More Images of Blanche’s Funeral

Here are some more images of Blanche’s funeral courtesy of Now Magazine UK.

Coronation Street films Blanche’s funeral

MailOnline reports that Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre Barlow, Blanche’s daughter) was overcome with emotion as they filmed Blanche’s on-screen funeral.

The funeral will see Tracy out of prison to attend and a scuffle happen between her and Becky over little Amy Barlow (whom of which has been re-cast).

In classic Coronation Street fashion, there will be a brawl ‘n all at Blanche’s funeral.  Too bad she’s going to miss it.

Images courtesy of Daily Mail Online UK.

Maggie Jones (our Blanche) is ill, but improving.

Maggie Jones Sick copyI should have mentioned this sooner on here when I found out over the weekend, but alas, I didn’t.  I was too sad.  However, it seems there is a glimmer of hope for Maggie Jone’s condition at the moment, so I shall blog to celebrate that at least.

Maggie, 75, was taken to Salford Royal Hospital last Saturday.  She had an emergency operation performed for a pre-existing condition.  Of course, that pre-existing condition is a private matter, but honestly, she’s in her 70’s, it could be anything.

More recently, we’ve been informed that Maggie’s condition is looking the better, however she is still critical.  Our prayers are with her.

So bad news: Maggie is ill, and that means no Blanche on our screens for quite some time.  Tragic.  Good news: She’s on the upswing!

Let’s hope they treat Maggie well in the hospital!  We all know what Blanche has to say about public vs. private health care!

Sources: BBC News, Manchester Evening News

Barack on the cobbles???

June 16 gossip barack on street

So, apparently Barack Obama has a distant cousin by the name of Dawn Galley through his great-great-great grandad Fulmuth Kearney who came from a small village in Ireland.

Great-great-great grandad?  At that point down the line, I’m probably related to Barack as well!

Nonetheless, Dawn lives in Salford, Greater Manchester, and wants to make part-Irish Obama an honorary Mancurian as well.  How better to do that than to invite him for a tour of The Street?  That’s what Dawn intends to do if Barack comes for a visit!

So is that what I have to do to get a tour of The Street?  Become president of the USA? Hmm….

Also, Irish band “The Corrigans” wrote a song called “There’s No One as Irish as Barack Obama.”  That sounds like a great drinking song!

Check it out if you’re curious!:

Source: The Sun UK

Fiz to be married? = Chesney steals car!

June 13 2009 gossip chesney

Well, this is one crazy spoiler.  No pun intended.

Chesney decides to steal a sportscar after he finds out that his sister Fiz is set to marry John Stape!  What? prison wedding?  I guess orange (or blue it seems) will be their “wedding colour.”

Oh, and the new sportscar?  It’s Rosie Websters?  Bought with by John’s cash, how fitting.

He drives around like mad, and almost hits Anna Windass.  He confesses all to her, BUT instead of getting mad, she feels sorry for him, and helps him clear his evidence out of the car and pretend it all didn’t happen.

Is he like Gary junior to her?  She screwed up on Gary, so she’ll find a new red-headed boy to do right by?

Well, I don’t have to say it, but I will.  What would Blanche say?

Source: The Sun UK

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Blanche still got it copy

Dear WWBS followers,

I’m pleased (and proud) to announce that I will be joining forces with Coronation Street Blog by becoming a contributor.

I will be writing episode recaps for this blog, which you can find here, as of today:

That being said, What Would Blanche Say blog is still ALIVE AND WELL!

I will be continuing to blog here as well, on all the marvelous wit that is of Blanche Hunt, as well as on our twitter page!