Save Our Local: Thu Dec 10, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Peter Whalley, directed by Pip Short

Simon tells Leanne and Peter about his granddad’s rowing over him in the department store.  Leanne tries to tell Simon that they were just joking, but he’s not taking that.

Ken tells Deirdre about the Santa confrontation, and Deirdre thinks things are getting way out of hand.  I concur, Deirdre.  Deirdre thinks that Ken should apologize to Peter and see if Simon’s okay.

Ken goes to the Rovers, where Claire and Becky are making plans for their pantomime.  He asks to have a quiet word with Liz about the bar that Peter and Leanne are planning on opening.  Ken might have found the right ally in Liz, since she’s one of the only people that does not like the fact that a bar is opening up across the street too.  Ken thinks they should cause a fuss until people listen.

Ken is spreading word about the bar, and a meeting they’re having against it.  He finds another ally in Norris Cole, who is pretty much against any sort of change whatsoever.  Norris is still using a magifying glass to look over the exactitude of Graeme’s work on their windows.

Ken tries to make Ashley an ally, but Ashley tells him that it’s an awkward situation, since he and Peter are friends.  Ken listens nowt to this, and hands him a flyer and a guilt trip anyway.

Ken summons up some courage before he enters the bookies.  Ken tells Peter that George caused him to lose his job.  Ken asks if Peter is still determined to go ahead with the bar plans and Peter confirms that he is.

Ken shows Deirdre his flyers later, and that Peter doesn’t know about it.  Ken actually thinks he’s trying to halt any arguments here.  Wait till Peter finds out about this, and the sh*t will hit the fan!

Liz is preparing for their “save our local” meeting, and Steve figures it can go on as long as it wants, as long as they’re pulling pints.  The factory girls call Liz and Steve spoilsport for being against the bar.  Janice figures that prices will determine where she drinks, and nowt else.

Claire comes in and tells Becky that she’s against the new bar, and so is Ashley.

Ken’s meeting begins and Leanne calls Janice to ask if she can babysit so Peter and her can go out.  Janice informs Leanne that she’s at Ken’s meeting, and it’s about the bar.  Ken is taking his stance that the bar will attract unwanted traffic and take business away from the Rovers.  Ken suggest writing a letter to the local councillor, and demand a public meeting.  Peter busts in and tells him he’s already having a meeting.  Peter tells everyone not to listen to Ken, because he’s only doing this so he can get his own way.  Peter tells Ken to forget Christmas because he and his grandson will be elsewhere.  Ken is immediately full of regret upon hearing this.

Kevin is complaining that he and Sally shouldn’t have two anniversaries, just because they’ve been married twice – they should only have the one.  Sally figures they’ve been married twice, so they should have two.  Really, it should be the LAST time they got married, technically.  The prior contract was null and void.  Rosie’s tired of being shouted at all the time at home.

The Websters go through their Christmas boxes, and Sally gets nostalgic over a paper angel that Rosie made when she was a little girl.

The factory girls are asking Hayley to figure out whether or not Carla is going to give them a Christmas party.  They notice that Sally is quiet today, but figure that the more quiet she is the better.  Carla’s not happy since she’s losing customers due to late deliveries and shoddy product.  I guess this isn’t the right time to ask for a party.

Hayley tells the group that they need to “pull together” but what they really mean is that they need is to work harder.  Janice figures that they want a Christmas do, but Carla asks them if they’d rather have jobs or a party.

Carla returns home after a long day of work and checks her mail.  She finds a letter addressed to her, then realizes it’s from prison, then throws it in the trash immediately.  Clearly, it’s from Tony unless she’s got other ex’s in prison which I wouldn’t put past her.  Carla does what she does best in a hard situation: take huge swigs of merlot.  Curiosity gets the better of her and she goes back into the trash and reads the letter.

Dev and Bernie are almost a proper couple already: Dev cooing over her, and her trying to get out the door.  As if we’re supposed to believe those flowers are still in good shape after sitting in wrapping all night long.

Dev drops Bernie off at the golf club, and notices her old customer Matthew driving up.  Oh, and then notices that HIS CHILDREN are in the back of Matthew’s car.  WHAT?  Wow, they grew up fast.  Dev wants to know why his children are in Matthew’s car.  Oh Dev, put two and two together will ya?  Dev’s found out that Matthew’s taken them to a Christmas party, but doesn’t know why.  Matthew tells Dev that Sunita’s the woman he’s engaged to.  Matthew says he hopes that Dev can wish them well.  Dev takes Matthews hand and says he does, now that he knows.  Oh, Dev is NOT okay with this.

Yay, so nice to see Sunita again!  Dev goes to her place and tells her that he would have liked to hear the news about her and Matthew from her.  Dev says that he would have told her if he was in a serious relationship.  Dev asks her if she’s sure she wants to marry this guy.  He also finds out that he’s moved in, and Dev figures that he’s entitled to ask questions since this man his living with his children.  Dev tells her (through gritted teeth) that he hopes she’s very happy.

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