Disturbia: Thu July 23, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

July 23 2009

Written by Debbie Oates, directed by Dominic LeClerc.

Open to Claire in hospital, again. Ashley brings every item that Claire owns to the hospital for her. A blow-dryer is really useful in hospital. One must always keep up with one’s personal appearance, even under duress. Honestly! It’s almost like he’s packed up all of her things and has taken them out of the house… Claire makes Ashley promise that he’ll have his vasectomy as soon as possible. He settles for them discussing their options as soon as they get out of there.

Later, Ashley gets a call from the hospital that Claire has disappeared off the ward. *groan* Oh, no, what now? This is going to be so sad. Good lord, Lloyd and Ashley drive up to the hospital only to find Claire standing on the roof of the building looking forlornly into the skies. Ashley runs up to the roof. Claire says the air must be thinner up there, since it’s harder to breathe. She’s looking, that’s all. Claire is a deeply disturbed woman. When are they going to lock her up and throw away the script? Ashley tries to coax her back inside. Claire reflects that there’s so many people in the city and they’re all getting on with their lives, and mostly, they’re dying. Ashley is just freaking out, but Claire insists she just needed some fresh air. She asks Ashley to just sit with her. Claire blames herself for miscarrying and thinks that the baby must have realized she didn’t want it, so it took off. Claire is more upset that she doesn’t “feel” anything, and she thinks she should. She feels shamed for not feeling bad about losing her baby. Claire says she gets terrible anxiety even thinking about another pregnancy. Claire’s afraid of being crazy again just like after Freddie. It doesn’t seem to me she ever stopped being crazy! Claire is still haunted by her post-natal depression. Okay, I get that. But, why do WE have to re-live it all? Old news. She is a real Debbie Downer! Uh oh, looks like the police have arrived to bring her down formally. Ashley makes an excuse for Claire telling the police that it was his fault, they needed some privacy to talk and it was the only place available. Ashley mans-up and tells Claire he’ll get the vasectomy. Claire gets her way, once again.

Joe argues on the phone to Len about work-related mishaps. Joe begs Graeme for more fancy-pills. Graeme turns him down, no chance whatsoever. Poor desperate Joe. Joe finds Graeme again and begs. He’s vigorously stroking Graeme’s arm when he begs. Ugh, this is really making me feel uncomfortable. It makes you wonder just how desperate he is… Creepy! Please, please, please, I’m desperated utters Joe to Graeme. Graeme caves to Joe, but makes no promises.

At Underworld, Rosie tells Luke all about these amazing designs she has in her head, only she can’t draw, so what ever will she do? Rosie decides to create a “mood board” to relay her design ideas. I wonder where she figured out how to do that? She presents her mood board and Luke tells her they’ll make a sample. Rosie is elated at this news, Tony is deflated. If looks could kill. Oh wait, the just might. Tony looks on Luke with shame, but Luke throws Maria in Tony’s face. Enough said.

Maria brings Baby-Liam over to the factory for a visit. Julie is in love with Baby-Liam and asks Sean if he’d like to hold him. Sean says he’s drawn a line at the “baby-thing.” Wow, is this alluding to his OWN baby that has since been forgotten? Maria moans to Tony about her over-bearing mother-in-law. Tony’s more than happy to be Maria’s emotional punching-bag.

Tony comes to Maria’s rescue again by sending off her in-laws to lunch for the day and has brought over take-out too. If only he weren’t a murderer. Tony and Maria are enjoying their lunch together like the best of friends.

Maria later breaks the news to her in-laws that Baby-Liam will be christened, but not as a Catholic since Maria isn’t Catholic. The in-laws aren’t happy about that, since Liam was Catholic. Barry tells Maria to go out and get some fresh air, she can leave the baby with them. I wouldn’t! I’d be afraid I’d come back and them and my baby would be gone! Helen is a little too “Hand that Rocks the Cradle” for me. When Maria’s gone, Helen remarks that their marriage wouldn’t have lasted had Liam been alive. Ouch!

Maria goes over to Underworld and tells Tony she needs a break, so Tony coaxes her into a drink at the Rovers.

Norris is vigorously slicing up his loafers with a screw-driver when Frida comes in! I’m sure this just makes Norris’ day! Oh, I see, he’s pretending his old shoes are damaged, thus giving him a reason to wear Ramsay’s trainers. How sly. Ramsay and Emily come in and, apparently Ramsay knows sign language! Well so do I because when I was in school I was in the sign-language choir. It’s not because I didn’t make it into the regular choir, it’s because I found that signing words from popular songs was simply a more cultured activity for an 8 year old. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Moving on, Frida shows Emily her engagement ring. I use the terms “engagement” and “ring” loosely. It’s a black plastic heart-shaped gem that looks like it came out of a cracker-jack box. Makes Fiz’s engagement ring look top-shelf. Frida says her fiance told her that the ring is temporary. Oh, that’s what they all say, then you find yourself buried in it. Frida asks Emily if Ramsay is her fella. Emily says he’s just Norris’ brother. Mmm, hmm.

