Foliage: Thu Dec 17, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Burt, directed by Stuart Davids

Kevin makes out a birthday card for Tyrone and splashes out for some quality booze.  Sally’s shocked that he’s gotten a card, plus that he’s spent so much since they’re supposed to be tightening their belts.  Kevin also fixes Tyrone his cuppa later.  Guilt much, Kev?  Tyrone’s not excited over Molly’s birthday gift to him, Jim-jams, saying he doesn’t even wear ‘em.  *shudder*  Poor Tyrone finds out that Molly’s doing the evening shift on his birthday and can’t take him out for dinner.  Kevin looks upset for his buddy, all of a sudden!

Kevin comes home to Sally giving him a shoulder massage and a surprise – a trip to Paris for the weekend.  I’m as shocked as he is.  Kevin gets uptight but Sally tells him they deserve it, just this once, she wants to show caution to the wind.  Kevin tells her that the answer is No, end of.  Poor Sally.

Michelle’s still stewing over the Carla-Tony-Liam issue.  She runs into Kev and tells him that she’s in a mood since they caught the guy who ran Liam down.  She tells him that the guy’s name was Jimmy Dockerson and Kevin says that’s the same guy who tried to shut his business down.  Kev says that Tony had Jimmy come ‘round to put the squeeze on him and it was long before Liam died.  Kev says Michelle should ask Carla about Jimmy since he thinks she must know him.

Sally asks for a minute with Carla, since she has to leave early.  Carla snaps at her to ask Hayley.  Hayley tells Sally it’s no problem, she can just make up the hours.  Hayley tells Carla that they’ve arrested the man that drove the car that killed Liam.  Carla feigns shock.

Michelle storms in on a meeting at Underworld and tells Carla that they need to have a little chat – about Jimmy Dockerson.  Michelle tells Carla that Kev knows Jimmy Dockerson.  Carla lies and tells Michelle that she didn’t know that Jimmy had been arrested, but she did go and see Jimmy since what he was doing affected the factory. Carla brushes Michelle off saying that she has a meeting, and they can talk later.

Michelle haunts Carla down and says she never really saw how ‘business’ Carla was until today.  Michelle grills into Carla, but Carla puts her coat on and shoves Michelle on her way out the door.  Michelle accuses Carla of being involved and running away again.  Carla tells Michelle that whatever she thinks she loved Liam with all of her heart.  Michelle tells Carla that Liam died because of her, and one way or another, she’s to blame.  Carla tells her through tears that being scared is not a crime.  Carla tells Michelle she didn’t have a choice.  Michelle looks stunned, along with the factory girls sat frozen and gaping mouthed at their machines.  Michelle runs after her, grabs Carla’s hair and calls her a bitch!  Wow, Michelle sure gets in her share of fights.  Michelle accuses her of protection Tony, but Carla says it wasn’t her fault.  The factory girls have to pull Michelle off Carla.  Carla admits to a restrained Michelle that Carla told her and she panicked, not knowing she she was going to do.  She said that nothing made sense and she had to run away to grieve.  Michelle says it was a shame about Maria, but Carla says she came home as soon as she found out.  Michelle gets her good and says that the first face her nephew saw was his father’s murderer.  Oh, he’ll hardly remember!  But, the symbolism is there, and it cuts deep.  Everyone walks away and leaves Carla alone, especially Hayley.  Carla asks Hayley for her support and friendship, but Hayley tells her that in that case, she should go visit her husband.  Ouch!  Carla is left alone, sobbing in the street.

Sally tells the other factory girls on the floor that Jimmy Dockerson rings a bell.  Sean figures there’s something very wrong, yet very exciting about the whole situation.

Norris asks Audrey for a haircut for the Weatherfield Council dinner.  Only, Norris is forgetting about his new window washing route.  Graeme gives Norris lessons on how to climb a ladder for his route.

Audrey tells Deirdre that she’s got her eye on a prospect that she’ll be seeing at the Weatherfield Council Christmas party.  His name’s Wilf, recently widowed (the best kind), and he’s got his own wholesale business.

Dev’s got a hand ful of expensive flowers (clearly not from his shop) and is on his way to see Sunita again.  Steve thinks he should dress down, because Sunita needs to see a pathetic man, not Mr. Lover man, and to lose the foliage.

Dev takes the advice and shows up casual and plume-free.  Sunita tells Dev that this isn’t a social call, and he acted disgusting the night before.  Sunita tells Dev she’s tired of giving him second chances and she feels ashamed that he’s her children’s father.  Dev tells Sunita that he just wants to get it right for once.  Dev realizes that this is his last chance.  Sunita tells him that they do his parenting her way, or no way at all and if he steps out of line, even once, that’s it.  He thanks her and she tells him not to make her regret it.


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