Disturbia: Thu July 23, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

July 23 2009

Written by Debbie Oates, directed by Dominic LeClerc.

Open to Claire in hospital, again. Ashley brings every item that Claire owns to the hospital for her. A blow-dryer is really useful in hospital. One must always keep up with one’s personal appearance, even under duress. Honestly! It’s almost like he’s packed up all of her things and has taken them out of the house… Claire makes Ashley promise that he’ll have his vasectomy as soon as possible. He settles for them discussing their options as soon as they get out of there.

Later, Ashley gets a call from the hospital that Claire has disappeared off the ward. *groan* Oh, no, what now? This is going to be so sad. Good lord, Lloyd and Ashley drive up to the hospital only to find Claire standing on the roof of the building looking forlornly into the skies. Ashley runs up to the roof. Claire says the air must be thinner up there, since it’s harder to breathe. She’s looking, that’s all. Claire is a deeply disturbed woman. When are they going to lock her up and throw away the script? Ashley tries to coax her back inside. Claire reflects that there’s so many people in the city and they’re all getting on with their lives, and mostly, they’re dying. Ashley is just freaking out, but Claire insists she just needed some fresh air. She asks Ashley to just sit with her. Claire blames herself for miscarrying and thinks that the baby must have realized she didn’t want it, so it took off. Claire is more upset that she doesn’t “feel” anything, and she thinks she should. She feels shamed for not feeling bad about losing her baby. Claire says she gets terrible anxiety even thinking about another pregnancy. Claire’s afraid of being crazy again just like after Freddie. It doesn’t seem to me she ever stopped being crazy! Claire is still haunted by her post-natal depression. Okay, I get that. But, why do WE have to re-live it all? Old news. She is a real Debbie Downer! Uh oh, looks like the police have arrived to bring her down formally. Ashley makes an excuse for Claire telling the police that it was his fault, they needed some privacy to talk and it was the only place available. Ashley mans-up and tells Claire he’ll get the vasectomy. Claire gets her way, once again.

Joe argues on the phone to Len about work-related mishaps. Joe begs Graeme for more fancy-pills. Graeme turns him down, no chance whatsoever. Poor desperate Joe. Joe finds Graeme again and begs. He’s vigorously stroking Graeme’s arm when he begs. Ugh, this is really making me feel uncomfortable. It makes you wonder just how desperate he is… Creepy! Please, please, please, I’m desperated utters Joe to Graeme. Graeme caves to Joe, but makes no promises.

At Underworld, Rosie tells Luke all about these amazing designs she has in her head, only she can’t draw, so what ever will she do? Rosie decides to create a “mood board” to relay her design ideas. I wonder where she figured out how to do that? She presents her mood board and Luke tells her they’ll make a sample. Rosie is elated at this news, Tony is deflated. If looks could kill. Oh wait, the just might. Tony looks on Luke with shame, but Luke throws Maria in Tony’s face. Enough said.

Maria brings Baby-Liam over to the factory for a visit. Julie is in love with Baby-Liam and asks Sean if he’d like to hold him. Sean says he’s drawn a line at the “baby-thing.” Wow, is this alluding to his OWN baby that has since been forgotten? Maria moans to Tony about her over-bearing mother-in-law. Tony’s more than happy to be Maria’s emotional punching-bag.

Tony comes to Maria’s rescue again by sending off her in-laws to lunch for the day and has brought over take-out too. If only he weren’t a murderer. Tony and Maria are enjoying their lunch together like the best of friends.

Maria later breaks the news to her in-laws that Baby-Liam will be christened, but not as a Catholic since Maria isn’t Catholic. The in-laws aren’t happy about that, since Liam was Catholic. Barry tells Maria to go out and get some fresh air, she can leave the baby with them. I wouldn’t! I’d be afraid I’d come back and them and my baby would be gone! Helen is a little too “Hand that Rocks the Cradle” for me. When Maria’s gone, Helen remarks that their marriage wouldn’t have lasted had Liam been alive. Ouch!

Maria goes over to Underworld and tells Tony she needs a break, so Tony coaxes her into a drink at the Rovers.

