Final Word: Dec 3 & 4, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Burt, directed by Alan Wareing.

Chesney tells John that he’s glad all the Rosie stuff is over with.  Is John finally making head-way with Ches?  Kevin drags Rosie over to the Stape’s to apologize.  Fiz doesn’t want to hear it, but John is enjoying every minute of it.  Rosie says there’s nothing she can say to justify what she did, so why even try.  Rosie says she’ll go to the police and take back everything she said.  Fiz feels like Rosie’s acting as though she’s doing them a favor or something.  That’s just what I think.  Sally apologizes for vandalizing their house, because it was petty and cruel.  Wow, there’s some serious self-awareness.  John says, no promises, but he’ll talk to the police about Rosie’s misdeamor.  Kevin figures they’ll just stay out of each other’s way.

Rosie comes back from the police station after getting a slap on the wrist.  She gets a berating from Janice however that says its stupid cows like her that make it hard for women who really get abused and raped to get any justice.  Bring that point home Janice!

Fiz tells John later that they’ve had some major breakthroughs: Ches, the Websters.  John figures he’s being begrudgingly tolerated, not much of a breakthrough.  Oh please, most people in the world are begrudgingly tolerated.  Fiz figures that folk are starting to see the real him: a strong, kind, honest man.  John is still upset that Fiz doubted him.  She says she knew in her heart he was innocent, but after what happened with Tony, it got into her head.

Norris tells Becky that he thinks Rosie should be locked up, and the key thrown away for her fabrication issues.  Molly overhears them and asks what happened with Rosie last night.  Becky tells her what went down.  Freda (almost forgot about her) comes in and asks Norris about how to do competitions, but Norris says he’s retired and can’t help her.

Later, in the pub, Freda’s got Becky helping her answer some questions for a competition and they’re doing a terrible job at it.  Norris overhears, and breaks down and gives them an answer.

Becky asks Steve if Dev was upset about him calling off their bet.  Steve lies that he supposes he was.  Becky figures that Steve doesn’t need a golf membership since he’s got her.  Steve throws on his best guilty smile.

Becky goes into the cab office looking for Steve, but Eileen tells her he’s booked himself off this afternoon, but says he didn’t say where he was going.  She also added that his golf attire and clubs gave it away at bit though.  Becky says he’s dead, and asks for Eileen to get her a cab.

The golf game is on, and Bernie is there to observe.  There’s so much pomp and circumstance going on I can hardly watch.  Steve gets ready for a drive, when Becky shows up and starts coughing.  Becky tells him to lose the game and embarrass himself.  Becky distracts him at every turn, causing him drive his ball into the canopy of nearby trees.  I’m so bored with this golf sub-plot.

The game must go on, and Steve’s still bagging it.  Dev wins the game, and does a little victory dance.  Okay, big overdone victory dance.

Ken won’t let Deirdre in on what his job is.  Ken says he’s going to the library to write an article for the gazette.  Deirdre asks what it’s regarding, and he gives her a hint, that they want him to capture the Christmas season.  Deirdre thinks this is a lark.

Later, Deirdre goes into the bookies to ask Peter to help her out in the attic since Ken’s not around.  Peter thinks he’s getting some kind of procedure done. It’s clear that Ken has fibbed to both of them.  Peter thinks there’s a good explanation for it, but Deirdre looks worried again.  I wonder if she thinks Ken has been taking some canal visits again.

George has Leanne, Peter and Simon over to tea, but Peter thinks he’s rushing things a bit much.  Sure seems like it to me.  Leanne insists they go, and when they arrive at a gated home, they look rather stunned to discover as much.  Simon asks if Granddad is a millionaire.  Peter thinks there must be some sort of mistake.  It’s pretty much a mansion, or a palace as Simon would say.  Looks more like a mini-mansion to me, but whatever.

Inside, the place is gorgeous, and Leanne says as much.  Eva lets them know that George designed it on a six month sabbatical.  Wow, that’s not what I did on my sabbatical, but we won’t get into that.  Eva inquires on their plans for Christmas, and Peter tells them they’re not doing anything over the top, so Eva invites them by there if they’re at a loose end.  Eva even offers to have them stay over, since there’s ample space.  Simon’s very excited about the idea, but Peter tells him maybe next year, the offer’s a bit too soon.  Later, George and Eva sit down with Peter and Leanne and tell them that they’d like to invest in their bar idea.  Peter says thanks, but no thanks they’ll find the money themselves.  George asks him to at least sleep on it, but Peter says that ‘no’ is his final answer.  Leanne is shocked and doesn’t know what to say.

Later, Leanne chews into Peter about why he didn’t take the loan.  Peter says he’s being a responsible father, and Leanne is only thinking of herself.  Leanne says she deserves more than ‘this’ and so does Simon and leaves.

Ken comes home to an unhappy Deirdre.  Deirdre confronts him about his whereabouts, and demands an explanation.  Ken tells her it’s complicated, and then dons a Santa hat to Deirdre’s shocked confusion.  Deirdre is still shocked that Ken Barlow is Father Christmas and finds it hard to believe.  He tells her that he foolishly promised Simon an expensive gift, and that job is all he could secure.  Ken begs for her to keep it secret.

Eddie brings his ladder to Eileen’s, and Eileen is stood outside asking him how it looks.  Eddie says it’s touch-and-go, but Dr. Eddie can save it.  Eileen asks him if he can’t do the back also, and she’ll give him 15 for the lot.  Eddie agrees as Eileen “thumbs up” Jesse and Jason hiding in a van nearby.  Eileen comes out of the house to tell Jesse and Jason that Eddie is up the back.  Jesse and Jason get the ladder out of the van to prop it against Eddie’s place.  What could they be doing?

