On the House: Nov 1 & 2, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Tuesday December 1, 2009

Written by John Kerr, directed by Alan Wareing

Que to Rosie yelling and screaming in the streets, and no one’s listening.  John comes out and tells her to stop it now.  Rosie tells him to get his checque book out.  John tells her that if she think she’s getting any more from him, she’s even more pathetic than she looks.  That warranted five across the eyes from Rosie.  Bill runs over and asks Rosie what’s going on.  Rosie faux-sobs and tells Bill that John tried to grab her. Bill, of course believes She-Who-Cried-Wolf, tells John to stay away and takes Rosie home.  Wow, I can’t believe that little twat went through with it.

It would appear that Sophie is going to get baptised soon.  Sally tells Rosie this news when she walks in with Bill, only Rosie has news to usurp anything holy.  Bill tells Sally that John Stape just tried to attack Rosie.

Roy finds John still at the cafe in the dark.  He tells Roy he’s trying to work out why his life keeps falling apart.  He tells about Rosie’s little scheme.  Roy suggests that John go explain what happened to Fiz.  He asks Roy what if Fiz doesn’t believe him.  Roy tells him that he does.  Well, that’s all that matters then.

Yuck, more Molvin action.  I’m so sick of seeing these pigs in a blanket.  Kevin pretends to fall asleep as Molly talks about her childhood.  Wow, they’re like a married couple already.  They do say that practice makes perfect.  Sally calls, so Kev picks it up

At the Vicars and Liz party, Julie tells everyone that the party was bad news and how she knew it’d hurt Liz’s feelings.  Kelly says she still doesn’t get the joke – she doesn’t think Liz dresses like a tart.  Haha.  Graeme thinks that wearing a skirt is dead liberating, something to do with air-flow.  Liz comes back out with a stiff-upper-lip and tells Theresa she can stay since Liz can take a joke.  Deirdre wonders what Liz is up to, but Liz says she can’t spoil the surprise.  Oh goodness, that’s what Julie’s thinking as she’s in the ladies look and sees Graeme come out of the stall boasting about how spacious and paperful the washrooms are.  He then asks to borrow her lippy.  Oh my, he is such a completely deranged character I absolutely love him!

John goes into the Rovers, to find Fiz and tells her he needs to talk to her in private.  Fiz yells at John outside the Rovers that she told him not to trust Rosie.  John tells Fiz that Rosie’s lying and she wants to go over there and sort it, but John talks her out of it.   Later, Fiz and John try to eat something, and there are tensions.  Fiz figures that maybe Rosie will do the right thing for once, unbelievingly.

Back at the Websters, Sally tells Rosie that as soon as Kevin arrives, they’re going to ring the police.  Rosie looks shocked and worried.  Is guilt catching up to her finally?  Kev finds out and gets mad, and figures he should be been there.  Only, you weren’t, were you?  He asks Rosie what happened, and Rosie said she was alone with John in the cafe.  Sophie reminds her that she shouldn’t have been alone with him since she knows he’s crazy.  Rosie says that one minute he was talking to Rosie, the next he locked the door and started grabbing for her, but she ran for the door, got out and went into the streets.  Bill picks up Rosie’s story that that’s where he found her.  Sally decides to ring the police now.  Rosie says she doesn’t want to go through this again, but Kev says she’ll have to.  The police arrive and knock on John’s door, it’s time.  Fiz moans for the police not to take him away.  Fiz tells John she’ll come to the station as soon as she can – promise.

Sneaky, sneaky Liz uses a key to get into Lloyd’s flat.  Whatever is she going to do?  Liz returns to the pub, and Lloyd tells Theresa to play nice.  Liz gives Lloyd his flat keys back and tells him he might want to see what’s cooking in his oven.  Liz also tells Theresa that she’s still barred and she can leave now.  Lloyd runs over to his place to find that Liz had roasted his vinyls.  He’s clearly disappointed by this, and didn’t feel better when Theresa suggested he could use one as a ashtray.  Lloyd then sees a note Liz has left and sees that she’s kidnapped the rest.  Lloyd forces Theresa to go apologize to Liz or Liz tells him he can kiss his precious record collection goodbye.  Liz starts chucking them out of the window from the Rovers.  Lloyd asks Liz to come downstairs so they can sort it out.  Lloyd tells Theresa that she must say sorry.  Theresa wants to know if he wants his records back, or Liz.  Lloyd tells Theresa that he’ll do anything, even go down on his knees if she wants.  She tells him to go on then, and he gets down, holds his arms up and says “so what do you say?”  Immediately everyone from the pub walks out, and sees this, and Theresa exclaims “of course I’ll marry you!”  Haha.  Liz is shocked, but exclaims that she doesn’t care and walks off.  Lloyd tells Theresa he can’t believe she did that.

