Don’t Be Stupid: Thu May 26, 2011 Corrie Episode Review


Written by David Lane, directed by Peter Rose

John is still egging Fiz on to move away from Weatherfield with the impending “threat” that Colin will show his face around there again.  Well, which just might happen May-26-2011-john-hoyle actually.  Fiz reminds John that they have no money and no where to go, plus all of Hope’s support is there.  Fiz is worried about Chesney but John tries to brush his disappearance off.

In the Hoyle’s cellar of horrors, Chesney starts to theorize that too many people end up dead that have been around John.  Chesney thinks that John killed Charlotte and made it look like an accident, and Mrs. Hoyle thinks that John’s capable of anything.  Mr. Hoyle thinks John won’t get away with this!  John arrives back to care for them and tells them he’s doing his best to run away with Fiz.  He unties Mr. Hoyle to go use the washroom, Mr. Hoyle tries to play the hero and tries to grapple with John.  Of course, John is younger and stronger and pushes the weak Mr. Hoyle back causing him to fall down the stairs and bump his head leaving him with a bleeding May-26-2011-owen-fiz head injury.  Mrs. Hoyle begs him to take Mr. Hoyle to the hospital, but John just panics and leaves him there saying “it’s only a scratch.”

Owen finds Fiz at work and threatens that Chesney better not be ‘goin’ ‘round making other lass’ pregnant.”  Seriously?  Any more lass’?  What does he think Chesney is? The great impregnator?  Owen talks to Frank about the drainage problem in Underworld.  Frank ‘swindles’ Owen into giving him an estimate, but they make a deal that Owen is to dig up the pipes.  If nothing is wrong, then Underworld will pay in full, if there IS something wrong, then Owen will foot the bill for the repairs.  Of course, by threatening to sue Owen for more than he can afford.  Will they unearth Colin Fishwick’s telltale stench?

Back at home, Fiz comes in to tell John that the factory’s closing down but just for a few days.  They need to start digging under the floor to find out where that terrible “sewage” stench is coming from and what’s causing it.  JohnMay-26-2011-tina-xin knows very well what’s causing it and you can see in his face that he’s crumbling the last left to crumble.

Tina is missing Graeme, and wants more time for him to herself so tries to oust Xin from their outings.  At least he still remembers how she likes her toast.  Tina has people thinking she’s got a new fella since she’s got “dates” she goes on into town – only they’re with Graeme.  Later, Xin has good news – she’s found a job in Edinburgh.  Tina thinks this is fantastic since it’ll give Graeme and her good grounds to divorce – claiming they can’t do the distance.  Oh yeah, because Graeme’s full-time window washing career is really something to stay in Weatherfield for.  Do you think Graeme will leave to Edinburgh with Xin eventually?

May-26-2011-sylvie Tracy goes into Roy’s and tries to order a soya milkshake, but gets told by Sylvie, Roy’s mum, that “children shouldn’t have allergies.”  Where does she get off?  Tracy puts her to rights and rightfully so.  Tracy figures anyone would think she asked for a unicorn sandwich and she can’t wait to get Amy somewhere “more civilized.” Steve says that moving Amy away won’t benefit her.  Later, Becky assures Steve that Tracy isn’t going anywhere.  She’s got it too comfortable there and won’t leave.  Becky left out the fact that Tracy is in love with Steve so that’s why she won’t leave.

At the salon, Kylie tries to love up Kylie.  David is still on her back about Max and why she keeps him over there with Becky and Steve.  David suggests “doing a Tracy” and just taking the kid off of them that was rightfully hers.  He is May-26-2011-becky-steve right – she could just easily take him off of them.  It’s their word against hers.  They’re the one’s who’ll go to jail if the truth comes out anyway.  In the Rovers, David manipulatively tells Becky that he and Kylie are really thankful that Becky is looking after Max.  He then tells Becky that now that Kylie and he are married and have a settled home other (not really, he lives in his childhood bedroom in his mother’s home, but small detail) and Becky starts to freak and whistles Steve over – like he’s a dog.  Kylie tells David she though they were just coming to the Rovers for a quiet drink.  David says that they’re prepared to go to court over Max but Becky asks Kylie if that’s what she wants.  Fact of the matter is, Kylie doesn’t even want to care for her son.

May-26-2011-jeff-sally At Sally’s, Kev is sat on the couch “hating” watching daytime telly.  Kevin offers to get fish and chips for dinner but Sally turns him down since she’s meeting Jeff.  Jeff takes Sally to a champagne lunch to which she freaks that she has to operate a sewing machine after!  Sounds like fun to me.  Jeff tells her that France with her was the best time of his life, and he only has one regret.  That he didn’t propose to her then.  He gets down on one knee and proposes to her in Nick’s Bistro, only doesn’t get the response he’d hoped for.  She tells him she’s flattered but it’s too soon, and leaves him there.  Later, Jeff goes over to Sally’s to apologize.  He’s upset and ends up telling Kevin that he proposed and Sally said no.  Sally moves Jeff to the conservatory and tells him she can’t even begin to think about being married again.  Jeff accuses Sally of it all being about Kevin, and she’s trying to convince herself that it isn’t. Sally wonders if he ever even thinks she wants to enjoy being a single woman without some over-bearing man trying to run her life.  Jeff should have met Julie instead.  I suppose this is the end of Jeff?


– Sean to Owen at Underworld: “You spend any more time here, you’ll be invited to the staff Christmas party.”

– Jeff’s romantic gesture, even if Sally didn’t appreciate it.

– Yay, Xin got a job in Edinburgh!  Is this the end of this terrible ruin-of-Graeme storyline?


– What on earth was that music in the background of Graeme and Xin’s Tina’s?

– Owen “threatening” Fiz that Chesney won’t be ‘going ‘round making other lass’ pregnant’ if he can help it.  SERIOUSLY?  Other lass’? Pfft.

– Where does Sylvie get off judging other people’s children’s health problems?  Last time I checked, she wasn’t exactly mother-of-the-year.

– Sally BETTER not take Kevin back over Jeff.  Honestly, she’s better off alone.  He’s such a rumpled pair of pants.

– David to Kylie, about their marriage: “And they said it wouldn’t last.”  What’s it been? TWO MONTHS? Ha-ha.

– Are we supposed to believe that John’s captives only need to use the loo once a day?  If that’s even how often John visits them?  Also, was baby Hope just sat in the car or upstairs while he deals with his captives?  Oh, this is SO wrong.

– Why didn’t Chesney try to get past John on his loo break instead of the aged Mr. Hoyle?


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