Norris is vigorously slicing up his loafers with a screw-driver when Frida comes in! I’m sure this just makes Norris’ day! Oh, I see, he’s pretending his old shoes are damaged, thus giving him a reason to wear Ramsay’s trainers. How sly. Ramsay and Emily come in and, apparently Ramsay knows sign language! Well so do I because when I was in school I was in the sign-language choir. It’s not because I didn’t make it into the regular choir, it’s because I found that signing words from popular songs was simply a more cultured activity for an 8 year old. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Moving on, Frida shows Emily her engagement ring. I use the terms “engagement” and “ring” loosely. It’s a black plastic heart-shaped gem that looks like it came out of a cracker-jack box. Makes Fiz’s engagement ring look top-shelf. Frida says her fiance told her that the ring is temporary. Oh, that’s what they all say, then you find yourself buried in it. Frida asks Emily if Ramsay is her fella. Emily says he’s just Norris’ brother. Mmm, hmm.

Hrmm, so it seems that Frida hasn’t actually met her fiance. They’ve been online romancing, and apparently he’s saving up airfare to come next year. Uh, huh. OH! He’s in PRISON! That explains it all! Maybe Fiz should inform her that getting married in prison is a valid option she and her fiance could consider. I should pull this entire scene on my mother, if I didn’t love her so much. Oh, apparently Frida’s fiance is in prison because he’s been arrested for activism! He believes in freedom. Yeah, freedom of items from an electronics shop no doubt! Ramsay had gone to Freshco’s and bought their entire herbal tea selection for Frida. Norris comes in with a fib about his shoes being unrepairable, telling the gang that he therefore has no choice by the wear the trainers. Oh, this ruse is just too much!

The Heartbreak Kid: Mon July 6, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

July 6 2009

Written by Joe Turner, directed by Duncan Foster.

Tony is fixing up Maria’s place to the sounds of “Boy Does Nothing”, by Alesha Dixon on the radio. How ironic… Luke congratulates Tony on the birthing with a cigar and asks him how it felt. Tony said delivering the baby was magical, even a tug at the heart. Good thing he hasn’t got one. Maria is scared to take the baby home, but arrives home to see her place all done-up courtesy of Tony. Maria has visitors over later, but Tony shoos them away. He’s very protective. Or possessive and controlling. You decide.

Oh dear lord, Eddie’s in a tank-top in the cab office. *shudder* Is it someone’s specific job down at ITV to make him look as repulsive as possible? If there is, they’re doing a bang-up job. So Anna and Eddie are NOT married after all. Apparently, she’ll take his name and bear him a son, but she won’t go through with the rest. Anna tells Eddie he’s embarrassing her in the cab office. Oh please, when isn’t he embarrassing? Eddie threatens to get her down the aisle one day. With a shotgun?

Sally decides to throw herself a birthday party for a “select” group. She is eager to invite Ben’s mom and dad. Oh, they must be well-to-do then if Ms. Priss has decided she must impress them. And why is Sally planning her own birthday party? Kevin’s a crap husband lately.

It would seem that Pam now dispenses advices with every sandwich sold. She should call her business “Dear Sarnie.” She tells Tyrone the doghouse-dodger to cook Molly a meal to make up for being a disappointment the other night. Oh, bad advice. He should just take her out to dinner. When my man decides to be romantic and cook for me, it always ends in something inedible and me having to clean and entire kitchen from top to bottom from all the mess left. Real romantic. Women just love more cleaning. Connie and Jack are laughing at Tyrone tearing up whilst cutting onions. Onions get me every time! Sometimes I don’t even eat them, just out of spite. Oh, ugh. Molly and Kevin sweet-talk over fantasizing about each other in their heads. You know, when I was young, I used to wish I could read minds. What was I thinking??? The filth I’d have to endure! Poor Tyrone has burned his Moussaka. Tyrone’s efforts with Molly go up in smoke.

Meanwhile, Bill peruses the Lonely Hearts section of the paper and answers an ad. Elsewhere, Pam is seen checking her messages and it’s Bill’s message she hears. This plasters a smile on her face. Gee, didn’t see that one coming.

