Father Christmas: Mon Dec 7, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by David Lane, directed by Pip Short

It seems as though Simon had a good night over at Granddad George’s place.  George lets Peter and Leanne know that Turner’s accepted the application, and it looks like the bar is going to happen.  Leanne and George are worried about Ken’s reactions, but Peter says the best thing to do about Ken is to ignore him.

At No.1 Deirdre asks Ken what he’s actually riled up about: George, the bar, or Peter?  Ken says it’s all about George and his money, and the consequences.  Deirdre doesn’t think that Ken picking fights is going to solve anything.  Deirdre says for a clever man he can be incredibly stupid sometimes.  Blanche reckons that he got a degree fifty years ago, and sits around sucking his pen while he half-does the Guardian crossword, there’s nowt clever about that.  Deirdre reminds Ken that Peter knows how he feels about the bar, and he doesn’t have to keep saying it.  Ken agrees to back off.

Peter figures that the council should be happy about them opening up the bar, since before it was a derelect building, and now it’ll be a good business.  Ken comes by and tries to extend an olive branch, but that’s short-lived as he now goes for the angle of opening a bar just being bad business in the current economic situation.  Peter basically tells Ken where to shove it.  George tells Ken that he’s investing because, unlike him, he has every bit of faith in Peter and Leanne.  Deirdre comes by and tells Ken that arguing in the street isn’t going to solve anything and takes him away.

Ken reminds Deirdre that she knows everyone at the planning office.  He wants to do anything to put a stop to this bar from opening.  Deirdre tells him there’s no chance she’s going to talk to anyone at the planning office.  Ken thinks it’s worth the risk, if they can save Peter.  Deirdre is more interested in getting a new job at the planning office.

Leanne, Peter and George worry about the fact that Deirdre has connections, but George doesn’t think it’ll be an issue.  George already has an architect in and Leanne is excited about it.

Deirdre gets a call from the planning committee, and she thinks it’s over her job application, only to find out that it’s not.  Uh oh, what has Ken been up to now?  Ken’s been to the council offices and they got back to Deirdre.  Deirdre’s not happy about getting a job back.  Ken is about five years old.  Deirdre lets him know that he’s shot himself in the foot, since he’s been cutting corners.  Deirdre says she hopes it does go ahead, and she’ll celebrate with them, because she’s sick of him thinking he’s right and everyone else is wrong and stupid.

Ken catches up with Janice and asks her if she knows about the bar.  Ken figures Janice might talk some sense into Leanne.  Janice tells it like it is: they’re grown-ups, and they can make up their own minds.  Janice doesn’t think she can help him, and doens’t know if she would, if she could.

Leanne and Peter are with the architects, and George reminds them that it’s time to pick up Simon from school, so he offers to get Simon and take him for tea.  This George has some ulterior motives.

Janice goes into the bookies to let Leanne and Peter know about Ken.  Janice tells them she’s sure they know what they’re doing, but she wants to make sure.  Janice warns them of the pressures of starting a business, plus the family rows.  Leanne puts Janice in her spot, and lets her know that it’s HER bar, and Peter won’t even be a part of it for the most.

George takes Simon to the shopping centre and they walk by Santa Ken’s setup, where Ken sees them, and makes eye contact with an unknowing Simon.  Simon asks George to go see Santa.  Granddad says they’ll have tea first, then they’ll see about seeing Santa.  Simon asks George if Father Christmas was young when he was a boy.  Haha, George has to explain the magic behind Christmas.  Simon’s up next, and Ken is shocked to see him and George stood right there.  Simon tells “Santa” what he’d like, and Santa tells him that Christmas isn’t about fancy gifts.  Wow, I cannot believe these two granddads have Simon in the middle like this.  The granddads continue to argue and Ken loses his beard causing Simon to freak out about why Granddad is pretending to be Father Christmas.  Ken asked George why the hell he had to bring Simon there, since he knew that’s where he was.  George says he didn’t, and Simon didn’t even know until Ken went off on one.  There goes Ken’s holiday job.

Kevin comes into Dev’s to see Molly and if she’s okay with what they agreed.  Molly says they hardly agreed to anything.  Tyrone pops in and asks Molly if they could invite Jack and Connie over for Christmas.  Molly says she’s got nothing else planned.  Tyrone also extends the offer to Kevin.

Tyrone sees Connie and Molly talking, and they’ve agreed to come for Christmas.  Tyrone tells Connie to give them some time in the morning on Christmas though, so Molly and he can unwrap their presents.  *wink* *wink*  Molly coos over Tyrone as Connie reminisces that it must be nice to be young, and Kevin glares on jealously.

