Dreeting: Fri Dec 18, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Jonathan Harvey, directed by Stuart Davids

Open to Carla sat in the half-dark with her makeup mirror.  Does it make sense to anyone else that she puts her makeup on in the shade?  Maybe that explains why she’s got so much on.

Hayley is in a mood, the slamming doors kind.  She doesn’t know if she can work for Carla anymore.  Hayley is still upset about Carla’s actions and how it implicated innocent Maria and Roy.  Hayley says it’s rather trying to work for someone you’ve lost all respect for.  Oh, I’ve been doing that for ages, it’s not as trying as it sounds.

Carla returns to work and is received by stunned silence.  Hayley is at work after all, but gives Carla the silent treatment.

Michelle’s on a rampage to the police over the phone about how they told her that Carla isn’t guilty of any crime.  Ryan is angry and figures that that can’t be right and kicks the sofa.  Michelle tells Ben that she wants to go ‘round there and smash Carla’s face in.  Ben offers that Carla might have had her reasons, but Michelle says they better be good ones, because otherwise she’s let Tony get away with murder.  Not really, he’s actually in jail right now serving a term for murder.  How soon we forget.

Michelle is sat on the sofa sobbing when Ben comes home.  He asks her if she’s alright, and she mops up the tears and says she’s fine.  Michelle tells him that she just had to tell Maria that Carla knew all along, and she felt like such a bitch.  She tells him how upset Maria was, as Ben tries to comfort her.  Ben rubs her back and tells her she’s amazing.  Michelle tells him he’s so sweet, and Ben leans in and gives her a kiss to which Michelle retracts from in shock.  Ben is also shocked and embarrassed and leaves like a bat out of hell.

Ben freaks out and tells Ryan that he’s going back to his mum’s place, he wants to be alone.  Michelle asks if that’s what he really wants, and Ben says it’s for the best.  Ryan asks Michelle what’s going on.  Michelle told Ryan and Ryan asks Ben what he did that for.  Ben says he knows it’s out of order, and he’s sorry.  Ryan says it’s his mum, and that’s way of the scale.  Ben tells him to beat him, so he can feel better, but Ryan says he’s not like that.  Ryan sees Carla walking by and says that he’ll hit her though.  He tells Carla that he wants a word with her, and asks how she could do that to them.  Ryan tells her that he’ll never, ever forgive her for that.  Carla says that one day he will, and he’ll understand what it’s like to be scared.  Ben gets on the bus and Sophie wants to know where he’s going, but he says he’ll tell her later leaving a stunned Sophie at the bus stop.

Carla shows up at the cafe when they’re closing up to talk to Hayley.  Hayley accuses her of harboring a criminal.  Hayley says she can’t make Carla feel better – it’s not her responsibility.  Hayley says she can’t hear what Carla has to say since it’s all just words.  Carla says when she found out, it turned her world upside down.  Roy is being very understanding, but Hayley is still firm.  Carla said she thought that Tony would try to kill her as well, so she had to get away.  She says that as soon as she found out that Tony was shacked up with Maria, she got on the first plane back here.  She then tells Hayley that Tony and Jimmy tried to kill her.  Both the Croppers are shocked at this revelation.  Roy figures that he might have done something similar by not going to the police after Tony confessed to him.  Roy says that Tony Gordon has caused so much pain, and begs Hayley not to continue letting him mess up their lives.

Hayley calls a meeting – or dreeting (drinks and meeting) – with the factory girls at the Rovers.  Hayley says that they have been unfair to Carla with the whole judgement over Liam’s death thing.  Hayley tells them all about how she’s prepared to give her a second chance.  Michelle overhears this dreeting and tells Hayley that she can’t seriously be falling for Carla’s sob story.  Everyone believes that Carla was in on it.  Julie reckons that if they keep giving her the cold shoulder she’ll sack the lot of them.  Oh Hayley, why bother?

Carla’s at work, drinking alone when the factory girls come in.  Janice says she told them that Carla was there.  They tell Carla that they’d been talking and they won’t be giving her the silent treatment, they’re going to give her the benefit of the doubt.  This finally puts a smile on Carla’s face.

