Dennis Tanner and the Missing Tenner: Thu June 16, 2011 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Damon Rochefort, directed by Graeme Harper

Steve’s not so sure Becky will return, after what he’s done.  But he’s onto more important things: custody of Amy and manipulating Tracy into giving it to him.  Tracy lays into June-16-2011-crazy-barmaid Tina about being upset over losing Graeme and Tina’s not having it.   Tracy is sucking up to Steve because she is still under the impression that he will promote her to bar manager.  Steve lets her think this and even gives her the rest of the afternoon off – but only so he can have her out of the way when he interviews for the position of bar manager.  Tracy tells what she thinks is good news to mum Deirdre, who is more concerned with progressing to glazing her own pots.  Tracy leaves her mother to picking up Amy but not before calling her selfish. 

Meanwhile, back at the Rovers Steve is interviewing bar manager candidates in the back.  He interviews a dodgy giggler named June-16-2011-steve-by-tracySheila who thinks that the Rover’s is a palace and “Ben and Jerry” her mastiffs (or “backup”) will love the yard!  “Next!”  Luckily for Steve, Stella arrives and she even manages to get Tommy to properly ask Tina out on a date.  Stella quickly manages to wrap Steve around her little finger – although that’s not an challenging feat.  She tells him that she’ll have to have live-in accommodations or she cannot take the job, before he’s even offered it.  He agrees to her terms since it’s “only him” up there now and she tells him she’ll let him know if she’ll accept his offer before the end of the day. 

The solicitor arrives at the Rovers with Steve’s custody agreement ready to sign and Tracy walks in dressed to kill.  Well, not literally – not this time.  Tracy is more interested in her and Steve going for a romantic dinner than signing some longJune-16-2011-tina-drunk agreement.  She agrees to sign it and doesn’t even want to read it all because Steve has enticed her with the thought of going to a romantic dinner at a new Italian restaurant.  Later, Stella arrives at the Rovers and Tracy ask who the hell is she and is in for a shock when Stella informs her that she’s the new bar manager.  Tracy says to Steve that he promised her that job, to which he basically said “get stuffed” told her the job was taken and that she was fired.  Tracy says that he’ll regret that, but he says he’ll take his chances.  Go Steve!

At Nick’s bistro, Tommy continues to buy Tina shots of tequila at her boozy insistence.  When she goes to the little girls room, Cheryl – who has been basically the third wheel on their date at arms reach – tells Tommy that Tina’s drinking away her sorrows and he should be a gentleman.  It hadn’t occurred to me that he was being any less of one at this June-16-2011-norris-judy-garland given time.  What every guy likes to hear out on a date with a girl he likes – “she’s not trying to have a good time, she’s drinking herself into a coma to block stuff out.”  When she returns, Tommy says she’s had enough and offers to walk her home.  Of course, she gets insulted asking if he thinks she’s twelve and that if he doesn’t want her, someone else will!  Tommy just can’t win with this girl!  (Or any girl for that matter).  Tina stumbles out into the street in broad daylight knocking about the topiaries until Tommy comes out and walks her home.  She apologizes to him and says he’s not such a bad guy underneath it all. 

Norris gawks as he sees Sean and Marcus arrive with Dylan in tow.  Norris wouldn’t trust Sean to look after a stray cat never mind a baby!  Over at Eileen’s, little Dylan is overwhelmed by his new home as everyone tries to get him to eat Julie’s spag bol, and he has to say goodbye to Mummy on the phone.  Later at the Rover’s Norris gossips about Eileen and all the gay men she takes in with Rita, Dennis and Sylvia.  Sylvia figures that the way that young people are these days two men would have just as much a chance atJune-16-2011-gary-worried raising a baby than anyone else.  Norris (figuring she knows that Hayley was once Harold) says that she must have an opinion about it.  Rita tries to keep Norris quit, realizing that Sylvia has no clue.  Especially when Sylvia wonders why Roy and Hayley didn’t have children of their own since Hayley is “that type.”  Dennis continues to “look” for that missing tenner to buy everyone drinks.  Must be in his other jacket. 

Gary waits for Izzy after work but is told that she already left to see an old mate of hers.  Later, he finds her in the cafe and gets angry that she wasn’t at work when he was waiting for her.  He goes all crazy possessive when she tries to introduce him to her mate, Will.  He gets even more upset when he finds out that she’s going out with Will and her old Freshco mates for tomorrow.  Izzy is, needless to say, put off by his attitude. 

Julie’s still on her hunt for Brian and figures if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.  How hard would it be to track this guy down?  You know his name and Fiz would know where he teaches.  It’s not exactly a needle in a haystack situation here.  Unless he’s gone into hiding from John Stape!  She figures her potential romance is like something out of some serendipitous romance film.  Eileen likens it to “Dumb and Dumber.”


– It’s amazing how much Steve McDonald gets done without Becky in the way!  She’s gone for only a few days and already he’s taken back control of his pub and his daughter.June-16-2011-sylvie-rita  

– Steve manipulating Tracy like that was a dirty move, but Tracy deserves it, so “highlight!”

– Norris’s comment about not being able to even look at a turkey baster any more after knowing how Dylan was conceived.

– When Steve asks Tina if she could bring he and Stella two teas and some biscuits or perhaps some cakes and she asks “is this Downton Abbey?”  No, it’s not because if it were Liam Connor would still be on our screens!

– Norris’ distaste of the cheapskate Dennis.

– Rita, to Sylvia in the Rovers: “Come for a drink?” Sylvia: “What gave it away?”

– Norris, re Eileen: “There were more gay men come through her door than at Judy Garland’s funeral!”

– OH that look of shock when Tracy realized she’d be duped by Stevey-boy!  ATTA boy!June-16-2011-norris-dennis


– Tracy making fun of Graeme for washing windows for a living.  Puh-lease, as opposed to what she does? Whatever that happens to be at whatever time?!  I would take 100 Graeme’s for 1 Tracy any day.

– Have you ever seen someone roll their eyes for SO long as Tina did when Tommy told her that he likes to dress up for a beautiful woman?  Ha-ha. 

– I don’t really like or condone Gary’s possessive behaviour, but you have to admit he looks cute when he’s angry!

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