Rosie scoffs at the old-lady knickers that Underworld produces and suggests to her partners that they need to develop a line of knickers for the younger women. That way if they get the younger women buying, eventually in time, they will be older women and still be buying items from the brand. Knicker brand for life kind of idea. This is a solid strategy. It works for the cigarette companies! I’m quite impressed with Rosie’s ingenue on this one. She’s turning out to be not just a pretty face. Well, baby-steps, I know.

Sean is working hard at the gym these days. Urm, I mean hardly working. He’s hoping to soak his extra fat off in the Jacuzzi. Oh, Mr. Hot Stuff from the other day comes and joins him in the jacuzzi. A bit of small talk later and Sean is elated to find out that Mr. Hot Stuff is indeed gay and is newly single to boot! Then he goes and spoils it all by telling Hot Stuff that Jason and he are an item. Oh, how this will blow up in his face later. Oh Sean! Where’s your life coach when you need her?

Joe’s still poppin‘ pills. Graeme tells him that there’s a stronger pain killer than what he’s got out there. Joe is interested and later asks Graeme to get some of those pills for him. How pathetic. It amazes me how fast Joe McIntyre went from hero to zero.

Finally, David admits to Jason that he had Windass sent down just to get him out of the way so he could pursue Tina again. He says that Tina still loves him, she just hasn’t realized it yet. Jason looks sick to his gut. Jason tells Tina this, and Tina freaks out calling David deranged. She’s just realizing this now? Is she new here? Tina confronts David and rubs it in that she’s chosen Jason over him, and that she’ll never ever be with him again. David loses it and runs over to the builders yard looking for Jason. He is up top the roof and sees Jason down below coming out of the van, so he starts chucking things at Jason. All and sundry watch David throttle items at Jason who is bracing himself behind the van. What a menace! David and Jason are restrained from fighting each other while Tina tells David that she’s sorry, but she’ll never be his girlfriend again. David runs off looking devastated as Gail calls after him. This scene just further ignites tension between Gail and Eileen. I love how it took two men to hold Jason back, but it only took one ailing octogenarian to hold David back. Ha ha.

David finally returns home to a worried Gail and Ted. He looks really devastated, just about to burst with a lump in his throat that’s probably the size of his ego. Oh, I feel bad for him all the sudden. I’m such a sucker! He tries to put on a brave face for Gail, but as soon as she leaves the room, the floodgates open and David cries on his Granddad’s shoulder.

Crossing The Line: June 8, 2009 Episode Recap

Quote of the Episode:

Anna and Eddie in hospital after they realized that Gary didn’t beat on Ted, just collided with him in his escape:

Eddie Windass: “So there won’t be a murder charge then?”

Ted Page: “I sincerely hope not!”

June 8 2009 copy

One hell of an episode.

So Poppy finally gets the sack, and from Becky of all people who kicks her out of the Rovers, almost LITERALLY, hair extensions and all.  Betty should be happy.  Goodbye Poppy MoralesSteveyboy needs to get a backbone!

Peter Barlow admits to his family: “I’m Peter Barlow, and I’m an alcoholic.”  Finally!

Speaking of addicts, Joe is at the doctor’s begging requesting for more pills.  But is nicely declined.  He has no clue he could have an addiction.  This will be a long slow road.  Greeeaaaat.

Ted his in hospital after the heart attack he suffered.  David goes and visits him, as do Anna and Eddie Windass to find out what really happened, straight from the horses mouth.  Gary Windass gets Len to give him an alibi, but Len finds that Gary lied about an old man, and says he’s on his own!  He warned him about PlattGary is not happy, and sees Tina getting cuddly with David again.  Gary gives David a roughing up and tells him that he’s a sicko for doing this to his granddad just to get his girl back and if he goes to prison, he’ll be out soon enough…and he’ll show him what crossing the line really means.

Wow.  I never thought much of Gary Windass (or Mikey North) before, but he was pretty hot in this scene.  Maybe I just love that someone finally gave David the neck-wringing he needs.