Sally is at home pouting as Rosie drones on about one of the best nights of her life.  Rosie says there was a guy she met, some older guy named Alfie and he reckoned that she could be a promotions girl.  Rosie says she’s having a trial tonight to go to all the best bars in town to promote a new brand of vodka.  Rosie’s excited to go to some exclusive clubs so she can see footballers, people off the tele, glamour models and ex Big Brother contestants.  The creme de la creme, I see.  Sophie asks her what she’s going to be wearing.

Kev asks Sally if she’s called the travel agents yet to cancel Paris.  Sally ignores him and says she’s putting her face on.  My goodness, he’s miserable.  Sophie and Rosie tell Kevin that he’s really upset Sally, but he tells them to shaddup.  Sophie calls him a killjoy, so Kevin likens himself to God, since he doesn’t like people enjoying themselves either.  Sophie yells at him to grow up.  Yeah, it’s about time he did.  Sally tells Kevin that they’ll lose a deposit if they cancel now.  Kevin figures that he doesn’t want to lose that money, so they’re going on the holiday after all.  Smiles all around, as Sally calls him the love of her life.

Molly and Kevin share lingering glances at each other from across the road.  Molly goes over to see him as Kev is clearly sweating over what Molly’s reaction is going to be once she finds out that he’s gone on a romantic weekend in Paris with his wife.  Molly tells him she’s got the afternoon off, and there’s a motel bed with their name on it.  Kevin can’t get the nerve to tell her about Paris.

Kevin and Sally keep Paris a secret, because Sally has a pull a sickie on the Monday just to go and Kevin doesn’t want Molly knowing.  Well, he tells Sally that he doens’t want Tyrone knowing incase he thinks that Kev’s got money to burn.  Sally tells him it’ll be their little secret – like they’re having an affair!

Molly and Kevin are canoodling in their motel bed and Molly asks what Kevin is doing that weekend preparing to hear something mundane.  Kev says he’s going Christmas shopping with Sally for the girls.  Molly furiously reapplies her makeup in a mood telling Kev that she’s turning into a cliche and everything she’s despised – the other woman.  Kevin insists that he and Sally are a marriage of convenience.  Molly tells Kevi n that she’s ordered him a Xmas present eventhough she knows they weren’t supposed to do a gift swap.  Kevin says they should do wife swap and asks how Tyrone would cope with Sally.  Molly wants to meet him later, but he’s going to be on a flight, so that’ll be tight.

Tyrone’s chuffed when Kev tells him that he’s closing the shop for the weekend.  Tyrone figures he can spend more time with Molly and that should cheer her out of her mood.  Tyrone gets the biggest Xmas tree for their home since he never had one when he was a kid.  Tyrone says he loves that he feels at home with her, and there’s no surprises, like there was with his mum.  Que guilt.  Tyrone tells Molly that Christmas is really about kids and maybe they’ll have one next Christmas, or the one after.  Tyrone gets excited thinking about future children, but Molly looks terrified.  Molly says she needs to pop out for half an hour, pretending it’s for a Christmas surprise for Tyrone.

Molly goes to the garage to give Kev his pressie, but Kev texts her that he can’t get away.  From across the road, she sees Kev and Sally pile into a cab with suitcases.  She quickly puts two and two together and realizes that they’re going on holiday together.  She’s stood there with Kev’s gift sobbing.

As Sally and Kev are preparing to leave for Paris, Rosie comes down dressed in some kind of cheerleading outfit that says ‘pop my cherry’ on the back.  Kevin sees this and says he’s got to be joking.  Sally says she’s promoting Cherry Vodka.  Sally says live and let live and that Rosie’s figure is amazing.  Kevin says she’s going out in that over his dead body, to which she tells him that he’d better drop dead then, cause she’s going.

Gail’s got her place all done up for the holidays, and all cleaned up for prospective buyers.  She starts a breadmaker, and tells Audrey that when people smell fresh bread they will want to buy.  When I sold my last home someone once told me to stripe a layer of paint on the wall, since new buyers like the smell of fresh paint.  Should have baked the bread!  Audrey asks Gail for fashion advice for what she’s to wear at the Weatherfield Christmas Council.  Gail for fashion advice, really?  Well, I can’t think of much better parties to ask actually.

