Truths: Mon Dec 21, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Debbie Oates, directed by Tony Prescott

Molly gets angry that Kevin isn’t back yet come Monday morning.   Sally and Kevin return from Paris just in time for Sophie’s baptism.  Rosie ditches Sophie’s baptism for her new skanky job.  Sophie’s day doesn’t get any better when she finds out about Ben making a pass at Michelle and then subsequently dumps him.  Molly finally confronts Kevin about the Paris trip, but he has no time for her.  Molly is down in the dumps, but Auntie Pam reminds her that she’s got it all.

Sophie’s baptism takes place, and after a moving speech about her family and particularly her father’s love for her, it’s official – she’s a Christian.  Molly takes her chance at the baptism party to ream Kevin out about getting closer to Sally and further from her.  Things get even worse when Sally shows everyone the photos of her and Kevin’s trip to Paris (not Blackpool as he told Molly) when searching for the baptism photos on her digi-cam.

Tina figures that Jason loves Bills new truck more than her, and she’s also frustrated that the flat’s not finished sooner.  The issue of the possibility that Sarah might come to Gail’s wedding comes up, and Tina’s not happy to hear about it.  She’s especially not happy to hear that Sarah and he are not divorced.  But, David’s happy to see them fighting in the streets.   Tina decides to go into town after finding that Jason has done the same.

David’s girlfriend isn’t happy that he’s been rude to her all day, ever since finding out about Tina and Jason’s fight presumably.  Zoe’s very jealous about David’s attraction to Tina still.  Tina tells David to get lost, but David tries to stop her from drink-driving.

Nick Tilsley calls Audrey and tells her that he’s staying in a hotel in Manchester, and will see her tomorrow.  Of course, who should sidle up next to him at the bar but Tina McIntyre.  They get to talking after Nick pays for a drink Tina can’t afford.  When walking her out of the club, Nick snogs Tina on the street.  Tina regrets it and walks away denying Nick’s request for her number.  Don’t worry Nick, I have a feeling you’ll be seeing each other very soon.

Dierdre’s upset that there’ll only be three of them for the Barlow Christmas this year, and tries to donate their turkey.  Ken and Deirdre try to attempt another offer to Peter for the Barlow Christmas, but Peter says Simon is looking forward to George and Eve’s.  Peter will only conceed if Ken gets off his case once and for all.  Peter makes a deal that if the Barlows want to spend Christmas together, then it’s the whole family – including George and Eva and Janice, which Deirdre gratefully accepts but Ken’s still not satisfied.

Claire’s not happy that Ashley’s pulled out of the panto last minute due to work.  Claire’s looking for a new Prince Charming now that Ashley’s out.  Becky manages to strongarm Steve into playing Prince Charming.  Steve’s having a rough time getting into character, but he’ll pull it out in the end.  Becky gets more than a little jealous when Steve kisses Claire as Prince Charming however.  Is she regretting making him play the part now?


–          David’s new girlfriend being surprised that Audrey was Mayoress once, figuring that she thought they’d be more picky.  The girl tries to backtrack basically calling Audrey “common”, and Audrey mentions that at least she’s pretty.  Haha.  Does anyone else see similiarities between Zoe and Sarah Platt?

–          Claire and Becky not understanding what “scab” means.

–          John imitating Steve’s gurn!!!  Classic.

–          Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm does the new Nick Tilsley not make Corrie just a bit more beautiful ‘round time time of year?

–          Emily giving Sophie a moving speech at her baptism.  I just love Emily Bishop, and does she not look stylish tonight?

–          Claire: “Sean, where have you been?” Sean: “Ah, where haven’t I been?”  Haha.

–          Nick Tilsley telling Tina that he’s in Manchester for family stuff, his mum’s getting married to this bloke that’s a waste of space.  Haha, the irony.

–          Becky telling Steve that if he kisses Claire like that again, the turkey won’t be the only thing getting stuffed that Christmas.


