Grab My Baby: Fri June 3, 2011 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Carmel Morgan, directed by Ian Bevitt

Chesney and Maria are with Fiz in hospital – who’s only had bruised ribs and a concussion by the way – after being hit by Owen on the street while running after John (who hadJune-3-2011-john-teach been hiding in the attic the whole time – he likes attics) who held baby Hope captive.  The detective quizzes Fiz on where John might be but she has no idea.  John shows up at the hospital disguised as a doctor with Baby Hope in his arms.  He begs Fiz to believe that he has a plan for them but Fiz is only appeasing him so that she can get Hope back.  John tries to tell Fiz that Charlotte was the one who was “nutters” while Fiz tries to get him to hand over Hope and patronizes him at the same time.  When John turns his back, Fiz manages to press the “emergency” button on her bed. John is completely delusional at this point going on about chopping wood and making their garden grow.  Oh, how sad.  Fiz tries to go along with John but the nurse comes in wondering what’s the matter with Fiz since she pressed her alert light and John realizes she was playing him. He runs away with the baby and Fiz yells to have someone stop him.  The police spot John and he runs to the elevator where there’s a woman talking to him about the rates the hospital charges.  Just another awkward John Stape scene.  John has made his way to the roof and Fiz and crew follow after. 

On the roof, John cries that all he ever wanted to do was teach, but people died because he wanted to teach.  John teeters to the edge of the roof with Hope in his arms.  Fiz tries to talk him off the ledge, but he’s so far gone that the situation looks dire.  John fears how now some strange man will have his daughter calling him “daddy.”  Fiz begs with him not to hurt Hope.  John hands Hope over, watches his wife and baby, then falls back wards off the roof in what looks like a suicide mission.  Below, we can see a pool of blood emerge from John’s head as his body lay still on the ground.  It’s only assumed that he has not survived this fall.  Only, later the police detective informs Fiz June-3-2011-becky-accusation that when they went down to retrieve the body, it had vanished.  How is that possible?  Here is one theory.   

Becky wonders who must have tipped off the social workers.  Of course, her first thought is that Kylie has tipped them off.  Becky storms into the salon and confronts Kylie about ratting her out, but Kylie reminds her that she doesn’t want Max in care either.  

Meanwhile, Ken asks Tracy whether or not she tipped off social services, but Tracy says if she knew what Steve had up his sleeve regarding Amy that she’d have made the call a long time ago.  At the Rovers later, Becky accuses Tracy of calling social services on them.  Tracy makes light of this accusation saying she did no such thing, plus she pokes fun at Becky.  This of course intensifies Becky’s rage and suspicion.  Becky goes into a huge foaming-at-the-mouth fit as Tracy quietly leaves and Steve tells her she’s making things worse.  That’s kind of her thing though, isn’t it?  Becky makes it MUCH worse by smashing through the Barlow’s front door with a sledgehammer.  She makes her way in and proceeds to smash apart the Barlow’s living room while the entire street watches on.  She is SERIOUSLY out of control, Steve BEST get rid.  Could Owen and Jason NOT have restrained her?  Tracy cries and pleads with Becky that it wasn’t her who called social services.  Steve can’t take it any more so he let’s the cat out of the bag and admits that it was HIM who called social services.  Becky at first doesn’t believe him, then falls to a potato-sack heap on the floor in Steve’s arms.  Back at the Rover’s, it’s a shock that Becky hasn’t been arrested for break in enter and vandalism, never mind harassment and aggravated assault, but she’s back pouting with Steve swaning around her making excuses.  Becky leaves the Rovers but not before spitting in Steve’s face.


– Tracy to Becky: “Ask-a me on a Mon-day I say ‘yeees,’ ask-a me on a Tues-day I say…” What was that accent?

– Did anyone else have THIS SONG in their head when Becky was blowing through the Barlow’s front door? 

– Even though I do not condone Becky’s behaviour what-so-ever in banging up the Barlow’s living room, it was nice to see Tracy a sobbing mess.  Don’t feel bad for her – just the Barlow’s.

– Steve, referring to Max, to Becky: “We’ll get him back.  Probably.”


– Becky talking about how you have to get on the floor with kiddies etc.  Since when is she the master of parenting?  For the entire six minutes she’s had Max in her care?

– John Stape: “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”  Yeah, too bad today is today.

– The sad, sad story of John Stape.  John: “All I ever wanted to do was teach.”

– Becky staring through the Barlow’s now-kindling-front-door like she was from The Shining, “Heeeeere’s BECKY!”

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