Relentless Intrusion: Mon June 20, 2011 Corrie Episode Review



Written by Chris Fewtrell, directed by John Anderson

Sylvia thinks that Roy and Hayley need to kick out Becky and that they’re “parenting skills” with her are terrible.  She hopes they do a better job with her real grandchildren asJune-20-2011-Sylvia-sex-change Hayley and Roy give each other strange looks.  Later, Sylvia grills Roy on why they never had children.  He lies and says they never wanted any.  Sylvia doesn’t buy this and assumes there must be some kind of impediment.  Roy says the only impediment is him trying to prepare breakfast in the face of her relentless intrusion.  Sylvia snoops around about Roy and Hayley’s childless situation and goes straight to the source: Norris.  Norris is kept mum by Rita, but he does divulge that the Croppers did try to adopt.  Sylvia figures she’s missing something now since Roy said they didn’t want children.  Sylvia thinks that Roy must be firing blanks.  At the cafe, Sylvia tells the Croppers she’s been rummaging around and has found Hayley’s prescription for hormone pills.  Sylvia assumes that Hayley is using them to help her through menopause, but at first the Croppers think she knows about the sex change and is taking it surprisingly well.  The Croppers later try to figure out how to tell Sylvia the truth.  Hayley decides that they’ll tell Sylvia after tea June-20-2011-steve-sad that evening. Later, Sylvie returns with an Aloe Vera plant for Hayley thinking it’ll help her skin during menopause.  Tracy overhears this as she walks into the cafe, and of course lets the cat out of the bag that Hayley is not going through menopause, rather she is a transsexual. 

Over at the Rover’s, Steve’s dealing with the invasion of Stella and her family.  He looks as though he really hates his life and wishes things were how they “used to be” whatever that is.  Stella gets on Karl about finding a job.  Karl finds Lloyd in the cafe and says he just talked to Fat Brenda and she said they’re looking for more drivers, so he asks Lloyd for a job.  It looks like if his references check out, he’s good to go.  Karl finds Becky behind the counter at the cafe and assumes she works there.  He tells her that he’s got a job with street cars, and Becky immediately pounces on him in her tarty way but Karl makes a getaway.  Becky sees Steve on her way to the shops and she gives him a bitter June-20-2011-karl-beckyreception.  Get rid, Steve! 

At the Rover’s later, Tracy comes into the pub and tries to “warn” Stella about how rowdy the Rovers can be and how Steve is a very “hands on” employer.  Puh-lease, as if  that’d turn her off anyway if she even believed it!  Stella quickly brushes her off and Steve is impressed.  Then, Becky walks in.  Becky sizes Stella up, but Stella tells Becky she’s boxed up her things, and she doesn’t want any trouble.  After a momentary stare-down Becky quietly orders a pint.  Steve is really impressed now as Becky bottles it.  But not for long.  Becky is drunk as a skunk and attempts to throw herself at Karl again.  That is, until Stella catches her taking a chunk of his behind in her bejewelled ale-scented hand, among other things.  Becky calls Stella a sour-faced old bag and Stella tells her to leave.  Becky treats Stella like crap until Steve walks in and asks what the hell is going on. 

June-20-2011-eileen-parenting Little Dylan is still not eating since he misses his mum too much.  Later, Marcus was supposed to go back to work and drop Dylan off with Maria only he thought Dylan was looking a bit under the weather so he took him to the medical clinic instead.  Since he had to take the afternoon off to take him to the clinic, he decided to just cancel his whole shift and take Dylan to the pictures instead.  Maria sees Sean later and tells him that Dylan is with Marcus and how he had taken him to the clinic.  Sean freaks out and says he should have been there to comfort Dylan and Marcus had no right keeping it from him. 

Peter stomps out a fag to throw the football around with son Simon, only until it accidentally hits Carla who happens to be walking by.  You’d have never thought that Peter was disabled and almost killed but 6 months ago.  Carla flirts with Peter before giving him the ball back.  Leanne and Peter come into the pub later, and Stella apologizes for keeping them waiting and gives them drinks on the house.  Leanne asks if she’s sure since she didn’t keep them waiting that long – but Stella responds that it’s been far too long.  Peter tells Leanne about Carla’s run-in with Simon’s football. 

Meanwhile, it seems like Carla has been flirting with Frank who has been busy bringing in good potential clients. 


