Hallelujah: Fri Dec 11, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Martin Allen (7:30) and Jayne Hollinson (8:30), directed by Pip Short

Deirdre thinks that Ken should apologize to Peter about what went down so they could have a good Christmas.  Blanche figures he still thinks he works for the paper, on his high horse.  Ken figures that’s a good idea, and he should write an article for the paper against the bar.  He thanks Blanche for once in her life saying something useful.

Peter tells Leanne that Blanche has got it in for Ken, but is wearing a diplomatic hat.  Blanche was snooping around for the Barlow family Christmas.  Peter says he didn’t give into Blanche though, but he agreed not to inflame things between now and Christmas.  Leanne says that’s round 1 finished then, because she’s not going to stop there.

Deirdre isn’t happy about Ken writing that article for the gazette.  Blanche tells Ken about the breakthrough, the truce about not arguing before the New Year.  Blanche says he didn’t promise about Christmas, but it’s a step in the right direction.  Ken figures that’s just an angle for Peter, so he can get closer to the planning deadline without any upset.  Peter has invited Deirdre and Blanche for Christmas Day, so Ken would be on his own.  Deirdre asks what is more important: the flaming Gazette article or her.  Ken hestitates before he shuts his laptop and Blanche exclaims, “Hallelujah.”

Peter goes into the Rovers and asks for a virgin bloody Mary.  Liz isn’t happy with him still for opening the bar since it’ll mean that she’ll be losing business.  Rosie comes into the Rovers in the most lowcut shirt I’ve ever seen anyone wear (including her) during the day time.  She asks Peter if he’ll be needing any staff for his new bar.  He says most definitely, and Rosie says she’s always available.  Liz pipes up that they’re always looking for bar help if Rosie’s looking, but Rosie turns her nose up at Liz saying she’s looking for something a little more up-market.  Oh, what a snot.

Ken sees Peter and Bill working out some plans and accuses Peter of having Ken back-peddle while he charges ahead.  Ken can be so hard-headed.  Deirdre tells Ken he’s over-reacting, but Ken says he can’t take this lying down and wants to write the letter.  Deirdre warns him he can’t break his promise to her.

Ken is really digging deep and talks to a reporter friend of his that works at the Gazette to try to write the article instead to get the bar halted.  The reporter starts asking questions about Peter’s fire and how Simon had to be rescued since Peter fell asleep drunk.  Oh, this is going to end terribly.

Peter arrives at home to find a reporter stood there asking him to comment about the bar he’s about to open.  The reporter says he believes this has split the family apart, and asks if he’s an alcoholic.  Oh, poor Peter.  Peter goes straight over to Ken’s and asks why he’s been accosted by a journalist.  Deirdre gets angry with Ken after he promised.  Ken is just dispicable this episode.  Peter tells Ken that this is out and out war, and he better dig himself a big trench.

Graeme continues to tease Norris about stealing or not stealing a ladder from Weatherfield Council.  Graeme is washing windows on his ladder, and Norris sees some police officers walking by and tells them he’d like to report a theft: Graeme’s supposedly stolen ladder.  The police ask Graeme why his ladder says Weatherfield Council on the side.  Graeme explains that he bought it when they had a clear out.  Sure enough, Graeme produces a receipt to prove he’s paid for the ladder.  The police say that’s all the need to see, and tell Norris that there are punishments for falsly accusing someone of a crime.  Oh, Graeme is quite the bee in Norris’ bonnet.

Graeme tells Emily that Norris tried to get him arrested, by telling the police he stole his ladder.  Emily says she’ll have a word with him later, but Graeme tells her it’s no bother.  Oh, bitch please, you totally wanted Emily to bother.  Emily gives Graeme even more compensation for his troubles with Norris.

Norris later “inspects” Graeme’s work on Emily’s upstairs window, and shatters it with Emily below.  He blames the window for shattering on Graeme’s work.  Graeme thinks Norris cracked the window himself.  Graeme says as a favour to Emily he’ll board it up, but he’s not going to pay for the window.

Graeme comes over to board up Emily’s window and as Norris is holding the ladder for him, Freda comes out to tell him they’ve won a competition and one thousand pounds.  Norris jumps for joy and as Graeme tries to get back on the ladder, he falls off of it onto the cobbles flat on his face.  Oh dear!

Carla arrives early at work and isn’t in a good mood.  Michelle asks Carla if she’s settling back in, and apologizes for what she said at the court.  Michelle acknowledges that she shouldn’t have taken it out on Carla.  Michelle asks if she’s heard from Tony, and Carla lies and tells her no.