Becky and Claire take off for their night out.  Coming back, Becky is dragging a bladdered Claire along.  Becky tells Claire she can’t just go mouthing off to people, but Claire claims someone was in the wrong.  Claire figures the bouncer was feeling her up, when she was really searching her, what they do to everybody.  Claire wants to get another drink but Becky figures she’s had enough.  Claire tells her that she’s got two small children, and one small husband and if Becky thinks that Claire’s wasting a night out she can forget about it.  She goes to look for her watch and realizes it’s missing, but Becky reminds her that she wasn’t wearing one.  Becky tells her they’ll go for another drink and Claire tells Becky she loves her, goes to hug her, but falls flat on the sidewalk on her back in a gaggle of drunken giggles.  Becky tries to help Claire up, but Claire pulls her down ontop of her, and they both start laughing like a pair of inebriated schoolgirls.

Dev and Bernie come into the pub and Steve says he’s off the ale.  Dev figures he’s getting in shape for their golf match.  Dev manages to over hear Bernie talking to Steve about him taking golf lessons on the sly.  Bus-ted.  Dev asks Bernie what her and Steve were talking about.  Bernie breaks down and tells Dev that she’s been giving Steve lessons.

Eddie shows up at Emily’s to collect money for some work he’s been doing for her.  Norris, unsurprisingly, does not look happy about this.  Eddie tells Norris that if he wants abuse, he can get it at home.

Later, Norris sees Eddie and apologizes for being judgemental earlier.  Eddie says that his missus (he believe is Emily) warned him of it earlier, so no harm done.  Norris confronts Emily about warning Eddie against him, and Emily says she felt it was her Christian duty to do so.  Norris scoffs that that’s the last chicken kiev she’ll be getting off him.  Emily praises the Lord behind Norris’s back, but he lets her know that he heard.

Deirdre notices Ken sulking about the job centre, and reminds him that they don’t really need the money.  Ken says he wants to make a bit of an effort for Simon.  Blanche rings to tell Deirdre to get her a taxi since she won’t go in the One O’Clock Club van, since she’s convinced that the driver’s on drugs.

Wednesday December 2, 2009

Written by Martin Allen, directed by Alan Wareing

Sally thinks that Rosie getting molested by John Stape was the best thing that could have happened, because now they can get him behind bars again, where he belongs.  So long as Rosie isn’t traumatized.  Yeah, who cares.  Kevin reminds these two that there were no witnesses, so who knows what will happen. Kevin figures it could go to court, and asks if Rosie’s ready to go through with that.  Rosie, once again, has that guilty look on her face, but agrees that if that’s what it takes to send him down again, then sure.

John is already in the police station being questioned.  I wonder if the chair was still warm from Tony.  The detective tells John that he wonders why Rosie would make this up just to get money, since she wasn’t going to get that by charging him with assault.  John tells them that she’s vindictive and thick.  John sticks to his guns and tells them everything that she told him was lies.  The detective then tells him that his wife hasn’t rung in to ask how he was last night or this morning, and wonders why that is.  John says he had no idea.

John gets let go and arrives back on the street with no one there to greet him.  John isn’t happy that Fiz hadn’t call to see how he was at all.  John assumes she didn’t ring because she thinks he’s guilty – like everyone else around there.  Fiz asks if he’s had any lunch, avoiding the situation.  Fiz says she believes him, but John says he’s not sure.  John says they’ll fight this by going for a drink in the Rovers tonight for a start.

