Blanche Album

Here are some good pictures of Blanche:

This is how she looks currently:

Blanche, circa 2007

Blanche, circa 2007

Blanche Hunt, circa 2003, The Rovers

Blanche Hunt, circa 2003

Blanche Hunt, circa 2003

Blanche Hunt, circa 1981, Ken & Deirdre’s Wedding (the first one)

Blanche Hunt, circa 1981

Blanche Hunt, circa 1981

Blanche Hunt, 1975, Barmaid at the Rovers


Blanche Hunt, circa 1975

Blanche Hunt, 1974, Arrival on the Street


Blanche Hunt, circa 1974

Patricia Cutts, circa 1974, whom played the first Blanche, for about one episode, before the actress sadly committed suicide.

Blanche Hunt, circa 1974

Blanche Hunt, circa 1974

12 thoughts on “Blanche Album

    • Good luck with that! Some advice for your journey: Be completely set in your ways, easily disappointed and generally unimpressed. An interest in morbidity helps.

  1. Hi, we featured your website on our radio show the other week, and it is now available in our podcast – number 20. We also love Blanche, and are always using “ooh….nasty gash” on our show.

    We also posted a link back to your site, and wondered if you would do the same!

    many thanks

    Murry and Antony

  2. I luv Blanche. I have a sweet memory of her very sweet person in an episode of Halellujah! which I still see in her (I know, I’m kidding myself!)

  3. Blanche is a real star in Corrie. The recent episode at the AA meeting was priceless. Let’s hope Blanche stays around for many years to come.

  4. While serving in Afghanistan all the lads love to watch Corrie just to hear Blanche’s one liners. Blanch we will fight our battles, you fight yours and get back on the street.

    Hope you get well soon. regards

    from 3 Para Afghanistan.

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