Who is Blanche?

Blanche Hunt (nee Linfield) is a long running fictional character on the popular British soap opera Coronation Street.  She was originally to be portrayed by Patricia Cutts (for the first episode), but the actress sadly passed away and was replaced by the wonderful Maggie Jones, whom has portrayed Blanche since 1974 off and on, and more permanentely since 1998.

Blanche is Deirdre Barlow’s mother.  She is often described as having an “acid tongue” as she makes unnecessary insensitive comments, often to her daughter.  Although this behaviour upsets Deirdre, Blanche occasionally admits to caring for her daughter.

For many years, Blanche ran a corset business from her home on Victoria Road.  Her husband, Donald Hunt, was a bank manager.  He died January 1963 after being knocked down outside their house by a black Ford Prefect.

She got a job working as a barmaid at the Rovers Return Inn for landlady Annie Walker.  Annie was impressed with Blanche’s work ethic as she proved popular with the male customers.

1975, Deirdre and her new husband, Ray Langton, moved in with Blanche on Victoria Road.  Blanche gave up her corset business and helped run the corner store.

In 1976, Blanche had an affair with her old war-time love, Dave Smith.  She moved to the Midlands to help Dave run his Country Club in Kenilworth.  Her affair ended a year later, and she returned to Weatherfield to help Deirdre raise her new daughter Tracy.  Blanche was engaged to Warwickshire vet Steve Bassett, but they split up.  Blanche sold her home on Victoria Road.

In 1981, Blanche returned to Weatherfield again for Deirdre’s wedding to Ken Barlow.  She moved back north, and was seen infrequently.

In 1993, she returned back again after suffering from a stroke, and was cared for by Deirdre.

She was seen back again in 1998, when she sold her flat and returned to Weatherfield.  She helped fuse Ken and Deirdre back together again.  Blanche moved into 1 Coronation Street with Deirdre and Ken.  Since then, she has had her share of storylines, but mostly her share of one-liners.

5 thoughts on “Who is Blanche?

    • Hello Liz,

      As far as I have heard, things are steadily improving, but I of course cannot comment for sure, as I do not know exactly. That’s the last we’ve heard though. Hopefully she’ll be back on our screens!


  1. hi Blanche when is ur funeral and more funny facts from u and peter Barlow is really drunk cant stop drinking and he is making |Simon really scared by talking really loud and wants back up.

    • Hello philippa,

      I am informed that Blanche’s funeral will take place sometime this May. Unfortunately, there probably won’t be any more new funny facts from Blanche, but possibly some old vintage ones!

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