Later, Eddie’s done his job on Eileen’s gutter, and Jesse, Eileen and Jason tell him that they’re onto his scam.  Eddie looks over at his roof, and notices his Santa is gone from the top.

December 4, 2009

Written by Chris Fewtrell, directed by Alan Wareing

Simon gloats about how grandiose George’s house is, and then tells Ken that his dad had a row with George and then Leanne.  Simon tells Ken how Granddad George offered Peter money to buy a shop or something, but Peter didn’t take it.  Plus, Simon complains that they can’t go to George’s for Christmas anymore either.  Ken seems delighted at this news.

Ken mentioned Simon’s words to Peter regarding George.  Ken says he’s so relieved that Peter can see George for who he is – someone with money who thinks that’s what opens doors.  Peter says that it’s not like that, he likes George just not enough to go into business with him.  Ken thought it was presumptuous of George to even invite them over for Christmas, but Peter figures he only wanted to see his grandson.  Peter doesn’t look happy with Ken’s badmouthing of George.  Peter tells Ken that George was giving him a genuine offer and wasn’t looking to score cheap popularity points.

George comes into the bookies, and apologizes for being too forward in their lives.  Peter also apologizes, saying he’s just not used to someone who’s trying to help him.

Later, Leanne comes back and Peter tells her to keep her coat on, they’re going out and there’s more on the menu than a buttie.  Leanne and Peter meet with George, and Peter surprises Leanne by taking George up on his offer to invest in the bar.  Leanne is elated and jumps into Peter’s arms telling him he won’t regret it.  Ken comes by and has to stir the pot.  He tells Peter that he thought for once he was excising good judgement, but clearly was wrong.  Peter doesn’t like how Ken is talking to George, so Ken asks if he should bow and scrape just because George has money.  Ken blames George for pushing Peter with money for that club.  Peter tells Ken to go home.

Peter knows that Ken is willing to dress up as Santa Clause just to get a good present for Simon.  Peter tells Ken to swallow his pride and let George help him.  Ken believes that if George really wanted to help him, that he wouldn’t do this.  George is only trying to buy his way to Simon.  Peter believes that George has faith in him, far more than Ken ever had.  Ken tells Peter that he’s going to fight this project and he will NOT open that bar.  Wowzers, that’s conviction.

Ashley catches Claire talking to herself enunciating each word into a hand mirror and asks her what on earth she’s doing.  Claire says she’s getting ready for her classsss.  Claire says she was preparing for her drama class by warming up her facial expressions.  I’m sure he thinks she’s gone nutters again.

Steve comes into Dev’s and Dev tells him where he can find the sour grapes.  Steve tells him that the hardest part about winning is doing so with a little grace.  Dev goes into a rendition of “save all your kisses for me” as he brags on and on about his golf membership perks to Steve.  Steve tells Dev that yesterday was a fluke and lightening shall not strike twice.  Steve thinks that they should re-match this afternoon.

Looks like Claire and Becky had the bestest of times in the acting classes.  He notices some battle wounds on their faces.  Since, they were playing the wife, and the mistress they got a little bit into it in class.  Steve tries to disappear, but Becky catches him going golfing.  Steve argues that golfing is his hobby and everyone needs one.  Becky and Claire inform him that their amateur dramatics has been closed due to lack of members.

Dev and Steve show up at the golf course, and Bernie is there with another customer, Matthew, and seemed surprised to see Dev.  Dev gives Matthew a tip to always keep his eye on the ball, because Bernie is spoken for.  Apparently, so is Matt, he’s just gotten engaged.  Dev nauseatingly air kisses her goodbye.

Claire and Becky start pondering over who’d they cast as characters in a Cinderella panto and they figure that Hayley could be Fairy Godmother.  Claire jokes that she could see Lloyd and Steve as the ugly sisters.  Claire and Becky start to argue over who would be Prince Charming – Steve or Ashley.  My vote’s for Graeme!  Anyone else?  They then argue who would be Cinderella.   Ashley has to come in to seperate them, and carry Claire off.

Sophie’s searching around for her baptism forms.  Kevin forgot about her baptism, and Sophie says she feels like background noise in that house.  Poor little neglecterino.  Sophie’s not happy with Kevin for being cast aside.  I wonder if he even feels guilty for preferring the company of one young woman over another.

Kevin goes to see Molly to tell her basically that he’s getting cold feet about them coming out with their relationship.  He says it’ll happen, but it’ll just take a lot longer than he thought.  Molly goes and sees Kevin later in tears upset about him having put everything off for them.  Kevin tells her that when he does this, he wants it to have the least effect on his kids possible.  Well, that’s not really possible.  Kevin says he can’t run the risk of ruining Sophie’s life.  Kevin says he’ll leave Sally as soon as Sophie’s finished her exams which are July next year.  Kevin tells a sobbing Molly that he’s sorry.  Maybe he should have thought of that before he started this affair.

Eddie complains that Father Christmas is his property, and Eileen suggests he could call the police.  Eddie argues that Father Christmas is for the community.  Jesse argues that he’s ripped off the community.  Eileen tells him that until he gives everyone their money back, they’re keeping Father Christmas.  Eddie agrees to give folk their money back after Jesse threatens to send a piece of Father Christmas at a time through the post.

Gary’s getting ready for training week in the army.

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