Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Thu May 19, 2011 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Mark Burt, directed by David Kester

John wonders if Hope recognizes him because her eyesight isn’t fully developed.  John is a troubled, troubled man.  Chesney goes over to Fiz’s to check things out butMay-19-2011-chesney-joh pretends he’s there to pick up his mail.  When Fiz leaves, John confronts Chesney about going to the Hoyles.  John says he’s not angry, but Chesney says he’s not scared.  Chesney tells John that he doesn’t trust her.  John says Fiz knows everything.  Chesney reveals that he knows that John was Charlotte’s ‘fiancé” and all.  He’s got ya there John.  Fiz tells Chesney that what the Hoyle’s are saying about him being engaged to Charlotte is a lie and they must be crazy because they’re grieving.  Chesney’s not buying this for one second.  Chesney points out that he was at their house Christmas day, and he saw the photo and about switching off Charlotte’s life support.  He also tells John about how he went to Joy Fishwick’s place and was there when she died.  John says he happened to May-19-2011-faye-owen be in the wrong place at the wrong time and Chesney says that’s the story of his life.  Chesney asks John how he’d feel about if he told all of this to Fiz, and John says she wouldn’t understand. To which Chesney says that’s his problem.  John begs Chesney not to tell Fiz for Hope’s sake.  Chesney says he’s got until the end of the day – either he talks to her or Chesney will.  We all know that this means that it’s Chesney who probably has until the end of the day.  John’s got a pretty good victim streak so far. 

Katy is still having a lot of morning sickness, as Anna comes to her aid.  In Anna’s kitchen, they talk about how to reveal Katy’s pregnancy.  Anna suggests her form teacher, but Katy quickly vetoes that.  What teenager wants to tell their teacher anything?  Anna tells her she’ll have to tell the head of school the truth but Katy thinks she’ll flip.  Faye doesn’t seem to happy to see Katy there onceMay-19-2011-owen-fiz-katy-pregn again so Katy leaves.  Anna walks Faye to the bus and tries to explain morning sickness and that it’s a woman’s issue.  Faye asks if Katy is pregnant but Anna doesn’t answer.  Faye sneaks off the bus and chases down Owen and informs him that she knows something he doesn’t.  She makes Owen promise that he can’t tell anyone that she told him.  He promises, and she tells him that Katy’s pregnant.  Owen thinks she’s spreading lies, but Faye tells him to ask her himself.  Owen tracks down Katy and asks her dozens of questions and asks her out to eat.  Katy avoids going to eat with her dad and he says that anyone else would think she was suffering from morning May-19-2011-chesney-john-trap sickness.  Katy’s face seizes up at the mention and Owen sees that it’s true.  Owen threatens to do all sorts to Chesney but Katy says if he touches Chesney he’ll never see her again.  Fiz watches this altercation and Owen tells her how Katy’s pregnant. 

Chesney gets a call from Katy at the market saying Owen is looking for him and tells her he’s on his way home.  Only, John has shown up at the market stall.  Erm, who is looking after baby Hope?  John tells Chesney they need to talk.  Chesney says he’s got his own problems and tells John how Katy’s pregnant and Owen knows and is after him.  John tells Chesney again that he and Charlotte were not engaged and that he wants to bring Chesney to the Hoyle’s to have it out with them once and for all.  Don’t go Chesney!  He’s going to trap you in the Hoyle’s newly renovated basement of horrors!  Chesney says he won’t go because Katy needs him now but John begs that he’s trying to save his family.  Chesney agrees to go. 

At the Hoyle’s, no one answers the door so Chesney wants to go home.  Chesney is surprised to find that John has a key to their home (run, Ches, run!) and tells Chesney to go in but Chesney’s hesitant.  Inside the home, they look around for the Hoyle’s and John tells Chesney to look down in the cellar while he checks upstairs.  Chesney opensMay-19-2011-katy-fiz-hug the door to the basement and finds the Hoyle’s bound to the bar rail.  As he runs down to unleash them they all look up at John standing in the door way of the cellar telling them “it’s not what it looks like.”  Whenever anyone says “it’s not what it looks like” it’s always exactly what it looks like – possibly worse. 