–          Tina getting mad at David and telling him to get lost and drop dead.  He was only trying to stop her from drink-driving.  Other than her cute outfit, Tina really annoyed me this episode.

–          Ken still not satisfied that his Christmas will also include George and Eve, then Janice to boot.  It’s his way or the highway.

–          Claire getting mad at Ashley for ditching the panto in order for him to make a living, so that she can go on and do stupid things with her time like pantos.

–          Of course, Kevin.  Fraud of a family man, cad of a boyfriend, scumbag of a friend.

Wrong Side of 40: Wed Oct 28, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 28 2009

Written by Daran Little, directed by Tony Prescott.

Tyrone is still complaining that Molly’s gone off him again, after he thought it was all sorted.  Kirk tells him it’s his own fault for not putting his foot down.  She does walk all over him.

Pam tells Molly that she doesn’t understand her or what she’s playing at.  Us neither!  Pam tells her it’s never easy being married, but it’s worth working towards and that Tyrone’s a good man.  Molly replies that so is Kevin.  Oh yeah, except for the cheating-on-his-wife-part.  Oh, but it’s different – you’re in love, this isn’t an affair, it’s special – you’re special.  Whatever!

Tyrone goes to his good mate Kev to complain about what’s going on with Molly.  He seriously thinks that Molly thinks he’s cheating on her with Minnie.  Kevin assures him that Molly does not think he’s cheating.  Tyrone tells Kevin that he just wants he and Molly to be happy forever.  Guilt much, Kevin?

Pam has tried her best with Molly but to no avail, so she’s moved onto Kev.  She goes to the garage to confront him about his and Molly’s affair.  She does her best to shame Kevin, and MAN does he look shamed!  For shame!  Pam tells him that Molly’s barely out of her wedding dress and Kevin’s got his oily hands all over her.  Oh, I’m so loving Auntie Pam right now.  Kevin protests that he loves Molly, but Auntie Pam tells him to save it – he’s not talking to some slip of a girl right now.  She knows guys like him – wrong side of 40, stuck in a rut, looking for a bit on the side to spice up their existence, full of “I love you,” taking advantage of young girls etc.  He hardly took advantage, but she doesn’t know that.  Pam gives him her final word, “stay away from Molly or I shall bring your whole world topelling down on your smug, selfish head.”  Does anyone think Auntie Pam’s got some anger against men?  Hehe.  Kevin did nothing else but stand there with his mouth gaping open in shock.

Kevin marches over to Dev’s and asks Molly how Pam knows.  She tells him how Pam caught them kissing, and how she felt relief telling Pam about their love.  Somehow I don’t think Kevin feels relieved.  Kevin’s have a good old fashioned freak-out over it, but Molly reminds him that people will find out sooner or later – since they’re in love.  Kevin walks away in a huff.

Kevin meets up with Molly later and accuses her of telling Auntie Pam about them on purpose because she wants it out in the open.  Molly says she wants a life with Kevin and thought he wanted the same thing.  Kevin insists that she go tell Tyrone right now that she’s leaving him.  Molly says she hates how seperate their lives are when they’re back on the street and wishes it was as it were when they were on holiday together.  Well, life’s not a holiday dear.  Kevin tells her it’s not a game, and people are going to get hurt so she needs to get real.

Michelle’s in her scant negligee painting her toe nails, when Ryan reminds her that Ben’s coming by soon.  She tells Ryan that Ben can get used to how she dresses around the house.  Oh, he will.  She also says she doesn’t want to hear any of Ben’s religious mumbo-jumbo.  Ryan tells her that Ben’s perfectly normal, but Michelle thinks that normal for a teenage boy should be getting drunk on lager and being in a race to lose his virginity.  Ryan sneers that he’s glad he’s got such a good role model.  Haha.  Ben arrives and definitely notices Michelle’s “attire.”  I’m guessing his own mother sleeps in flannels?  Haha.

Michelle’s frustrated that the builder isn’t there, and wants the boys out of the flat since she’ll be taking a bath and playing fleetwood mac and doesn’t want to hear video games.  Wow, should I be worried that Michelle and I have a LOT in common?  Haha.