Hrmm, so it seems that Frida hasn’t actually met her fiance. They’ve been online romancing, and apparently he’s saving up airfare to come next year. Uh, huh. OH! He’s in PRISON! That explains it all! Maybe Fiz should inform her that getting married in prison is a valid option she and her fiance could consider. I should pull this entire scene on my mother, if I didn’t love her so much. Oh, apparently Frida’s fiance is in prison because he’s been arrested for activism! He believes in freedom. Yeah, freedom of items from an electronics shop no doubt! Ramsay had gone to Freshco’s and bought their entire herbal tea selection for Frida. Norris comes in with a fib about his shoes being unrepairable, telling the gang that he therefore has no choice by the wear the trainers. Oh, this ruse is just too much!

Baby I’m Addicted: Episode Recap June 3, 2009

June32009 copy

Gail and Audrey pack enough for a lifetime for one week in Milan.  Joe asks for his painkillers before Gail leaves.  Joe frantically searches for his pills.  It’s obvious to him that David is hiding them on him.

Jason comes into the store with Tyrone and Kevin following.  Jason talks about how in shape he is, and Tyrone reminds Kevin he’s no match.  Kevin calls Jason a poser!  I love Jason‘s shirt! I love pies too!

Auntie Pam comes by the builders yard to sell Bill one of her sandwiches (they do look appetizing in that basket), and they flirt a little.  Bill watches her go.  New love match brewing?

Julie continues to “life coach” Sean.  I like these two together.  They’re quite an odd-couple.

Poppy complains to Steve about Betty being late.  Steve defends BettyPoppy‘s got a bit of a ‘tude on her I never noticed before.

Molly‘s getting her hair “did” by Natasha.  They talk about all the popular hairstyles.  I’ve had the Rachel AND the Pob numerous times from stylists without my approval!  David steals the keys while they’re engrossed in stylist-chair gossip.  I wish I had a stylist as cool as Natasha.  I actually just wish I had a stylist.

*Tiniest violin in world* plays for Joe in agony over his back yearning for his pills.

Jason jokes with Tyrone that Molly is out of his league.  Kevin assures Tyrone that Jason‘s just winding him up.

David heads over to his gran’s to take down all the family photos, clearing the home of evidence that his grandmother lives there for when Gary stops by to burglar.  Presumably.  He jokes with the painting of the late Alf Roberts.  The painting looks at him painfully.

Joe almost runs Luke over in a pill-starving-rage.  Pathetic.

Peter tries to talk to Luke about what happened between them fighting over MichelleLuke calls him pathetic.  True that.

Julie is going to see a psychic.  What a looney!

Theresa is getting her hair done.  YES.  Go figure.  Audrey‘s salon must be quite reasonable!  David replaces the keys in the register.

Blanche (!!!) catches Peter about to order a drink in the Rovers.  Buddy, if you’re going to go off the wagon, don’t do it in the pub next door to your dad’s place.  Not only is he a drunk, he’s a moron too.  Peter pours his heart out about Michelle to Blanche and tells her he owes her a bottle of sherry since he “smashed” hers.  Blanche tells him to have a cup of tea with her and his dad.  Oh, a sweet heart beats under that brittle exterior.

Joe tears the house apart looking for his pills, smashing Gail‘s things and ripping doors off cupboards!  He is SO painful to watch.  Maybe he should admit himself to a hospital.  Permanently.

Peter comes over to no.1 and tells his father he wants to drink.  He admits he was going to drink in the pub if Blanche hadn’t shown up.

Joe attacks David over the pills accusing him of hiding them.  David realizes the state of the place and is shocked.  David tells Joe he can’t help him, walks away and smiles.

I don’t approve of anything David does, but Joe needs to get off the show those pills!  Maybe withdrawal will be the best in the end for him!

Glad to see that Blanche is back!

Episode Review: May 26, 2009

may262009 copy

Blanche complains about the stairs at the bookies again.  Didn’t #1 have a long flight of stairs too? She complains about her old bedroom in number one, and Peter convinces her to weasel her way back into no.1 by not going back until they re-do the room.  Ken comes over later and asks Blanche about her hip.  Following in Peter‘s scheme, she says there’s no issue.

Blanche finally gets back into no.1!   She comes down later in Deirdre’s dressing gown.  Comfy.

Julie is coming up with more ways to spend time with Eileen, much to Eileen’s chagrin.

Michelle came home early from spending the night at Luke‘s, it’s assumed.  She lies to Peter that she just slept in!  Peter’s not happy with her wanting more time off.  She acts like he’s in the wrong!  She’s a spoiled brat!  Peter gave Michelle a good bye & good luck card with EuroStar vouchers for Ryan if he wants to visit her.  Awe, isn’t she shame-faced now!  Michelle goes and gets frustrated with Peter at fancying her!  Why can’t they just be friends! He STILL tries to hit on her.  CRASH & BURN!

Fiz doesn’t want to be at work, she’s too upset.  All the factory girls are making fun of her and putting her down.  Rosie wants to take the tissues that Fiz cried into out of her wages!  Twat!  And I thought I hated MY job!  Fiz still longs for John, and Maria tells her she’s nuts.  She is.

Sophie and her boy-toy try to convince Chesney to go to a dance.  Sophie‘s boy-toy tells Chesney that Kenzie Judd is a baby and afraid of a guy in a wheelchair.

Joe‘s popping more pills!  Listening to him breathing heavily makes me want to puke.  Apparently Joe‘s father died in a bookies.  Boring.

Ryan is trying to convince his girlfriend Sian into sleeping with him.  She’s obviously doing it to keep him away from all of his “female fans.”