Coronation Street films Blanche’s funeral

MailOnline reports that Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre Barlow, Blanche’s daughter) was overcome with emotion as they filmed Blanche’s on-screen funeral.

The funeral will see Tracy out of prison to attend and a scuffle happen between her and Becky over little Amy Barlow (whom of which has been re-cast).

In classic Coronation Street fashion, there will be a brawl ‘n all at Blanche’s funeral.  Too bad she’s going to miss it.

Images courtesy of Daily Mail Online UK.

Maggie Jones (our Blanche) is ill, but improving.

Maggie Jones Sick copyI should have mentioned this sooner on here when I found out over the weekend, but alas, I didn’t.  I was too sad.  However, it seems there is a glimmer of hope for Maggie Jone’s condition at the moment, so I shall blog to celebrate that at least.

Maggie, 75, was taken to Salford Royal Hospital last Saturday.  She had an emergency operation performed for a pre-existing condition.  Of course, that pre-existing condition is a private matter, but honestly, she’s in her 70’s, it could be anything.

More recently, we’ve been informed that Maggie’s condition is looking the better, however she is still critical.  Our prayers are with her.

So bad news: Maggie is ill, and that means no Blanche on our screens for quite some time.  Tragic.  Good news: She’s on the upswing!

Let’s hope they treat Maggie well in the hospital!  We all know what Blanche has to say about public vs. private health care!

Sources: BBC News, Manchester Evening News

Fiz to be married? = Chesney steals car!

June 13 2009 gossip chesney

Well, this is one crazy spoiler.  No pun intended.

Chesney decides to steal a sportscar after he finds out that his sister Fiz is set to marry John Stape!  What? prison wedding?  I guess orange (or blue it seems) will be their “wedding colour.”

Oh, and the new sportscar?  It’s Rosie Websters?  Bought with by John’s cash, how fitting.

He drives around like mad, and almost hits Anna Windass.  He confesses all to her, BUT instead of getting mad, she feels sorry for him, and helps him clear his evidence out of the car and pretend it all didn’t happen.

Is he like Gary junior to her?  She screwed up on Gary, so she’ll find a new red-headed boy to do right by?

Well, I don’t have to say it, but I will.  What would Blanche say?

Source: The Sun UK

The Week Ahead: Mon Jun 15 – Fri Jun 19

Monday June 15, 2009

Tony spends the night at Maria‘s, much to the shock of Audrey and NatashaMaria protests that he’s only staying until the baby’s born.  Girl, please.

David tries to get Gail to forgive him, again.  You know she will, she always does.  As Blanche would say: “that Gail, never happy unless she’s got someone else’s hands ’round her throat!”

Rosie recieves a prison visiting-order from John Stape.  When she arrives, he tells her that he’s giving her his entire inheritance from the sale of his Gran‘s house.  This shocks the gloss off Rosie!

Kevin sees Molly and Jason getting close and wonders if there’s something untoward going on.  He confronts Jason, but Jason is insulted at the thought of it.

Wednesday June 17, 2009

Rosie starts skipping off work and going on spending sprees, Sally is suspicious.

Fiz is shocked when she finds out that John gave Rosie his inheritance.  When she calls the prison, she finds he’s been put on suicide watch.  Oh, how melodramatic!

Molly makes a date with Kevin to workout after work.  Uh oh.  Kevin tells Molly that he accused Jason of having a thing for her.  This can’t go over well…

Friday June 19, 2009

On the day of their big run, Tyrone phones Molly to tell her he can’t make it.  Good thing ‘ole Kevin is there to stand-in.  Molly finishes 10th in the race, thanks to Kevin.

Slug, Becky‘s ex, shows up in the pub much to her chagrin. What does he want now???

Eileen hears from Claire that she’s taking her sons to see General Custard at the community centre.  Will Eileen re-unite with her one-time-partner-in-childrens-drama?  I say yes, since they end up swapping numbers!  New couple alert! Jesse & Eileen.  I’m thinking Jessleen.  lol.

Tyrone realizes that Jack‘s luggage has a spanish tag on it, when he was supposed to be in Blackpool!  Jack admits that he’s gone on holiday with ConnieTyrone‘s not a happy camper.

Fiz still can’t get a hold of John.  Is this the end for John?  (say yes?)

