Code of Silence: Mon Dec 14, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Damon Rochefort, directed by Stuart Davids

The gas man rings and Carla freaks out and drops her glass at the sound of the buzzer.  Someone’s clearly still on edge since her attack.

Blanche is off on holiday to Portugal with someone from the 1 O’Clock Club.  Norris shows Deirdre an article in the Gazette: Bar Wars!  Father and Son draw battle lines!  There is a picture of Ken and a very outdated picture of Peter (with a Caveman t-shirt on?) on the front page.  Oh, this is when the sh*t hits the fan.  Front page news, plus pages four and five.  Norris says they’ve gone for the dysfunctional family angle, so they’re not short on material.  Deirdre is clearly upset about having her family’s dirty laundry splattered all over the front page.

Deirdre goes to chew Ken out over the article.  Ken just says he’s trying to protect Peter since he’s an alcoholic but Deirdre tells him she might be n’ all by the end of the week.  Ken figures it’ll blow over, but Deirdre needs a cigarette.

Deirdre’s over at Peters, and they talk about how the article has back-fired on Ken making Peter out to be a courageous single father battling against the booze.  Peter wonders where on earth Ken found that photo of him for the article.  Deirdre says she misses Simon, and he tells her she can come and see him any time she likes.

Deirdre is still upset about the article, and it’s not because of the stuff that’s in there – since people around there know their business – it’s the gall that Ken had to get that article written.  Deirdre thinks that Ken just needs another battle to take the moral highground to sneer down at them all.

Deirdre returns back with Eileen and Ken says he’s going to take the dog for a walk.  Deirdre accuses him of running out.  Eileen tells them to both sit down, and tells them that it’ll blow over and that they’re lucky to have each other, and her mother living there, Peter, Simon.  She says she has nowt to look forward to this Christmas, except a boyfriend that dresses like a cowboy, a parrott that hates her and time-and-a-half in the cab office.  Eileen wishes she had a lovely marriage like theirs.  Eileen ends up leaving their place in tears.  The second she leaves, Ken and Deirdre caress each other and Eileen takes down the tissues and proclaims “damn, I’m good!”

Ken and Deirdre goes to Peter and tell him that whatever happens between them he doesn’t want it to affect what happens to Simon.  Peter’s not forgiving, and Deirdre tells Ken to try harder.

Graeme’s back on the street in a cast from the hospital.  Graeme complains to Norris that he’s lost his employment because of Norris.  Norris figures that Graeme broke the window to begin with.  Graeme loses it and yells at Norris saying he never broke his flaming window.  Norris is such a callous bastard.

Emily comes in and asks Norris to cancel her subscription to the Gazette, since if she wanted to read gossip, she’d get a tabloid.  Kirk comes in to say that it wasn’t Graeme that had cracked their window, but some “lads he didn’t know.”  Clearly, it was him and Ches.  Emily points out that it wasn’t Graeme, after all then.

Norris makes his way ‘round to Ashley’s to apologize to Graeme, but that doesn’t save Graeme’s job at the butcher’s.  Norris asks Graeme what he wants and Graeme tells him to surprise him.  Norris later complains about “young people” to Tina, but Tina reminds her that it’s not young people that are the problem.  Tina tells Norris that Graeme is one of the kindest, soundest guys she’s ever met and now he has no money.  Tina figures that Norris should offer to do his window cleaning round.  Tina also points out that this way Norris could put a nose into folk’s bedroom windows.  Now our little voyeur is intrigued.

Norris goes over to No.13 to tell Graeme that he’s going to take over his window cleaning route as compensation for his actions.  Norris says he accepts that he was wrong and wants to make reparations.  Graeme begins to wonder just how many pain-killers he’s taken.  Graeme easily accepts and tells Norris that he knows about the code of silence in this business.  He tells Norris to be quit about what he sees in people’s bedrooms through their windows.