Written by Simon Crowther, directed by John Anderson

Becky is being kicked out of the pub, but she claims it’s her since she’s married to Steve.  Becky accuses Karl of being all over her this morning, but Karl disputes it.  Becky  blubbers in the back room to Steve about how he used to be loyal before they were married, but now that they are, he’s not.  Becky’s still very hurt about Becky’s “son” being taken from her.  Eva walks in and Becky assumes that she’s been sharing Steve’s bed until Eva quickly corrects her.  Becky lies to Steve that she slept with someone else last weJune-20-2011-roy-braceek and Steve shouts at Becky to get out.  Later, Stella tries to convince Steve to work things out with his wife and tells Karl that she’s still cool on him. 

Roy tries to put out the fire burning in his mother’s gut after she found out that Hayley used to be Harold.  He tells her that everyone accepts Hayley as she is, but Sylvia is silent.  When Hayley returns from Freshco’s, Sylvia leaves the room and Hayley wonders what it’s about.  Hayley wants to talk to Sylvia but Roy advises against it.  Hayley has more problems to deal with as Becky returns to her cafe sanctuary.  The Croppers try to tell her to make up with Steve as well.  Becky notices something is wrong, and the Croppers tell her.  Sylvia comes down and Hayley tells her to sit down – they need to talk.  Hayley tries to talk to Sylvia about her situation but Sylvia is not taking it well and cannot wrap her head around it.  Roy figures that this is all about her history of constantly being ashamed of him.  Sylvia says that she was never ashamed of him, just disappointed in him.  Wait, isn’t that sort of the same thing?!  Roy reminds his mother that Hayley June-20-2011-sean-eileen and he have welcomed her into their home and she’s got no where else to go, so she best just keep quiet and accept it.  Well, not in so many words but you catch my drift.  Later, up in the flat, Becky tells Sylvia that Hayley is “just Hayley Cropper, simple as that.”  Becky is all done up and goes to find Steve.  Steve comes into the cafe instead completely angry at Becky.  Becky admits she lied about sleeping with other men, but Steve is very upset still.  He tells Becky he’s filing for divorce since he hasn’t got any fight left. 

Marcus finally returns home with Dylan.  Sean lays into him about not being able to get get a hold of them and that he’d nearly called the police.  Marcus realized that he hadn’t turned his phone back on after the pictures, but Sean is still upset.  Marcus blames Sean for feeding Dylan a dodgy burger the other day and Sean figures that maybe two dads is too much and he should be doing this on his own.  Marcus tells him to decide.  Later in the pub, Sean apologizes to Marcus. He says Marcus makes parenting so easy, but Marcus just tells him not to panic.  Marcus suggest they go out, since Eileen is babysitting. 

The aunties are finally leaving Coronation Street.  The ladies argue between each other – to the last minute I suppose.

DC Redfern pays a visit to Carla in the pub and doesn’t like his interrogation.  Peter sees the man bothering Carla and goes over to try to settle it as Leanne tells him to stay out of it.  DC Redfern is sent away when he realizes Carla is drunk anyway.  Peter obviously still has feelings for Carla and Leanne gets jealous about it. 


– So far, the only member of the new family that I like is Karl, the boyfriend.  Stella and her daughter seem rather forced and fluffy. June-20-2011-stella-trouble

– Roy: “I’m not particularly good with children.”  Sylvia: “Well, you’re not good with adults either, but you manage.”

– Sylvia, about Roy and Hayley: “I must be missing something here.” Norris: “She’s not the only one.”

– Steve: “My days of fearing women are well and truly over.”  PFFFFFTTTT.

– How cute are little Liam and little Dylan?

– Is that the biggest Aloe Vera plant you’ve EVER seen?!


– All Sylvia ever does is complain, complain, complain!  Girl needs a mute button!

– The whole Sylvia thinking that Roy and Hayley would have children was an obvious ploy to reveal Hayley’s sexuality.  Seriously, Roy is about SIXTY and Hayley isn’t exactly a “spring chicken” herself.  Did she seriously think these two would have a baby at this point?! Just ridiculous! 

– Does anyone else find Eva useless and annoying?  We already have ONE Rosie Webster.

– I really enjoyed the aunties last time they were on our screens, but this return I found them just quite annoying and irrelevant.

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