Rosie and mum are in the Rovers, and Norris asks how she is.  Norris offers to get her a drink, and Sally assures her that everyone is behind her.  John walks into the Rovers like it’s nobody’s business only for Sally to sherk “I don’t believe this.”  John ignores them and orders their drinks.  Roy and Hayley stand by their sides, but the rest of the Rovers is divided.  Steve suggest they finish their drinks and go home, but John says he’s done nothing wrong.  John confronts Rosie and tells her to tell them the truth.  Rosie tells him not to talk to her.  John says that he refused to give her money, so she falsly accused him.  Rosie starts to tear and tells her mom she doesn’t want to deal with this.  John tells Rosie to explain how he locked her in the cafe.  John asks her to describe what kind of lock it was, but she says she doesn’t know how to describe it.  Rosie looks to her father for support, but Kevin looks speculative.  Everyone’s waiting for Rosie’s answer.  Rosie says it was a lock with a key, and that John dropped the key.  John tells her that you don’t use a key to lock the cafe from the inside, it’s only a latch that anyone can lock.  Roy confirms this data.  John claims then the door was never locked, and he never laid a finger on her.  Rosie said that he would have though, eventually.  Sally is shocked that Rosie had made all this up, her and everyone else.  Fiz lunges for Rosie calling her an evil little cow.  Steve tells John that his pints are on the house.

Claire walks by with some hangover juice, and Michelle asks why she bothers keeping up with Becky if she can’t do it.  Claire reckons she’ll be straight with Becky about it.  Becky comes by saying how great last night was, and that they should do it again.  Claire suggests that they try the amateur dramatics she talked about instead, to which Becky hesitantly agrees to.  Becky asks where Steve is, and Michelle tells her that he’s out to meet some woman named Bernie.  Becky’s confused, but Michelle says she took the call and Bernie was definintely a woman.

Becky confronts Steve about being out with Bernie, the golfing tart.  Steve tells Becky he didn’t want her to know how much it costs.  Steve says that golf membership fees cost upwards of two grand.  Lloyd comments “and then some.”  Becky’s accuses Steve of not even buying her a flaming jacuzzi, then her and Lloyd shake their heads no in unison.

Steve tells Dev that even if he wins the match, he won’t use the membership that much.  He says that he’s too busy to use it, so that Dev should have it.  Dev figures that Steve is pulling out to save face.  Steve gets riled up now, and keeps their game on.

Theresa comes into the bar again, I guess completely ignoring the fact that she’s barred.  Theresa promises no more stunts, and pulls a book of engagement rings out of her purse.  Michelle looks at them in mild shock.  Michelle asks her if she’s serious, with a laugh.  Lloyd notices the book and reminds Theresa that they’re not engaged.  Lloyd notices that the rings cost five grand, and Theresa says she can’t stand a man who’s tight and it’s off.  It’s clear that Theresa was playing a joke on Lloyd.

It looks like Ken has gotten himself as job.  Doing what, I wonder?  Peter asks Ken if he can take Simon to school the next morning, but Ken says he has an optometrist’s appointment.  Or a shift at his new job.

George and wife are over at Peter’s after their visit.  Bill calls and Peter says that the Turner’s Joinery project won’t be happening.  George overhears this and asks what won’t be happening.  Peter tells them that he and Leanne were going to open a bar.  George even thinks that that would be risky because of his alcoholism.  Peter says it won’t happen anyway, since they don’t have the money.

At dinner, George invites Simon over to their place, but Peter is skeptical, and says “one day.”  Simon tells George and Eve about the fire that nearly killed him caused by his father’s drinking, and George and Eva look surprised.  George says that his son nearly died from his alcoholism, and now he wants to open a bar?  Peter tells them that there is no way he’d ever let himself go back to living like that.  Peter reminds George that they’re both doing the best they can.

When they leave, Leanne asks Peter how he’s doing.  Peter says his ears are ringing from all the skeletons in the closet.  Peter says he’s glad that she was there and on his side, and one day he’ll get her her bar.

Norris asks at the Kabin if there’s any world on the Weatherfield Ripper (John).  Ken believes that’s a bit harsh.  Norris believes that a Leopard never loses his spots.  Norris says that Eddie Windass might be turning over a new leaf, and is surprised at it.  He says that Eddie did a good job at clearing out their gutters.  Chesney walks in and overhears this.  Could Eddie Windass be putting grass in people’s gutters?  He’s clearly moving a grass chunk from house to house down the row.

Sure enough, Eileen answers her door to Eddie Windass telling her she’s got grass in her gutter.  Eileen is wise to Eddie’s disguise however.  Eileen tells him she’ll think about it.  Jason comes in, and Eileen asks him if he’s got a ladder, and if he can do her a favour.  Uh oh!  Don’t mess with Eileen!  Jason’s up the ladder to the gutter and finds a grass sod, which was obviously put there.  Eileen figured out his grand scheme.  Eileen tells Jason to leave the sod where it is – she’s got a plan.

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