Carla tries to put on a better face at work and tells everyone that since they’ve met a deadline, the custard cakes are on her.  Hoo-rah.  Carla tells everyone to be on their best behaviour when a new customer comes in.  Carla later apologizes to Hayley for what Tony did and for being rude.  Hayley tells Carla they’ve had their fair share of knocks, and they always bounce back.  Well, she is a man in a dress.

The customer comes by, and seems pleased with the work, but almost more pleased with Carla it would seem.    Carla tries to seal the deal with the client when the police detective shows up.  Nothing throws cold water on a sale like the police showing up.  The detective asks her to pop to the station, in his car.  Carla puts on a brave face, as though she goes down there every day, and tells the client that Hayley can help him with anything else he needs.  Well, that’s awkward.

At the station, the police question Carla about her marriage and why she left to Los Angeles.  They ask her again whether or not she knew about Tony’s involvement in Liam’s murder.  She ones again, lies that she didn’t.  Carla is sat waiting for some time, and has completely chewed apart a styro-foam cup.  She clearly wants to leave, but stops herself from doing so.

The police detective finally comes back in, and asks her whether or not she had contact with her husband, before she came back.  Carla says there may have been some contact, but she doesn’t know.  They’ve taken Jimmy Dockerson into custody, and tell her that Jimmy knows a lot about Carla.  Carla tells the detective that it’s not that simple.  Carla admits that Tony told her that Jimmy killed Liam.  The police detective tells her that she’s basically admitting to concealing a crime but Carla protests that she couldn’t be sure any crime had been committed.  The detective asks her if there’s anything else she’d like to tell them.  Carla says she was a coward and ran away.  The detective lets her go – for the time being.

The factory girls are nosy about what on earth Carla was doing for a whole afternoon in the cop shop.  Michelle overhears them talking about Carla and asks them what she was doing at the station.  Michelle leaves work to see how Carla’s doing.  She goes over to Carla’s for a chat about her police station visit.  Carla tells her the station visit was about details again.  Carla tries to change the subject to Michelle’s life.

Later, Michelle and Ryan get some doners and Michelle gets a call from Maria saying that they found the guy who hit Liam with the car.  She’s wondering why Carla didn’t mention that.

Hayley arrives home, and gets a knock on the door to see Michelle stood there asking for a quick word.  Michelle’s digging and asks Hayley if she thinks it’s a coincidence that they picked up Carla the same day they picked up this Jimmy guy.  Michelle is starting to wonder whether Carla knew a lot more about the murder than she let on.  Hayley doesn’t think that Carla knew because she doesn’t think that Carla would leave everyone else in danger like that, she just wouldn’t.  Michelle wonders if she wouldn’t.  Hayley doesn’t look too sure all of a sudden.

Oh, lord not Dev on a tangent about Matt again.  Steve reminds Dev he’s had enough birds, even a mother-daughter combo.  Dev wants to go for full custody, but Steve reminds him that Sunita’s done nothing wrong and he won’t get them.

Bernie meets Dev in a fancy restaurant, and he’s glad she came after the way he treated her the other day.  Dev asks Bernie to move in with him.  He’s trying to be in a committed relationship so he can have a chance for full custody of his children.  Poor Bernie for having to cross pathes with this sleazy jerk.  Bernie can easily see right through Dev’s guise and tells Dev that he’s weird and self-serving then leaves, but not before telling him to get professional help.

Dev later drowns his sorrows at the Rovers, and says he doesn’t understand women.  Steve says he could put that on a shirt.  Yeah, then the two of them could get 365 each, one for every day of the year.  Dev realizes all he does is push women away: Sunita, Tara, Amber, Uncle Umed…

Tyrone wants to get Molly something special for Christmas, and Kevin tells him that he overheard her talking about a perfume she wanted in the shop.  Oh, yeah, you’re really helping the guy out Kevin, thanks.

In the Rovers later, Sally, Kevin, Molly and Tyrone talk about Christmas gifts.  Sally is nostalgic again about the funny gifts that her and Kev have gotten each other over the years.

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