Tyrone asks Sophie about her baptism thing, and Sophie offers that he can come along, but Tyrone politely declines.  Sophie’s wearing quite the Rosie-esque skirt and knee socks.  Sophie’s upset that even Tyrone’s more interested in her baptism than her father is.

Molly goes for a run and Kevin meets up with her telling her he’s made a great mess of things.  Molly figures that Keving not wanting to mess up Sophie’s exams was just an excuse.  Kevin wants them to have a better start than his kids disowning him.  Well, that’s hardly going to happen is it?  Kevin tells her he’s already started saving, what he can, for their new life.  Whatever!

Dev sees Sophie and Ben and says they’re a “shining example to teenagers, like, everywhere.”  He says that he hopes their parents are very proud.  Sophie says hers don’t seem that bothered.  Molly tells her that her dad is worried about her exams.  Dev notices that Molly always has a sweet smile on her face and figures he should ask Tyrone for tips.  Haha.

Rosie asks Sophie what she’s going to be wearing to her baptism, and is concerned that her makeup will get wet and her hair will be all over the place as Kev rolls his eyes in the back.  Sally figures they should get Sophie something new to change into afterwards and Kevin figures it can be a Christmas present.  Kevin’s being really tight, but still has money for booze.

Dev sets up a romantic evening for Bernie at his home with a couple chilled beers and all.

It’s morning at the Rovers, and Becky’s not feeling well.  Steve asks what her and Claire were rowing over.  Becky says pantomimes, mostly.  Steve figures grown-ups can’t argue over pantomimes.  Betty figures they can, since they’ve always had Christmas pantomimes in the Rovers and she’s seen grown men almost come to blows.  Steve talks about how there’s old photos of pantomimes done back in the day in a box somewhere.

Claire’s in just the same state at home the next day.  I wonder what Ashley prefers: a psychotic bitchy wife, or a spacey drunk wife?  Clearly the latter, as Ashley asks if she’d like to go for a hair-of-the-dog later.  Claire says they won’t go into that pub again after what Becky said about them.  Claire realizes that her fight with Becky was probably stupid and she should apologize.

Betty is going through the old Rovers pantomime photos with Becky.  They come across a few pics of Annie Walker, and remark her sour face.  Betty pulls out a photo of Bet Lynch, and tells Becky that she reminds her of her a whole lot.  It’s the hair.  Betty tells Becky about how Bet started out as a barmaid and married the landlord.

Claire comes into the pub and Becky tells her if she’s going to start something, she can leave.  Claire says they both said things they should apologize for.  Ashley buys Becky a drink to smooth things over.  Becky tells Claire that they used to do pantos in the Rovers.  Well, it’s obvious – Becky and Claire are going to be putting on a panto themselves.  Betty tells them that she’ll be the one sorting out auditions and what not.  Graeme feels it’s time to mention his acting career – he once played Juliet.

Becky asks Deirdre if she’s still got those glasses from her old panto days.  Oh, old sexy-specs.  Becky and Claire tell Liz that they want to do a Christmas panto in the Rovers.  Liz figures she must be barmy, but she says yes.  Graeme wonders which panto they’re doing, but they haven’t decided yet.  John brings up the point that they need a script, and he has one from Uni.  The pub makes fun of him for writing a panto in Uni.  They accept John’s script.  Liz notes that at least this panto will be different from the others – they usually end in disaster, and this one’s starting in one.

Gary’s back from training, and Graeme calls him the “ginger ninja” and asks who should be more scared, the taliban or the rest of the British army.  Haha.  I’m disappointed he didn’t return in uniform.  What are they waiting for?    Anna makes Gary a fry-up at the Cafe.  Anna’s not interested in his stories, and says he won’t be laughing when he gets to Afghanistan.  Gary says he’s for sure joining the army, since one of the instructors told him he was right for the army.  Anna tries to look for help from Eddie, but gets nothing.  Gary reminds Anna that there’s nowt for him around there, and he can make something of himself in the army.  Liz couldn’t help overhearing, and tells Gary that Steve’s dad were in the army, and loved every minute of it, and she was so proud of him.  Liz says if Steve put his heart into it, there’s not much she could do.

Eddie’s up to some more tricks again, and is throwing his trash in the neighbors bin so that he won’t have to give the bin man a tip.  Eddie tries to convince a worried Anna that Gary will come back a hero.  Gary overhears from the inside.  This is quite a touching scene, I almost feel as though I’d watching a different show.  Eddie figures that he’d like to have someone like Gary by his side whether he’s fighting the Taliban or rowing with Gail Platt.  Wow, becuase the two are syno

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