Bill flirts with Pam again.  He seems quite clear with his intent, although Pam seems rather oblivious but at the same time clearly enjoys Bill‘s company.  New couple alert?  BamPill?

Mikey North:  NEW CRUSH <3

Mikey North: NEW CRUSH ❤

Abort!: Recap Friday June 5, 2009

June 5 2009

David is still hiding Joe‘s pills, but Joe went and begged at the clinic, so he’s all good.

Poppy complains to Steve again about Betty‘s poor-workmanship.

Gary tells David that he wants to case the house before they rob the house first.  David concedes eventually and they go in disguises looking conspicuous.  Poor Audrey‘s house!

Blanche thinks that Peter is putting on a performance about his drinking problems.  Ken is giving Peter the benefit of the doubt.  Ken thinks Peter has serious psychological problems.

David lets Graeme in on his plot.  He’s not even going to be at his gran’s house, he’ll be at home eating JoeJoe will be his alibi.  David thinks that Gary will go in, the cops will come, and Gary’s done.  David tells Graeme that he needs to call the police. Graeme doesn’t really want to help in this scheme, but he agrees to anyway, as long as he gets a code name.

Steve has to settle a fight with Betty and Poppy after Betty threw an egg timer at Poppy.  Gees.

Sean is all done-up-to-the-nines for giving away the pub donation.  Becky thinks it should be her and Steve to give away the amount.  Steve tells Sean that Becky‘s doing it and needless to say, Sean‘s not happy.  Poor Sean!

Wow.  The sight of Eddie Windass sat outside his house in all his squalor with a beer can and a toothpick in his house.  I wonder exactly how much that brings down the neighbours property values.

Ken tries to convince Peter to go to an AA meeting.  Peter scorns group therapy.  Well, he tried.

David‘s nickname for Gary Windass is “Windbag.”  That made me chuckle.  Why are they attempting a break and enter during the day time?

Becky‘s all done up real well for the photoshoot.  Sean‘s throwing jabs at BeckySteve decides that Sean and Becky do the photo together.  They DO look nice together.  Like a strange brother and sister.

Oh no she didn’t! Poppy sacked Betty!

Peter actually takes in an AA session at the community center.  Someone starts telling their drinking-sob-story and Peter panics and leaves.

David calls Gary and tells him to abort the mission stating that he can’t do it that night, they can do it another night.  Knowing full well that Gary will take advantage of the situation himself.  Gary‘s inside, David tells Graeme to call the cops, then sees Ted walk up to the house.  Ted walks in while Gary is stuffing his bag.  They didn’t factor in Ted coming HOME???  Gary is bricking it!  Backfire!  David tells Graeme to call the cops, the sooner they get there the better.

Blanche goes off on a tangent to Ken about how Randolf Scott is a gay, and how disappointed she was because he were her “heart-throb.”  Peter comes in and tells them how he went to the meeting, then left.  Peter gets mad at his presumed lack of family support and storms off.

Back at the robbery, Gary‘s looking for a window-exit unsuccessfully.  He sees Ted Page at the bottom of the stairs.  It looks like he recognizes him.  Yep, he does.  S-C-R-E-W-E-D.

Steve “unsacks” Betty and Poppy is NOT happy.

Bill Webster is picking up some woman named Vanessa or “Ness” at some singles scene that doesn’t look like his scene.  Bill says his name is “Newton” aka “Newt.”

Graeme has taken his surveillance to higher ground in a tree across from Audrey‘s.  Where did he get the war paint?  Gary makes a run for it, pushing Ted out of the way and running down the stairs.  Ted sees Gary‘s face and yells “I know you!’ running him out of the house.

Peter freaks out at Simon yelling at him and shaking him.  He immediately feels sorry and apologizes.  So now he abuses alcohol AND small children.  Wow, what a resume.

Ted calls David and tells him what happened.

Bill is bored to death of this Vanessa woman’s self-indulgent conversation.  Bill excuses him to go to the washroom and sees Auntie Pam there all dressed up.  She looks great.  They both deny they’re there being desperate singles.  Bill tells her he’ll share her taxi with her.  Warm, warm…warmer…

Ted is outside Audrey‘s house with the paramedics.  David asks what he was doing there.  Ted says he was house-sitting.  Oh, I guess he’s not stopping there anymore as I thought he was.

