Truths: Mon Dec 21, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Debbie Oates, directed by Tony Prescott

Molly gets angry that Kevin isn’t back yet come Monday morning.   Sally and Kevin return from Paris just in time for Sophie’s baptism.  Rosie ditches Sophie’s baptism for her new skanky job.  Sophie’s day doesn’t get any better when she finds out about Ben making a pass at Michelle and then subsequently dumps him.  Molly finally confronts Kevin about the Paris trip, but he has no time for her.  Molly is down in the dumps, but Auntie Pam reminds her that she’s got it all.

Sophie’s baptism takes place, and after a moving speech about her family and particularly her father’s love for her, it’s official – she’s a Christian.  Molly takes her chance at the baptism party to ream Kevin out about getting closer to Sally and further from her.  Things get even worse when Sally shows everyone the photos of her and Kevin’s trip to Paris (not Blackpool as he told Molly) when searching for the baptism photos on her digi-cam.

Tina figures that Jason loves Bills new truck more than her, and she’s also frustrated that the flat’s not finished sooner.  The issue of the possibility that Sarah might come to Gail’s wedding comes up, and Tina’s not happy to hear about it.  She’s especially not happy to hear that Sarah and he are not divorced.  But, David’s happy to see them fighting in the streets.   Tina decides to go into town after finding that Jason has done the same.

David’s girlfriend isn’t happy that he’s been rude to her all day, ever since finding out about Tina and Jason’s fight presumably.  Zoe’s very jealous about David’s attraction to Tina still.  Tina tells David to get lost, but David tries to stop her from drink-driving.

Nick Tilsley calls Audrey and tells her that he’s staying in a hotel in Manchester, and will see her tomorrow.  Of course, who should sidle up next to him at the bar but Tina McIntyre.  They get to talking after Nick pays for a drink Tina can’t afford.  When walking her out of the club, Nick snogs Tina on the street.  Tina regrets it and walks away denying Nick’s request for her number.  Don’t worry Nick, I have a feeling you’ll be seeing each other very soon.

Dierdre’s upset that there’ll only be three of them for the Barlow Christmas this year, and tries to donate their turkey.  Ken and Deirdre try to attempt another offer to Peter for the Barlow Christmas, but Peter says Simon is looking forward to George and Eve’s.  Peter will only conceed if Ken gets off his case once and for all.  Peter makes a deal that if the Barlows want to spend Christmas together, then it’s the whole family – including George and Eva and Janice, which Deirdre gratefully accepts but Ken’s still not satisfied.

Claire’s not happy that Ashley’s pulled out of the panto last minute due to work.  Claire’s looking for a new Prince Charming now that Ashley’s out.  Becky manages to strongarm Steve into playing Prince Charming.  Steve’s having a rough time getting into character, but he’ll pull it out in the end.  Becky gets more than a little jealous when Steve kisses Claire as Prince Charming however.  Is she regretting making him play the part now?


–          David’s new girlfriend being surprised that Audrey was Mayoress once, figuring that she thought they’d be more picky.  The girl tries to backtrack basically calling Audrey “common”, and Audrey mentions that at least she’s pretty.  Haha.  Does anyone else see similiarities between Zoe and Sarah Platt?

–          Claire and Becky not understanding what “scab” means.

–          John imitating Steve’s gurn!!!  Classic.

–          Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm does the new Nick Tilsley not make Corrie just a bit more beautiful ‘round time time of year?

–          Emily giving Sophie a moving speech at her baptism.  I just love Emily Bishop, and does she not look stylish tonight?

–          Claire: “Sean, where have you been?” Sean: “Ah, where haven’t I been?”  Haha.

–          Nick Tilsley telling Tina that he’s in Manchester for family stuff, his mum’s getting married to this bloke that’s a waste of space.  Haha, the irony.

–          Becky telling Steve that if he kisses Claire like that again, the turkey won’t be the only thing getting stuffed that Christmas.


–          Tina getting mad at David and telling him to get lost and drop dead.  He was only trying to stop her from drink-driving.  Other than her cute outfit, Tina really annoyed me this episode.

–          Ken still not satisfied that his Christmas will also include George and Eve, then Janice to boot.  It’s his way or the highway.

–          Claire getting mad at Ashley for ditching the panto in order for him to make a living, so that she can go on and do stupid things with her time like pantos.

–          Of course, Kevin.  Fraud of a family man, cad of a boyfriend, scumbag of a friend.

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