Well, seems the new builder has arrived and is escalating the ladder outside the kabab shop whilst Michelle is singing her heart out to Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” in the tub.  Only the builder slips and falls and his ladder goes flying, but luckily he’s grabbed hold of the window of Michelle’s flat from the outside.  Is anyone out there thinking, “Bill wouldn’t have slipped?”  Yeah.  Michelle hears the noise, puts a towel on a runs to the window to find a good looking man just hanging from it.  What’s that song?  It’s Raining Men!  It’s as though he fell from heaven.  Michelle pulls him in before he falls, but in the process loses her towel.  Perfection.  Once again, who goes into a bath in full makeup?  Must be a Carla sitz.  Michelle is embarassed but the builder tells her not to cover up for his sake.  Wow, I must not also that I don’t think I’ve seen this kind of nudity (side-boob) in Corrie ever.  I bet Michelle’s glad that that’s not Bill after all stood in front of her!

Michelle gets a chance to put a robe on a builder-boy tells her that he could have broken a leg if she hadn’t come along, then calls Michelle his angel in a tower.  Builder-boy’s name is Jake, and he asks Michelle for some brandy to get rid of the shock.  Michelle seems unusually uncomfortable with this situation.  I doubt Rosie would be.  Jake continues to lay it on thick, reckoning that Michelle is the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.  Michelle tells him to get back to the roof, as her bath is getting cold.  Jake leaves, but not without asking Michelle if she’s single.  Michelle confirms that she is, then Jake does something bold – grabs her for a kiss.  Oh, he’s a smooth one.  Michelle pushes him away and tells him to get off.  Jake just smirks and tells her that if she wants him, she knows where to find him.  He’s a little shy, don’t you think?

Maria stops by the Kabin and tells Norris, and Joan, that she’s going on holiday to Cypress with baby Liam to see her parents.  Norris thinks taking a baby on a plane is a bad idea, because there’s always some child screaming his head off on a plane he’s been on and it’s extremely annoying.  After Maria leaves, Norris takes the opportunity to fill Joan in on the gossip of Maria’s life.  Norris tells Joan that they’re a very close-knit community there.  Haha, I love this kind of irony that Little injects in the episodes.  Norris is still having a very rough time of it with Joan, a.k.a. Speak No Evil.  He’s already begun writing up a “situation vacant” card to put in the window again when Rita calls to tell him how wonderful her holiday is.  He has a great time laughing and conversing with her over the phone, there’s some big shoes to fill in that shop assistant position.

Kirk’s over, and Tony tells him that he’s looking forward to getting closer to his future brother-in-law.  Kirk asks him what his policy is on hiring family members.  Oh Kirk!  Tony tells Kirk there’s nothing available at the moment.  When alone, Kirk tells Tony that Maria’s been smiling a lot more since Liam’s been born, and that it’s down to Tony, so he gives his thanks.  Tony tells Kirk that he loves Maria more than he’s ever loved anyone.

Later, Tony complains to Maria about having some indigestion or hunger pains.  He looks in pain.  Of course, he always seems to look in pain.

Tupele Dorgu Gets Married, Cloak & Dagger Theme

Tuepele Dorgu bridal cape

Tuepele Dorgu bridal cape

Coronation Street’s Tupele Dorgu (plays Kelly Crabtree), got married to fiance Mark Flanagan in this big blue cloak?

She just HAD to be different!  Apparently, she’s 30 years old.  I thought she was much older from watching her on the show.  She looks great and all, I just thought she was older.

Her wedding also had a “red” theme (the dagger part).  Katherine Kelly (Becky Granger-almost-McDonald), Alison King (Carla Connor-Gordon), and Vicky Binns (Molly Dobbs) showed up in bright red frocks.


I think a red theme is interesting.  It’s  your wedding, why not have the guests wear red?  Why bother with an old white dress, wear a blue cloak!  It’s your day afterall!

Source: Daily Mail