Steve tells Poppy and Betty to just “pretend it all never happened.”  That doesn’t go off well with either.

Peter asks Ken if he’ll have Simon that night, because he has to go “somewhere.”  Rehab maybe?

Joe tells Anna and Eddie about Gary burglaring Audrey‘s house.  Anna doens’t believe it.  Ted assures her it’s true.  The police promptly arrive in front of No.6.

“Newt” tries to get away from his boring lady date.  Pam comes and tries to get Newt out of his predicament.  They’re lies are slapping up against the wall at this point.  Pam and Bill‘s suitors set them all up on a foursome for dinner at the Pine’s.  Awk-ward.

Peter returns to the AA meeting again.  They welcome him back with open arms.  Good for him! Peter expected a big weight to be lifted.  He says he’s never felt worse.  He’s only been there for all but a minute!

Gary returns home and sees the police car out front and walks the other way down the street.

Ted doesn’t look very good, he’s rubbing his arm and he’s starting to convulse.  Joe calls an ambulance.  It appears that Ted is having a heart-attack.

The general theme of this episode was aborting the mission.  David told Gary to abort the robbery mission.  After Gary realized it was a setup, he aborted.  Then, as he saw the cops in front of his house, he aborted again. Poppy wanted Betty to be aborted from the Rovers.  Peter aborted his first attempt at taking in an AA meeting.  Bill and Auntie Pam aborted their terrible singles encounters.  Ted‘s heart is aborting his body.  Last but not least, Blanche aborted all interest in biographies and Randolf Scott.

Episode Review: Friday May 29, 2009

may292009 copy

The episode opens where it left off.  Ryan getting accused of sleeping with Sian by Sian‘s fatherRyan denies this, saying that didn’t even happen, they had an argument last night.  Which we all know to be true.  Sophie‘s face is a picture of shock.  Peter defends Ryan, and Ryan is grateful.

Graeme tells David he’s there for him and gives him a smooch on the cheek.  David freaks and leaves.  That’s all you had to do to strike fear into David Platt?

Michelle finds out about Mr. Powers accosting Ryan, but Ryan says Peter sorted it. Michelle goes into the “talk” with Ryan.  *groan*.  Sian comes over and defends her fathers rage.

Umed and Audrey‘s date is on.  Umed is telling more tall tales.  Bill is there looking somewhat jealous.

Natasha kisses Tony, he doesn’t kiss back, and tells her she can go to hell.  Wow.  He goes into her about the things she said to Maria.  He tells her she has a non-existant personality and mind-numbing conversation.  He really gives it to her!  She says he’s scaring her.  He never wants her to upset Maria again, he’d HATE for them to fall out.  Uh oh!  That’s a threat if I ever heard one! Psy-cho!

Luke tries his best to worm in another night with Michelle, on her “last night.”  She says she’d rather spend it with Ryan.  Or….someone else?

Sophie accuses them of wanting to know what’s going on.  Sian says they’re not sleeping together.  Sian says her dad freaked because she had a pack of condoms in her bag.  Sophie is disgusted.  Sian tells her to “go tell God on her!”  lol.  Ryan says she shouldn’t have had them on her at all, he didn’t want to force her into anything.  Really seemed like he did!

Chesney tells Sophie that things won’t get better between him and Fiz, because he doesn’t trust Fiz.

Gary shows up at the pub with a serious shiner.  He wants a word with DavidGary tells David he’s in on the burglarly, since he’s a pro.  David tells him he’s not much for foreplay.  Did he want another smooch on the cheek?  Gary leaves and David and Graeme tap beers.

Bill asks Audrey what she sees in Umed.  She says he’s good company.  Bill is SO jealous! So cute.

Michelle tells Maria she better thank Peter for what he did.  Maria tells her not to come across as “too grateful.”  Pfft.

Awkward dinner between Fiz and Chesney.  The dinner looks gross.  Veggies anyone?  Chesney is all cold-shoulder.

