone politely declines.  Sophie’s wearing quite the Rosie-esque skirt and knee socks.  Sophie’s upset that even Tyrone’s more interested in her baptism than her father is.

Molly goes for a run and Kevin meets up with her telling her he’s made a great mess of things.  Molly figures that Keving not wanting to mess up Sophie’s exams was just an excuse.  Kevin wants them to have a better start than his kids disowning him.  Well, that’s hardly going to happen is it?  Kevin tells her he’s already started saving, what he can, for their new life.  Whatever!

Dev sees Sophie and Ben and says they’re a “shining example to teenagers, like, everywhere.”  He says that he hopes their parents are very proud.  Sophie says hers don’t seem that bothered.  Molly tells her that her dad is worried about her exams.  Dev notices that Molly always has a sweet smile on her face and figures he should ask Tyrone for tips.  Haha.

Rosie asks Sophie what she’s going to be wearing to her baptism, and is concerned that her makeup will get wet and her hair will be all over the place as Kev rolls his eyes in the back.  Sally figures they should get Sophie something new to change into afterwards and Kevin figures it can be a Christmas present.  Kevin’s being really tight, but still has money for booze.

Dev sets up a romantic evening for Bernie at his home with a couple chilled beers and all.

It’s morning at the Rovers, and Becky’s not feeling well.  Steve asks what her and Claire were rowing over.  Becky says pantomimes, mostly.  Steve figures grown-ups can’t argue over pantomimes.  Betty figures they can, since they’ve always had Christmas pantomimes in the Rovers and she’s seen grown men almost come to blows.  Steve talks about how there’s old photos of pantomimes done back in the day in a box somewhere.

Claire’s in just the same state at home the next day.  I wonder what Ashley prefers: a psychotic bitchy wife, or a spacey drunk wife?  Clearly the latter, as Ashley asks if she’d like to go for a hair-of-the-dog later.  Claire says they won’t go into that pub again after what Becky said about them.  Claire realizes that her fight with Becky was probably stupid and she should apologize.

Betty is going through the old Rovers pantomime photos with Becky.  They come across a few pics of Annie Walker, and remark her sour face.  Betty pulls out a photo of Bet Lynch, and tells Becky that she reminds her of her a whole lot.  It’s the hair.  Betty tells Becky about how Bet started out as a barmaid and married the landlord.

Claire comes into the pub and Becky tells her if she’s going to start something, she can leave.  Claire says they both said things they should apologize for.  Ashley buys Becky a drink to smooth things over.  Becky tells Claire that they used to do pantos in the Rovers.  Well, it’s obvious – Becky and Claire are going to be putting on a panto themselves.  Betty tells them that she’ll be the one sorting out auditions and what not.  Graeme feels it’s time to mention his acting career – he once played Juliet.

Becky asks Deirdre if she’s still got those glasses from her old panto days.  Oh, old sexy-specs.  Becky and Claire tell Liz that they want to do a Christmas panto in the Rovers.  Liz figures she must be barmy, but she says yes.  Graeme wonders which panto they’re doing, but they haven’t decided yet.  John brings up the point that they need a script, and he has one from Uni.  The pub makes fun of him for writing a panto in Uni.  They accept John’s script.  Liz notes that at least this panto will be different from the others – they usually end in disaster, and this one’s starting in one.

Gary’s back from training, and Graeme calls him the “ginger ninja” and asks who should be more scared, the taliban or the rest of the British army.  Haha.  I’m disappointed he didn’t return in uniform.  What are they waiting for?    Anna makes Gary a fry-up at the Cafe.  Anna’s not interested in his stories, and says he won’t be laughing when he gets to Afghanistan.  Gary says he’s for sure joining the army, since one of the instructors told him he was right for the army.  Anna tries to look for help from Eddie, but gets nothing.  Gary reminds Anna that there’s nowt for him around there, and he can make something of himself in the army.  Liz couldn’t help overhearing, and tells Gary that Steve’s dad were in the army, and loved every minute of it, and she was so proud of him.  Liz says if Steve put his heart into it, there’s not much she could do.

Eddie’s up to some more tricks again, and is throwing his trash in the neighbors bin so that he won’t have to give the bin man a tip.  Eddie tries to convince a worried Anna that Gary will come back a hero.  Gary overhears from the inside.  This is quite a touching scene, I almost feel as though I’d watching a different show.  Eddie figures that he’d like to have someone like Gary by his side whether he’s fighting the Taliban or rowing with Gail Platt.  Wow, becuase the two are syno