The factory girls wonder what’s going on with Carla.  They think there’s more to the situation than meets the eye.  There always is, ladies.  Carla goes to the prison and meets with Tony who’s sat at a visitor’s table.  Tony looks good in baby blue, by the way.  Carla says she’s only there out of curiosity and asks Tony what he wants.  Tony says he wants to try and put things right.  Carla tells Tony that Maria’s gone, and he wrecked her life twice over, and hers n’ all.  Carla tells Tony that because of him she killed a man and has to deal with it every day of her life.  Tony tells her that she’d didn’t – Jimmy’s alive.  Carla has a look on her face like she’d been through hell and back.  Tony sheds tears as Carla calls him a bastard and tells him what he’s put her through.  Carla tells Tony he’ll go to hell alone, then.  Carla also finds out that Tony was the one who sent Jimmy after her.  Carla figures she’s swapped one nightmare for another.  Tony asks Carla if Maria will ever forgive him, but Carla tells him not a chance.

Carla is in the office, when Michelle walks in.  Michelle asks Carla if she wants to go for a drink, to talk and get things off her chest.  Carla says she just prefers to keep busy.  Carla arrives home and reaches for her customary glass of alcohol and padlocks her door.  The poor thing.

Becky and Claire are putting up posters for audtions for Cinderella and grill John about where their script is.  John gives the girls his script, but says it’s a bit out-dated, he does need to bring it up to date.  So, John thought he’d put in some local references too.  Oh, I’m excited now!  Fiz reckons it’s nice that people ‘round there wanted John’s help, since it wouldn’t have happened a couple of weeks ago.

Janice asks Betty if she’s going out for an audition.  Betty says she doesn’t audition – either they want her for the part, or they don’t.  Betty figures if it’s good enough for Dame Judy, it’s good enough for her!  Rosie offers to do Cinderella, but Becky figures she’ll be doing that part anyway.  Claire wonders why this is.  Michelle asks them why they didn’t think she wanted the part.  Rosie wonders if she’s a little old for the part, which gets Michelle calling her a little slapper.  Betty says she’ll decide who plays Cinderella.

Sean tries out his enounciation and Liz reckons she might make a good fairy godmother with some fishnets and a sparkly skirt.  Sean tells her it’s Cinderella, not puss ‘n boots.  LOL.  Oh my words, can’t describe.

It’s time for the Cinderella audition, and it’s down to Becky and Claire.  Becky does one hell of a scary Cinderella, since Becky thinks Cinderella is a wimp.  Betty tells her it was a very enthusastic audition.  Claire ends up winning the part of Cinderella, but John offers Becky the part of the prince’s servant.  Becky asks if she can have a sword, and John says sure, and now Becky is happy.  John tells Graeme that he’ll play Buttons.  Betty tells everyone she’s cast herself as Fairy Godmother.  They also recruit Jesse as on of the ugly sisters next to Sean.

Dev calls Sunita up for no apparent reason but to call her.  Sunita figures she has nothing else to say and hangs up on Dev.  Dev is in a foul mood on his date with Bernie even.  What does Sunita do to this man?  Dev asks if it’s Sunita that’s got him in this mood, and that he’s going to have to let it go.  Bernie asks if he still has feelings for her.  He says he doesn’t, then gets up and walks away.

Dev later shows up at Sunita’s door with flowers and all.  No rest for the wicked, I tell you.  Dev accuses Sunita of going behind his back and having her new husband live in HIS house.  Sunita says if it’s going to be a sticky point, they’ll move somewhere else since Matt’s got money of his own.  Sunita wonders why she can’t have a good relationship, but Dev can have all the floozies he likes.  Sunita puts Dev in his place.  Matthew comes to Dev’s shop to have a word.  He tells him that he loves Sunita and her kids as if they were his own.  Dev tells Matthew that if he’s so desperate to have kids he should make some of his own.  Matthew tells Dev that they plan to.  Wow-za, good answer.  Dev tells Matthew that he doesn’t want his kids to grow up and be reasonable, he wants them to have fire in their bellies and to get angry.  Well, it’s clear why he’s not looking after any of his children.  Matthew threatens Dev to not come around since he won’t have Sunita or the kids upset.

Dev is all riled up about Matthew’s confrontation and tells Bernie that he wants her to cancel Matthew’s golfing lessons.  Bernie tells him she’s not getting caught up in his crossfire, and that he’s being unreasonable.  Steve gives Dev some sage advice regarding his current situation: grit your teeth and keep smiling, even if you want to smash his face in.

Dev is at Sunita’s door again, and tells Matthew that he’s come to apologize since he’s overreacted.  Dev asks if he could wait for Sunita to come back, and Matthew reluctantly accepts.  Matthew, Dev and the children are having a great time playing with toys, but Matthew figures they need to get to bed.  Dev thinks they could have a few more minutes, but Matthew says he’s going to put them to bed, since they’ve got a bedtime routine.  Dev makes fun of Matthew for his routines.  Dev says he can see himself out.  Dev then says he’s not going anywhere near his kids as Sunita walks in.  Dev basically accuses Matthew of being some kind of paedophile.  Dev says that Matt will be their stepfather over his dead body.  Sunita kicks Dev out on his arse.

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