Meanwhile, over at Katy’s flat, she Owen and Fiz are waiting for Ches but he’s not answering his mobile.  They hear a knock at the door only it’s John.  John tells Fiz that he’s left Hope with Maria since he had some errands to run.  Errands, eh?  John tells them that he just spoke to Ches on the phone since he rang for Fiz at home.  John says that Chesney seemed upset and scared (well, that’s not May-19-2011-sean-shirt a lie at least).  John says that Chesney just wanted to tell Katy that he’s sorry and he just wishes things could be different.  Fiz asks if it sounded like he’s run away and John says it sounded like that.  Owen figures that’s no surprise and Katy tells him to get out.  Katy sobs but Fiz comforts her saying it’s going to be alright while John stares up into the heavens in the background.  Let’s hope so! 

Sean is enjoying a lovely morning-after breakfast with Marcus and wishes he didn’t have to leave.  Marcus says that the sooner he leaves, the sooner he’ll be back and Sean says he’ll be there waiting.  May-19-2011-rosie-jason-makeup

Rosie comes to Jason’s to “give him a second chance.”  She figures he’s behaved like an insensitive moron but she’ll take him back.  Jason tells her that maybe he doesn’t want to move on and he’s upset about having Tommy Duckworth naked.  Rosie is angry that suggesting that something might have actually happened.  Rosie and Jason have a row in the street over what happened with Tommy.  Jason goes to see Tommy at the garage and Tommy tells him it was a stitch-up.  Tommy tells Jason that Rosie is a good thing and to apologize.  Later in the pub, Eileen does an intervention between Rosie and Jason and tells them that they’re made for each other and need to sort things.  Rosie says that she was insulted by how he and Tommy were May-19-2011-tyrone-quit-weatherfield making a joke about her sister’s sexuality.  Jason apologizes and they’re back on.   

At the garage, Kevin has ordered a new hydraulic lift for HIM to use at that garage that he bought on his own.  Kevin goes on about how fantastic his new lift is and tells Tyrone that he bought it on his own accord with his lottery winnings.  Tommy points out that it’s rather tight in the garage with that lift in there now.  Kevin tells Tyrone that he wants to split the business now and Tyrone’s not happy to hear that but Kevin says he gave him his chance to go in on it.  He really can’t do that.  Tyrone is upset that the lift is just another thing that Kevin has that he hasn’t.  Tommy tries to cheer him up and tells him that time heals.  It sounds like Tyrone is giving up and Tyrone thinks he just might.  Tyrone tells Tommy that his whole life is a bad day and that he might just walk away from Weatherfield.  May-19-2011-dennis-rita

Sophie tells Rita all excitedly about how fantastic the charity housing was in Nottingham.  Dennis asks Sophie that if in the future, she might refrain from telling people where she found him.  Norris let it drop in the pub, according to Rita.  Sophie apologizes telling him she didn’t even think.  Dennis says he doesn’t want to make a big song and dance about it.  Dennis says he feels ashamed that he was down and out.  Sophie says he shouldn’t be ashamed because all she ever thinks about him is pride and Rita agrees. 


– How has Chesney been the only person to see through John Stape? Thank goodness somebody has. 

– Marcus and Sean back together!

– Tommy telling Tyrone that Kevin is just “a big tool with a big tool.”  Touché!

– Eileen trying to help Rosie and Jason get back together.  Say what you want about Eileen being a miserable cow but she’s got heart.


– John just LOVES to kidnap people.  What does he think will happen now? 

– Does anyone else think it’s rather strange to see Rita behind the Kabin counter with any other man but Norris? (Dennis Tanner)

– What a manipulative little thing that Faye is.  Her and Amy Barlow will be the best of friends one day. 

– Is Sean borrowing blouses from Eileen’s closet now?  I thought I was having a seizure looking at that shirt. 

– John will just lie to the bitter, bitter end. 

– Katy is worried if she tells her teachers at school about her pregnancy that they’ll flip.  They’re going to figure out you’re pregnant sooner or later, and I’m not exactly sure that being pregnant is a good excuse to miss exams.  Unless… you get a really long doctor’s note?  She’d have to rearrange her schooling at a later date possibly in a different school.  Too bad Katy didn’t think that being a pregnant teenager would be rather difficult. 

– Sometimes I like when there is music playing in the background on Corrie in such scenes like in the Rover’s, the salon etc.  But, sometimes it’s so loud over the actor’s voices that I find it annoying that I have to strain to hear what they’re saying.  Case in point: Anna’s kitchen when Katy was talking about revealing her pregnancy. 


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