Gail is showing a prospective buyer around her home, and offers a slice or bread or fresh coffee.  She then cuddles Joe and tells the prospective buyer about how much Joe loves reading.  The prospective buyer rolls her eyes and hopes that Joe doesn’t come WITH the house I’m sure.  The prospective buyer says she likes the house, but it’s way overpriced.  Gail is asking for 120, but the prospective buyer offers 105.  Gail firmly tells her that she won’t be lowering the price, then the buyer tells her that her house ain’t all that.

Norris and Freda are posing with their one thousand pound cheque they received from winning that competition for the camera.  Freda reckons she could never be a model.  Norris agrees, but then tells her it’s not cause he hasn’t been asked before.  Puh-lease .

Norris sees Audrey and asks her if he’s not going to be overdressed in a tux, but Audrey reminds him that the invite said Black Tie.  Norris asks about what she’ll be wearing, but she also reminds him that she’s been to more of these do’s that he’s had hot dinners so she’s sure she’ll be suitably attired.  Well, la dee dah.

Audrey is dressed to the nines at the Rovers waiting for Norris.  She chokes down a glass of scotch and Steve asks if she’s looking for some dutch courage.  Audrey says she’s got a date with Norris, so yes.   Norris arrives in a white tux looking quite dapper.  Norris asks if he should kiss her on the wrist, but Audrey answers “not at all.”  Gail tells Audrey about the ridiculously low offer they received.

Audrey sees Gail in the loo and tells her that something just doesn’t feel right about Joe.  Audrey tells Gail that she’d feel better if Joe was prepared to sign a pre-nup.  Gail laughs at this and asks Audrey who she thinks she is – Katherine Zeta Jones?  Gail tells Audrey she’s fed up with feeling lonely, and Audrey of all people should understand.

Claire comes to their table and tries to recruit stage hands and help for the panto, but gets none from Audrey, Joe or Gail.  Norris says their taxi will be there soon, and Audrey just wants to get it over and done with.  Someone’s a scrooge.  Audrey figures that tonight will be one whopping disaster.

Audrey is picking over Norris’s behaviour, but Norris leaves her for “schmoozing time.”   Audrey meets up with a rival hairstylist and asks how business is doing and how she must meet Lewis, her date.  Audrey is charmed, clearly, by Lewis.  Lewis has turned Audrey’s frown upside down.  Audrey tells her friend that she’s there with a business acquaintance, Norris.  Oh, so that’s what Norris is to her, eh?  Her friend tells her that her Lewis and will take care of her since they’re at the same table.  Lewis takes both ladies in both arms and stides ahead.

At the table, Lewis asks if she’s happy she’s there, since she seems tense.  She tells him she is and how she was hoping to bump into an old acquaintance.  Audrey tells them about Will, but her friend tells her that Will got remarried last March and has been relocated to Abu Dhabi.  Lewis tells her that she’s a striking woman and will have men lining up around the block.  Audrey tells him he’s making her blush.  Audrey asks where he and Claudia met, but Lewis says it’s all about her.

Back on the street, Gail arrives home and gets a message on her phone.  It’s from the registry office and there’s been a cancellation for January 8, 2010.  Joe figures maybe they should wait a bit, in light of what her mum said, since he doesn’t want to railroad her into it.  Gail says that that’d just prove Audrey is right, and she’s not.  Gail tries to convince Joe that a wedding on a shoestring is the best way, and they should accept the date.  Joe tells her that she’s twisted his arm.

At the party, Audrey tells Claudia that Lewis is devine.  She asks again where they met and Claudia says she’s not her boyfriend, he’s her escort.  Audrey is shocked, but Claudia says there’s no sex or anything, but he’s good for bringing out at do’s like this, then gives Audrey Lewis’s card.  Claudia tells her to give Lewis a call.

Audrey arrives home early and tells Gail that the evening was prime, but she left Norris there.  Gail tells her that they’ve set a date for the wedding.  Gail says she’s going to place her faith in Joe, and not get him to sign a prenup.  Audrey walks along the street to cross paths with a rollerskating tarted up Rosie and rolls her eyes ceremoniously.  She then pulls out a card, and calls Nick, her grandson.  Oh boy.


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