Uninvited & Unwelcome: Thu Jan 7, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Peter Whalley, directed by Durno Johnston.

Gail’s beginning to realize that “someone” has been putting extra stuff in her bin. We all know that “someone” is probably a certain ginger-haired neighbor Sr. Ted and Nick get to meet for the first time, which is, lovely and rather whatever. Joe’s anxieties are hitting the roof and he’s looking for a way out. He stoops to going over to the betting shop and asking Peter for money, essentially. Okay, well, he offers to do some work in the future on the new bar, and asks for an advance already. So yeah, like I said before – asks Peter for money. Peter, of course turns this down with a shake of the head. At the point where a dangerous man threatens your daughter’s life, do you not think it’s time to call the police or something? Joe chooses Ted as his next target to borrow money from and he’s found a winner. Joe makes Ted promise not to tell Gail about borrowing the money. Joe drops off the money to his loan-shark friend and threatens that he never wants to see him again. Oh, I’m not so sure we’ve seen the last of Slick Rick.

Tyrone’s on pins and needles waiting for the competing garage to call him back after the meet. He’s in luck, since they rang and offered him the job. Tyrone and Molly tell Jack about Ty getting a job offer, and ask what he thinks. Jack says he thinks Ty already has a job. The new garage also happens to be in Chester, not close to the street. Molly is happy about this, but Ty and Jack don’t share her enthusiasm. Tyrone tells Molly that they’ll do whatever she wants to do and this puts a big smile on her face.

Peter is doing his best to facilitate a relationship between Ken and Simon, regardless of his personal thoughts towards Ken. George is still doing his best at convincing Peter to put Simon in a private school. Peter forgets the fact that Simon was listening to the conversation about his education and has told Ken who is not happy about George’s further influence, naturally. Ken can’t help himself and shows up at George and Eva’s door uninvited, and probably unwelcome. Ken goes to argue his case for Simon’s education, but George thinks that he’s holding Simon back and resents George for helping him. The interaction does not end favourably with George instructing Eva to “lock the door behind him.”

Becky is upset that their rowing is causing Amy to be upset. Steve’s now got his wife and mother unhappy with him. Steve tries to tell Becky he’s sorry but she tells him to save his sorries since they don’t mean anymore than their wedding vows did. Ouch!


– Granddad George complaining that the folk that take their kids to Simon’s current school are all tattooed and lighting up fags. He and Peter agree that it’s frightening. Hrmm, does Peter Barlow not smoke, and does he not have more than one tattoo?


– Joe shamelessly asking to borrow money from Peter Barlow, then shamelessly taking money from his father-in-law-to-be for his debts. When will it end?

– Becky and Steve still rowing over their whole children situation. The subject is dead, quit beating it!

– Pushy Granddad George trying to get more control over Simon by convincing Peter to let Simon go to the private school near him.

– Nick still making cat-eyes at Tina and all. What is the point of this? Isn’t he leaving soon anyway? Maybe Ted was wrong, maybe Nick and David have more in common than he thought.

Looking forward to:

Gail’s wedding day. I love Corrie weddings!

Not looking forward to:

More Becky and Steve rowing!