Abort!: Recap Friday June 5, 2009

June 5 2009

David is still hiding Joe‘s pills, but Joe went and begged at the clinic, so he’s all good.

Poppy complains to Steve again about Betty‘s poor-workmanship.

Gary tells David that he wants to case the house before they rob the house first.  David concedes eventually and they go in disguises looking conspicuous.  Poor Audrey‘s house!

Blanche thinks that Peter is putting on a performance about his drinking problems.  Ken is giving Peter the benefit of the doubt.  Ken thinks Peter has serious psychological problems.

David lets Graeme in on his plot.  He’s not even going to be at his gran’s house, he’ll be at home eating JoeJoe will be his alibi.  David thinks that Gary will go in, the cops will come, and Gary’s done.  David tells Graeme that he needs to call the police. Graeme doesn’t really want to help in this scheme, but he agrees to anyway, as long as he gets a code name.

Steve has to settle a fight with Betty and Poppy after Betty threw an egg timer at Poppy.  Gees.

Sean is all done-up-to-the-nines for giving away the pub donation.  Becky thinks it should be her and Steve to give away the amount.  Steve tells Sean that Becky‘s doing it and needless to say, Sean‘s not happy.  Poor Sean!

Wow.  The sight of Eddie Windass sat outside his house in all his squalor with a beer can and a toothpick in his house.  I wonder exactly how much that brings down the neighbours property values.

Ken tries to convince Peter to go to an AA meeting.  Peter scorns group therapy.  Well, he tried.

David‘s nickname for Gary Windass is “Windbag.”  That made me chuckle.  Why are they attempting a break and enter during the day time?

Becky‘s all done up real well for the photoshoot.  Sean‘s throwing jabs at BeckySteve decides that Sean and Becky do the photo together.  They DO look nice together.  Like a strange brother and sister.

Oh no she didn’t! Poppy sacked Betty!

Peter actually takes in an AA session at the community center.  Someone starts telling their drinking-sob-story and Peter panics and leaves.

David calls Gary and tells him to abort the mission stating that he can’t do it that night, they can do it another night.  Knowing full well that Gary will take advantage of the situation himself.  Gary‘s inside, David tells Graeme to call the cops, then sees Ted walk up to the house.  Ted walks in while Gary is stuffing his bag.  They didn’t factor in Ted coming HOME???  Gary is bricking it!  Backfire!  David tells Graeme to call the cops, the sooner they get there the better.

Blanche goes off on a tangent to Ken about how Randolf Scott is a gay, and how disappointed she was because he were her “heart-throb.”  Peter comes in and tells them how he went to the meeting, then left.  Peter gets mad at his presumed lack of family support and storms off.

Back at the robbery, Gary‘s looking for a window-exit unsuccessfully.  He sees Ted Page at the bottom of the stairs.  It looks like he recognizes him.  Yep, he does.  S-C-R-E-W-E-D.

Steve “unsacks” Betty and Poppy is NOT happy.

Bill Webster is picking up some woman named Vanessa or “Ness” at some singles scene that doesn’t look like his scene.  Bill says his name is “Newton” aka “Newt.”

Graeme has taken his surveillance to higher ground in a tree across from Audrey‘s.  Where did he get the war paint?  Gary makes a run for it, pushing Ted out of the way and running down the stairs.  Ted sees Gary‘s face and yells “I know you!’ running him out of the house.

Peter freaks out at Simon yelling at him and shaking him.  He immediately feels sorry and apologizes.  So now he abuses alcohol AND small children.  Wow, what a resume.

Ted calls David and tells him what happened.

Bill is bored to death of this Vanessa woman’s self-indulgent conversation.  Bill excuses him to go to the washroom and sees Auntie Pam there all dressed up.  She looks great.  They both deny they’re there being desperate singles.  Bill tells her he’ll share her taxi with her.  Warm, warm…warmer…

Ted is outside Audrey‘s house with the paramedics.  David asks what he was doing there.  Ted says he was house-sitting.  Oh, I guess he’s not stopping there anymore as I thought he was.

Steve tells Poppy and Betty to just “pretend it all never happened.”  That doesn’t go off well with either.

Peter asks Ken if he’ll have Simon that night, because he has to go “somewhere.”  Rehab maybe?

Joe tells Anna and Eddie about Gary burglaring Audrey‘s house.  Anna doens’t believe it.  Ted assures her it’s true.  The police promptly arrive in front of No.6.