Maria sees Natasha all upset.  Natasha tells her Tony dumped her.  Natasha tells her that Tony made her feel like dirt, and he really scares her.  She warns Maria to watch herself around him.  Maria looks conflicted.  Shouldn’t that set alarm bells off to her?  She did once think that he killed her husband!  I felt really bad for Natasha in this episode.

Michelle is at the bookie’s flat thanking Peter.  Peter tells her he’s positive Ryan‘s not sleeping with Sian.  But that’s all he’s going to tell her.  He convinces her to stay for a cuppa.

Maria confronts Tony about his breakup.  Tony says the relationship wasn’t working for him, and he tried to end it, and she wasn’t happy.  Maria tells Tony he scared her.  Tony manipulates her into thinking Natasha was jealous and neurotic.  Tony says he can go round and apologize to her.  Maria says she shouldn’t have even gotten involved.  Very true!  Tony says he’s glad they’re still friends.

Peter has been 60 days sober! Congratulations! Michelle says Ryan needs a male influence.  Peter says that not a lot of people would believe he’s the right influence.  She says she’s not most people.  Peter says he likes Michelle because she never judged him, not even after the fire.  They caress hands and kiss.

No Blanche again in this episode!!! Boo!

Episode Review: Thurs May 28, 2009

may282009 copy

Michelle is moaning over choosing between Peter and Luke. She’s so spoiled.  Is she going to leave to go on tour, or what? Maria later tries to warn Michelle about PeterMichelle says that Luke just doesn’t “do it for her”, not the way Peter does.  Why is she still going on dates with Luke?

Ryan doesn’t know where he and Sian stand.  Ryan tells Peter about his girl problems, and Peter doles out advice that “women don’t like being ignored.”  Yeah, if you’re Peter, they like being PESTERED and guilted into submission!  Ryan thinks he’s blown it because he tried to rush things.

Joe is heavily breathing frantically searching for his pain meds.  I think I need a pain med after just watching him.  Then he is rude to Gail.  He’s got charm just oozing out of him.  pfft.  Joe goes to the doctor, and they suggest seeing a surgeon.  He’s obviously there looking for pills.

Chesney tells Fiz he’s going back to school because he doesn’t want to see her and she’s as rubbish teacher.  He feels that Sophie and gang will protect him from Kenzie Judd.

Uncle Umed is back!  He’s putting his foot in his mouth with Amber, again.  He starts hitting on Audrey when she comes in, asking about Gail.  He wants to meet her over drinks.  Audrey succumbs to all his compliments and agrees to meet him for a drink. Umed‘s on a roll.  Now he’s hitting on Michelle too.

Uncle Len Windass finds out that Gary hasn’t got a job anymore.  Joe tells Len that Gary asked for double-time and he couldn’t afford him.

Audrey tells David that Gail and her are going to Milan to see Sarah and BethanyNatasha is in charge when she leaves.  Natasha and David tease her about going for drinks with Umed.

Graeme is back.  He has no chin!  He and David going into their “pretend” robbery conversation so Gary will notice.

A strange man drives up on Coronation Street.

Anna Windass gloats to everyone about going to Paris for her birthday.  I think she’s so cute!  Debbie Rush the actress who plays her.

Tony helps Maria with her groceries from the car.  Natasha spots them and walks up.  They kiss infront of Maria and she looks conflicted.  Natasha tells Maria she was jealous of Tony spending time with her, but then Tony told her he doesn’t find pregnant woman attractive.  Maria looks miffed.  Tony gets back to Maria‘s with sales for Ladrags.  He notices something’s wrong with MariaMaria tells him Natasha gloated about how she had her claws in Tony, and how he would never fancy her, he only feels sorry for her.  Tony denies every saying those things.  Liar, liar, pants on fire!!

The strange man drives up the street again.  He stops, runs over to Ryan when talking to Sophie.  He accuses Ryan of forcing himself on his daughter last night.  Must be Sian‘s dadPeter shows up and tries to defend Ryan. Did I miss something???

No Blanche this episode! Boo hoo!  I wonder how Kenneth is coming along with her new room renovation!  Maybe he should get Debbie Travis in there!