“Newt” tries to get away from his boring lady date.  Pam comes and tries to get Newt out of his predicament.  They’re lies are slapping up against the wall at this point.  Pam and Bill‘s suitors set them all up on a foursome for dinner at the Pine’s.  Awk-ward.

Peter returns to the AA meeting again.  They welcome him back with open arms.  Good for him! Peter expected a big weight to be lifted.  He says he’s never felt worse.  He’s only been there for all but a minute!

Gary returns home and sees the police car out front and walks the other way down the street.

Ted doesn’t look very good, he’s rubbing his arm and he’s starting to convulse.  Joe calls an ambulance.  It appears that Ted is having a heart-attack.

The general theme of this episode was aborting the mission.  David told Gary to abort the robbery mission.  After Gary realized it was a setup, he aborted.  Then, as he saw the cops in front of his house, he aborted again. Poppy wanted Betty to be aborted from the Rovers.  Peter aborted his first attempt at taking in an AA meeting.  Bill and Auntie Pam aborted their terrible singles encounters.  Ted‘s heart is aborting his body.  Last but not least, Blanche aborted all interest in biographies and Randolf Scott.

Baby I’m Addicted: Episode Recap June 3, 2009

June32009 copy

Gail and Audrey pack enough for a lifetime for one week in Milan.  Joe asks for his painkillers before Gail leaves.  Joe frantically searches for his pills.  It’s obvious to him that David is hiding them on him.

Jason comes into the store with Tyrone and Kevin following.  Jason talks about how in shape he is, and Tyrone reminds Kevin he’s no match.  Kevin calls Jason a poser!  I love Jason‘s shirt! I love pies too!

Auntie Pam comes by the builders yard to sell Bill one of her sandwiches (they do look appetizing in that basket), and they flirt a little.  Bill watches her go.  New love match brewing?

Julie continues to “life coach” Sean.  I like these two together.  They’re quite an odd-couple.

Poppy complains to Steve about Betty being late.  Steve defends BettyPoppy‘s got a bit of a ‘tude on her I never noticed before.

Molly‘s getting her hair “did” by Natasha.  They talk about all the popular hairstyles.  I’ve had the Rachel AND the Pob numerous times from stylists without my approval!  David steals the keys while they’re engrossed in stylist-chair gossip.  I wish I had a stylist as cool as Natasha.  I actually just wish I had a stylist.

*Tiniest violin in world* plays for Joe in agony over his back yearning for his pills.

Jason jokes with Tyrone that Molly is out of his league.  Kevin assures Tyrone that Jason‘s just winding him up.

David heads over to his gran’s to take down all the family photos, clearing the home of evidence that his grandmother lives there for when Gary stops by to burglar.  Presumably.  He jokes with the painting of the late Alf Roberts.  The painting looks at him painfully.

Joe almost runs Luke over in a pill-starving-rage.  Pathetic.

Peter tries to talk to Luke about what happened between them fighting over MichelleLuke calls him pathetic.  True that.

Julie is going to see a psychic.  What a looney!

Theresa is getting her hair done.  YES.  Go figure.  Audrey‘s salon must be quite reasonable!  David replaces the keys in the register.

Blanche (!!!) catches Peter about to order a drink in the Rovers.  Buddy, if you’re going to go off the wagon, don’t do it in the pub next door to your dad’s place.  Not only is he a drunk, he’s a moron too.  Peter pours his heart out about Michelle to Blanche and tells her he owes her a bottle of sherry since he “smashed” hers.  Blanche tells him to have a cup of tea with her and his dad.  Oh, a sweet heart beats under that brittle exterior.

Joe tears the house apart looking for his pills, smashing Gail‘s things and ripping doors off cupboards!  He is SO painful to watch.  Maybe he should admit himself to a hospital.  Permanently.

Peter comes over to no.1 and tells his father he wants to drink.  He admits he was going to drink in the pub if Blanche hadn’t shown up.

Joe attacks David over the pills accusing him of hiding them.  David realizes the state of the place and is shocked.  David tells Joe he can’t help him, walks away and smiles.

I don’t approve of anything David does, but Joe needs to get off the show those pills!  Maybe withdrawal will be the best in the end for him!

Glad to see that Blanche is back!